How to get rid of fleas on cats naturally? Why do cats have fleas on their bodies?


Fleas are a headache for many cat owners. Owners often find that their cats suddenly have fleas on them, and the cats scratch hard and then give it all over the fur, but they can't catch the fleas, or they use some wrong methods to eliminate the fleas on their cats and end up aggravating the condition of the cats instead, so there are many problems in the prevention and control of fleas.

I. Why are there fleas on cats?

For every family or cattery that keeps cats, fleas can be the number one natural enemy in the house. Fleas not only suck the cat's blood and pose a health hazard, but they can also attack the human body and bite out itchy red bumps because prevention and clear work are especially important.
Cats are easily infected with fleas when they play outside early, and the owner's outdoor activities can also have fleas parasitic on them to bring into the home, so it can be prevented.

II. How to tell if your cat has fleas

Fleas are extremely small and will not be easily detected once they enter the home or cattery. However, a simple inspection can determine if a cat's home has been invaded by fleas.
The easiest and most direct way to determine if a cat has fleas is, of course, to check the cat's body. Comb the cat or turn over the cat's fur, and the place near the skin is where the fleas love to inhabit. If you find small black particles, put them on a paper towel and drip water on them to see if they dissolve into a blood color, and if they change color, you can confirm that they are flea excrement.
1銆丳ut the "sheets" on the cat's bed on a wet white towel and tap it to see if the fleas are on the cat.
2銆乄hen combing the cat with a dense comb, fleas may get stuck in the comb teeth.
3銆両f there are black particles in the place where the cat squints, take one and put it on the toilet paper and put a drop of water on the wetted area, if it is red, it means that it is the feces of the flea that has sucked the cat's blood.
4, if the above three have found fleas, then there may be 100 fleas around, then you need to hurry to destroy them.

How to get rid of fleas on cats naturally? Why do cats have fleas on their bodies?

Three: How to treat fleas on cats

The easiest way is to comb the cat's hair with a fine comb, the fleas will get stuck on the comb, and then these fleas will be stuck on the tape and put to have detergent to kill them. Owners must not caught fleas do not use their hands to crush them, simply crush the flea after its body striped eggs will fly out, or there may be pet cats infected by fleas.
Bathing your cat to keep its body clean is also an effective way to eliminate fleas. While bathing, you can use flea-killing shampoos and conditioners to clean your cat starting from its head and little by little towards the tail to thoroughly remove fleas from within the fur.
A clean and comfortable environment is the best way to eliminate fleas. So when keeping a pet cat, clean its living environment regularly and take the cat's litter out into the sun to disinfect it. You can also spray flea prevention spray or put insecticide in your home to eliminate the birth of flea breeding.
When too many fleas breed on the cat's fur, resulting in skin disease, red patches begin to appear on the epidermis and are accompanied by the phenomenon of hair loss. When this happens, the owner should take the cat to the clinic to seek medical attention and not let the skin disease spread and affect the normal life of the pet cat.
Regularly deworming the cat in vitro is the most direct way to see the effect. Prohibit cats from going out behavior, because the outside garden, as well as the lawn, is very full of fleas.

IV. The harm of fleas on cats

1. Adult fleas are drinking the blood of cats. If it is a kitten, it may cause the cat to be anemic and weak.
2. Fleas carry the larvae of the parasite, and cats will eat the fleas when grooming to get infected with this parasite. Fleas may also carry other infectious germs.
3. Flea bites can cause sensitive people to grow very itchy bumps, often near the neck of the feet. It may lead to diseases such as skin allergies.

V. How to get rid of fleas on cats

1. Use "vinegar"
Mix a spoonful of vinegar in about 1000 mg of water as your pet's daily drinking water, which is very effective in preventing fleas and ticks, or you can dilute white vinegar with your cat's shampoo and rub out the foam thoroughly.

2銆乁se "cedar, laurel, mint"
Cedar, laurel, and peppermint leaves can be placed in your cat's litter or on the sleeping mat to get rid of fleas, and these can be bought in pharmacies.

3. Use "lemon"
Citric acid is a natural flea killer. Lemons rich in citric acid help treat flea infestations in cats, it gets rid of any existing fleas and kills any eggs that may have been laid.
Thinly slice 1 or 2 lemons and bring them to a boil in a pot of water, turn off the heat and let the solution steep overnight, strain and pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it on your cat to wet the skin and get rid of the fleas!

4銆乁se "citrus peel"
You can peel the newly bought citrus, chop the skin, then wrap it in gauze, squeeze out the juice, dilute it with some water, let it sit for a while, and then spray it on your cat.

5, use "lavender essential oil"
If you have lavender essential oil then you can also use it on your cat to effectively solve the fleas, but if your cat does not like the smell of lavender essential oil, the owner can not spray it.

6銆乁se a vacuum cleaner to remove them completely
If your cat has fleas at home, the first thing to do is to clean thoroughly The fleas that leak or fall onto the bed should be removed thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. Especially the corners of the house, the edges of the wooden floor, and the hair between carpets and blankets should be carefully cleaned.

7. Pay attention to the places where cats often hang out
Pay special attention to the places where cats often hang out, especially the places where they sleep. If you can wash them, you should wash them well and put them in the sun, if you can't wash them, you can consider throwing them away.

8銆乁se long-acting flea medication for cats
Flea medication can kill adult fleas and prevent egg-laying. It is best to use special pet deworming medicine.

9銆丆ats can be given drugs that inhibit fleas from becoming adult fleas
Although these drugs do not kill adult fleas, follow the instructions for use, some take several months to eliminate fleas.

10銆丳ay attention to environmental hygiene
If all the fleas and adult non-adult worms are eliminated, you also need to pay attention, keep clean, and pay attention to the hygiene above the environment.

11銆丅ath your cat frequently
Use de-worming shampoo or a special de-worming solution for bathing. Bathing is also a way to remove fleas, especially after washing with special medicine, almost all the fleas that can be seen on the cat's body can be killed. However, the effect of this method can only be maintained for a short period, which means that it can only kill the adult fleas on the cat and has little effect on the eggs of the fleas.
Note: Cats that are too young and have not yet been vaccinated are best not to use the bathing method to get rid of fleas. A safer method is recommended to prevent accidents.
But flea eggs in the environment need you to sweep a large area, nooks and crannies you need to sweep, stray cats previously used to pad the nest things need to be thrown away or thoroughly scrubbed, such a big sweep at the beginning of the month you need to do more than three times, if you use a vacuum cleaner, the effect will be better.
Finally, we remind you that once a cat is infected with fleas, it is more laborious to remove them, and some of them are easily dispelled and somehow infected again soon. Therefore, we still need to focus on prevention, and keeping the cat and the home environment clean is the way to go.
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