When does a dog growing up?


I. How many months is a dog really old?

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But dairy dogs are not only harmless-looking silly, but their behavior also is often basically the same as retarded, who does not have a bear child it! So many people in the dog before the adult period have to go through a complex struggle of the mind, is not only looking forward to them to grow up quickly to understand but also can not let them grow up, it seems that this is not only the whole world parents tangled, is also the tangled pooper scooper.

So when will the dog grow up, when will it become a good dog that understands? When will it become the same type of angel dog in other families? --From the XXX old mother's inner hiss.

A growing body does not necessarily mean "growing up"
The most straightforward way to determine whether a dog has grown up is to look at its head first. According to the size of the dog, small dogs in the 8-12 months of basic skeletal development. Some giant dogs, such as Newfoundlands, need to be 18-24 months old before they are considered full-grown.

So some dogs, although they look small, may be middle-aged men, while some dogs look huge, but in fact, they are still a baby.

And most dogs in adulthood have also reached sexual maturity, and females will have their first period at around 8 months and can mate. The dog is considered an adult in terms of physical condition.

Relief after the first year?
It is easy to hope for the moon and stars to expect the dog to become an adult, if you can endure the first year has not given up, then congratulations you finally officially get a qualified pooper scooper offer, but you think this will be able to live a harmonious and beautiful life, do not worry, waiting for you to have a year of the test.

Because many dogs' brain development is not the same, most dogs in the puppy period IQ can not keep up, really need to wait until after two years old can be considered to understand the human language, only gradually began to understand, personality is also basically stable.

This is understandable, people are just a dog, want them to adapt to the complex human world may not take some time well, two years, then this IQ is considered good.

Refute: dog 1 year old = human 7 years old?
When it comes to the age of dogs, people always like to take their age to do a comparison with humans, but also to facilitate people more intuitive to remember the age of the dog, so there is a folk saying that a dog's age is equal to seven years old.

I want to disprove this, why say that this calculation is unreasonable, because if so, then most dogs are sexually mature when they are one year old, while humans are seven years old or a child who has just entered elementary school.

If you have to have specific data to draw the line for the age of the dog, small dogs become adults after one year of age, about 10 years old into old age. Medium and large dogs reach adulthood after one and a half years of age and enter the senior dog stage after seven years of age.

Be aware of the "adolescence" of dogs
Speaking of which, I don't know if you have any doubts as to why your dog has reached adulthood physically but not mentally, but in fact, there is a critical stage called puberty.
Yes, dogs, like most teenagers, will have rebellious adolescence. Because the dog in the first six months of puppy very dependent on the master, but in the adult stage, the lure of the outside world is too great, right, the dog also suddenly found the world in addition to the master there are more interesting things waiting for their challenge, so often will show a variety of disobedience, very self behavior, and even more confidence they will challenge the master's authority.

The dog's youthful rebellious period is a difficult chapter in the pooper scooper course, so it is necessary to deal with the right attitude and methods and maintain enough patience to guide. After surviving this special period, the dog's personality stabilized, even if it is to boil the head, ushering in the desired years of peace.

The price of growth is undoubtedly a price to pay, well, this price may be the pooper scooper to pay, listen to me say so, is not suddenly feeling when a qualified pooper scooper is challenging. The most important thing is that you can get a good idea of what you want to do.

When does a dog growing up?

Two, when does a dog grow up to physical and mental maturity?

The time to maturity varies from breed to breed. Small dogs typically mature earlier, around 4 months, medium-sized dogs at 6 months, and large dogs at 8 months. And different breeds of dogs also have fast and slow, so it is not certain exactly how many months even if grown-up, but many dogs are about less than 1 year, basically grown up.

Dogs are fast-growing, slow creatures in the middle and late stages, so a dog's first year can be converted to about 18-20 years old for us humans. The second year of age can be calculated using a ratio of one to seven.

The body grows to maturity, that is, sexual maturity, under normal circumstances, more than 8 months of the dog will first time to come to menstruation, at this time the dog can be mated, which is also considered mature. Although you can mate and have a baby, most pet owners will not let it produce, generally wait until the dog's body is fully mature, that is, more than 1 year old, will let it mate and pregnant, which is to protect the dog's body.

If the dog's bones stop growing when the body is fully mature, then the time for most dogs is 12 months or more, for example, the Golden Retriever is 15 months of skeletal growth.

Mental maturity, there is no basis to specify when it is. If the dog is counted according to the degree of understanding, most dogs due to brain development, you need to wait until after the dog is two years old, to understand and behave a little. According to us, this is the time to be considered grown up and understand.

But don't think that puppies wait for it to be two years old, the personality will become calm, and become very well behaved many dogs do not have owners to give them positive education, not to its corresponding rules boundaries, that it more than a decade may be a very naughty dog. So an obedient dog, or to train out.
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