How to cut dog nails? What hazards can be caused by excessively long dog nails?


Usually, when you cut your cat's nails, you will not be able to move or scratch them, but to prevent your cat from scratching people, you must give it a neat trim. Dogs' toenails are not used for defense or as a weapon to attack others. But their toenails grow quickly, and if they are not trimmed often, the nails can easily split or bend and dive into the flesh, and a large part of the redness and inflammation of the toes comes from this.

I. What dangers can overgrown dog nails cause?

1. When your dog's nails are too long, it can cause a knocking sound when walking in contact with the wood floor, a process that can be very painful. Because your dog's nails are too long they can dig into the flesh pad to avoid this pain. The dog will most likely readjust its walking posture to reduce the pain. The change in posture can lead to back and joint problems.

Dogs that love to go out, walk, run, or play on rough ground can increase the risk of disease, so nails need to be trimmed every three weeks or so.

2. Excessively long nails can form a hook that can get stuck on almost anything, a condition that can also lead to nail breakage.

3. Too-long nails can also lead to slippage, especially in developing dogs, which can easily form an external eight.

Another risk is naturally easy to accidentally injure the owner, after all, the dog is in an excited state, and the paws become a sharp weapon to hurt people.
The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of what you are doing.

II. Why are dogs so resistant to nail trimming?

The reason why dogs are so resistant to nail clipping is that many pet owners often cut their dogs' bloodlines when clipping their nails, causing pain to the dog, and after more times, the dog will definitely feel resistant and will resist desperately when clipping their nails.

Where is the dog's bloodline? The nails of dogs are divided into white, red, and black, the white part is the part that should be trimmed for the dog, while the red part is the location of the dog's bloodline.

What do I need to prepare before cutting my dog's nails?
Before cutting the dog's nails, the pet owner needs to prepare quite a lot of things, the following to see.

snacks: when cutting the dog's nails, you can prepare some snacks for the dog to eat, to distract the dog's attention.

a nail clipper: the nails of dogs and people are different, so be sure to choose the nail clipper for dogs, the most commonly used nail clipper should be the guillotine type, large dogs can choose the scimitar type.

a nail file: after helping the dog cut its nails, use a nail file to smooth out the rough edges.

cotton balls and paper towels for easy nail cleaning: to help dogs clean their nails after trimming.

Stop bleeding powder: just in case, prepare your dog with stop bleeding powder.

III. Dog nail clipping desensitization tutorial:

Step 1: touching the dog's paw with your hand and giving it a reward, then transitioning to lifting the dog's paw and giving it another reward.

Step 2: slowly approach the dog's paw with the nail clipper in your hand and give it a reward, then slowly extend to touching the dog's paw with the nail clipper later and giving it another reward.

Here comes the dog nail clipping tutorial! In just 4 steps, you can give your dog a painless nail clipping
Step 3: Don't cut to the bloodline when you cut, or the dog will keep struggling, and all the work in front of you will be in vain. At first, a little bit of cutting, found cutting the dog has a reaction, quickly stop, and then slowly cut, let the dog little by little to adapt, do not rush.

Step 4: After cutting your dog, reward him with some snacks to make him enjoy and be enthusiastic about cutting his nails.

How to cut dog nails? What hazards can be caused by excessively long dog nails?

Fourth, what do we need to pay attention to when clipping our dog's nails?

We talked above about the importance of giving your dog regular nail trims, so let's discuss that next. What do we need to pay attention to when cutting your dog's nails?

Dog nails are not regularly trimmed harmful, just 4 steps to teach you to give your dog painless nail clipping
1. pay attention to the dog's bloodline, you look closely at the dog's nails. You will find a bloodline on top of the nail. If you are unfortunate enough to cut the bloodline, then the dog will bleed a lot. This process is quite painful for the dog, and it will leave a shadow on the dog. The next time you trim the nails, it will be more difficult to trim the nails, so a small number of times is a good way to start, especially as the dog gets older, some dog's nails will become darker, if you cut too much at once, especially easy to cut the bloodline. And with frequent trimming, the length of the bloodline will slowly shorten.

2. trim quickly and accurately, and cut nails as quickly as possible. Because the dog does not like to be controlled in place. Especially when it does not know if what you are holding in your hand will be harmful to it, it is less likely to sit still, and this time you can get an extra person to help control it.

Steps for painless nail clipping
Step 1 - Choose the right time
The best time to trim is when your dog is most relaxed or tired, so when you are ready to cut his nails, you can take him out for a crazy exertion.

Step 2 - Choose the right position
When cutting nails, you can take a ringing position. As the picture below shows, this position can effectively control the dog and also make the dog feel more secure.

Step 3 - Choose the right tool
As the saying goes, sharpening is not a bad idea. I'm introducing you to a nail clipper that I feel good after using myself, so I recommend it to you. This one is lighter, much easier to handle with one hand, and much stronger and easier to cut.

Step 4 - Give a reward
After cutting your dog's nails, don't forget to give rewards as this will help your dog enjoy and be enthusiastic about cutting his nails.

V. The position to choose for cutting your dog's nails

First, you need a proper nail clipper
There are two main types of nail clippers on the market today. One is shaped like scissors, and the other is a nail clipper with a circular hollow guillotine-like cutter. Both types of nail clippers have their advantages and disadvantages, but in general the latter is better than the former.

Scissor-shaped nail clippers are more suitable for cutting nails that are bent because they are too long ~ and too long. This often occurs on the nails of the woofers' thumbs, because TAs don't grind this nail when they are walking in general.

Remind the parents ~ there are round holes guillotine-like nail clippers when you use the front and back, oh, there is a blade side towards themselves (facing out), so you can see clearly. The nails of the woofers through the round hole, grip the nail clipper, and the blade will be forward to cut the dog's nails!

Next, press your woofers well

We recommend two positions for you to choose from ~

1. prone

Like the picture below, stand next to the table, let the woofers lie on the table, and use the nail clippers to cut the nails on the opposite side of the TA.
While cutting the nails (front paws), place the arm that is not holding the nail clippers slightly harder on the dog's neck (so the woofers can't raise their heads!). You don't have to worry about a sudden attack), the hand on the same side can lift the TA's paws. The hand holding the nail clippers needs to go around the owner's body (near the shoulders), from the back to the front of the woofer's paws.
If the woof tries to stand up, you can use the strength of your upper body to squeeze the TA's shoulders so the woof can't stand up!

2. Side-lying

If your woofers are too disobedient, you can also choose to let TA lie on his side.

The arm that is not holding the nail clipper is also holding down the neck of the woof, and the same side hand is lifting the paws of the TA.

The hand holding the nail clipper goes around the woof's body and the arm is pressed against the woof's body to play a fixed role in holding the nail clipper.

Then, you can cut the nails!
However, how to cut the nails will not bleed? There is a lesson to be learned here.
The nails of the woofers, unlike the meowers, cannot be contracted. The color of a woof's nails is related to the color of the surrounding skin and hair, so it is likely that the nails of the same paw will have different colors.

It is relatively easy to cut light-colored nails because the part above the "bloodline" (quick) is pink, so as long as you leave about two millimeters away from the pink area, you won't bleed!

As for the dark-colored nails, parents should be careful! If the top part of the nail is dark (area #2) and the bottom part is light (area #1), then you can continue to cut. If there is a gray or pink oval area (area #3) in the middle of the two parts, don't cut further down, one more cut and you might bleed!
Super practical! A good way to cut your dog's nails is very practical! A good way to cut your dog's nails
Generally speaking, the woofer's hind limb nails can be cut less often than the front limbs. One more thing to note is that you must remember to cut the nails of your thumbs.
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