Why does my cat vomit undigested food? Causes of vomiting in cats


I just got a new cat back in the past two days, and I don't know if it's because of the unaccustomed environment or what, but the cat is vomiting very badly. At first there were hairballs in the vomit, I thought it was hairballs, so I didn't get too nervous, after all, it is normal for cats to vomit hairballs, and his appetite and spirit are very good, and his poop is normal, but the hair on his nose fell off a little. However, the third vomiting, in addition to yellow water nothing, the same day also diarrhea, I treated according to acute gastroenteritis, fed probiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, but still no good, and rapid weight loss. So immediately go online and look up some related symptoms. Then carefully observed the cat vomit contains cat food, immediately understood what is going on, the heart of the big stone put down a large part, the following to share with you, meet the cat vomit solution.

I. Causes of cat vomiting

Cat vomiting is a frequent occurrence. Vomiting undigested cat food may be caused by indigestion and strenuous exercise after eating. However, there are many other causes of vomiting in cats, some of which are also disease vomiting and physiological, which requires the owner to specifically observe the cat's vomit and its mental appetite to find out the specific cause and then take appropriate measures to help recover.

1. Indigestion
If the cat does not pay attention to its food, and eats too much cat food and grain at once, then the gastrointestinal digestion will not be able to keep up, and the undigested food will be vomited out. Then, for this situation, it is recommended that the owner feeds the cat some meow elimination power to replenish the beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes in the intestinal tract to speed up the digestion of the intestines and reduce the accumulation of food.

2銆丠airball syndrome
Hairball disease is also one of the reasons for vomiting, if you see the vomit also with hair, then it means that the hairball has begun to appear, then the owner should do the relevant hair removal measures, appropriate feeding some cat grass or meow fun ball such as hair cream, if the situation is more serious, may also need to be removed surgically, so the owner usually do a good job to prevent hairball preparation work, timely hairball out of the The owner should make preparations to prevent hairballs and get them out of the body in time. Then there is time to give the cat more combing, to reduce the amount of hair accidentally eaten.

3. Disease vomiting
In addition to the above two reasons, the cat vomit is foamy, yellow water, and coupled with poor appetite, this may be a problem of gastroenteritis, it is recommended that the owner supplement some Tulik to help cats vomit and protect the stomach. And regularly take the cat to the hospital for follow-up. In addition, suffering from liver disease will also react, which is mainly after a long period of care to protect the liver and kidneys, the owner can feed some pet osmosis treasure, to supplement the body's nutritional needs.

4銆丩icking hair

I believe that many people who have cats have seen cats licking their own fur. Sometimes it not only licks its own fur, but also grooms the fur of other cats. As the cat's tongue is different from the human tongue, the cat's tongue is not smooth and there is a tingling sensation. When they lick their tongue, some of the hair will enter the stomach, and over time, the intestines and stomach will not be able to digest it, and when it accumulates to a certain extent, it will cause the cat to vomit and granulate out of the body, which is a normal phenomenon. Parents can feed the cat with cream or comb the cat's hair regularly to reduce the cat's hair loss. Let them eat in the stomach as little as possible.

5銆乀ummy worms
Symptoms of vomiting in cats are likely to be caused by parasitic infections. Because of cat stomach problems, it will stimulate the cat's stomach and make it prone to vomiting symptoms. Therefore, the criteria to judge the pet owner is to see if it is infested with insects, rubs its bottom and loses its appetite.
If the cat has been infected with parasites in the body, the cat should be dewormed in time, usually regularly dewormed to the cat, otherwise it will have indigestion, cats are gluttonous animals, sometimes pet owners prepare too much food for the cat, the cat may inadvertently eat too much, or eat too fast, resulting in indigestion, vomiting, undigested food vomiting and other symptoms.

Why does my cat vomit undigested food? Causes of vomiting in cats

II. How to respond to vomiting in cats

1. Undigested food
Symptoms: Vomiting mixed with visible cat food
Cause: Eating too much, eating too quickly, and bad cat food can cause your cat to vomit.
Solution: Do not give the cat owner too much cat food at once, eat less and more, cat food reduction, it is recommended that it is best to give the cat a new cat food to solve (my cat is vomiting cat food, I consulted a friend who has a pet, they let me first let it fast for half a day, do a good job of keeping the cat warm; then switch to eat wish-boy cat food. After giving the cat this food twice, I felt it was very effective and palatable. After eating one bag, I found that the cat started not to vomit and its appetite became better, and most importantly, it is now alive and well, getting toys all over the house. After eating the second bag of Wishing Boy cat food, the cat's poop was formed and she did not vomit. After three months of continuous eating, the cat finally recovered and its mental state and appetite increased, so the cat food was not enough to eat! Later, because I was worried that the cat would relapse or something, I also bought some probiotics to regulate its gut. (I was happy to see it become lively).
Temporary measures: cut off water and food for about 8 hours, then give a small amount of food. But be careful! When changing cat food do not completely change to new food at once, this may lead to problems with the cat's gut and gastroenteritis.

2. Vomiting hairball
Symptoms: The cat's vomit, gastric juice mixed with hair
Reason: Often licking the hair and mistakenly ingesting their own hair into the stomach, vomiting hairballs is a normal behavior for cats and it is still beneficial to their health. Usually the hair ingested by cats licking their hair will be discharged in the form of hair balls along with vomit, and the vomiting will not affect the normal appetite of the cat.
Preventive measures: If the cat is often vomiting hair balls, it is still not normal, and at this time we must help the cat to reduce the intake of hair. It can be in the hair change season, to usually can be by often combing the cat, feed some chemical hair cream, cat grass, egg yolk to the master to eat.
Temporary measures: is generally normal and will be good naturally.

3, parasites
Symptoms: White transparent parasites can be seen in the cat's vomit
Cause: Parasites are also very common for cats, especially for young cats with low immunity or cats that like to eat raw fish, which are particularly prone to parasites in their bodies. A long period of time without internal deworming, eating raw meat and poor environment can easily lead to internal worming.
Preventive measures: regularly deworm your cat internally and externally, either at the pet store or for your own reasons.

So pooper scoopers, when you find your own cats vomiting, do not go scolding or hit them. Be sure to pay attention, because your family's cat's health may have problems, if you can not solve at home, they must be promptly sent to the hospital for medical attention.
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