How do get rid of fleas on cats? How can I tell when I have fleas on my cat? How to prevent fleas?


Fleas are a headache for many cat owners. Owners often find that their cats suddenly have fleas on them, and the cats scratch hard and then turn their hair over, but they can't catch the fleas or use some wrong methods to eliminate the fleas on their cats, which eventually aggravates the condition of the cats. Fleas are a natural enemy for cats. If a cat is infected with fleas, it will not only feel itchy but will also cause dermatitis or infection, making it very uncomfortable.

Fleas have a strong ability to reproduce and are active from May to October with just a little more attention. Fleas prefer to live in the grass, so cats taken outdoors should pay extra attention. Even for cats kept indoors, if you find your cat looking through the window or touching the soil of the flower pot, you may catch fleas.
But how do you detect fleas in cats? If you find that your cat is scratching, you should suspect that your cat may have fleas. If you find fleas, you can't just strangle them, it's very unhygienic.

I. How can I tell if my cat has fleas?

1銆丳ut the "sheet" on the cat's bed on a wet white towel and tap it to see if there are fleas on the cat.
2銆乄hen combing the cat with a dense tooth comb, there may be fleas stuck in the teeth of the comb.
3銆両f there are some black particles in the place where the cat squints sleep, take one and put it on the toilet paper, drop a drop of water and moisten the place if it is red, it means it is the feces of the flea that has sucked the cat's blood.
4, If the above three have found fleas, then there may be 100 fleas around, then you need to destroy them quickly.
5銆乀he cat keeps scratching and chewing the fur on its body, or even appears to be grinding its butt on the ground, then it may have fleas on its body!
6, the cat's body appears red spots or red spots, that may be caused by fleas nibbling the cat's skin.
7銆丳icking up the cat's fur and finding black particles on the skin, that should be flea poo.

II. The harm of fleas on cats

1. Adult fleas are drinking the blood of cats. If it is a kitten, it may cause the cat to be anemic and weak.
2. Fleas carry the larvae of the parasite, and cats will eat the fleas when grooming to get infected with this parasite. Fleas may also carry other infectious germs.
3. Flea bites can cause sensitive people to grow very itchy bumps, often near the neck of the feet. This may lead to diseases such as skin allergies.

III. Ways to get rid of fleas

Use of deworming medication
Cats are naturally clean, so how do you get rid of fleas on your cat quickly?
It is very easy and effective to use wormer for cats. This is one of the more recommended ways to get rid of fleas, just put the liquid drops on your cat's back to get rid of fleas. Note that the ingredients of the insecticides sold in the market and those purchased on prescription from the hospital are not used, so when using deworming medication for cats, be sure to discuss with your veterinarian and choose the kind that has the best preventive effect.

Cat collars for flea removal
Cats are naturally clean, how are you going to get rid of fleas on your cat quickly?
To remove fleas from cats, cat collars are also a good choice, which can be easily put on cats and are relatively moderate in price. However, some cat collars do not smell very good, and some cats' physiques cannot adapt to them, which can cause skin redness and swelling, so you need to use them after communicating with your veterinarian before using them on cats.

Use a finer comb
Cats are naturally clean, how do you quickly remove fleas from your cat?
If there are fleas on your cat, you can use a comb with fine teeth and then use your fingers to lift the hair to see the fine fluffy hair on the inside and use the comb to find the fleas little by little, but just using the comb will not completely expel the fleas, so you should also use it together with the deworming medicine to achieve the effect of clear fleas.

The bathing solution to clean the hair
The last method is to clean the cat's hair and give it a full-body cleaning, which can also have the effect of removing fleas. The bathing solution for cats at this time should be a flea repellent bathing solution, which can remove not only adult fleas, but also pupae, eggs, and flea feces, and can also clean off mites. Even if your cat has no skin problems, you can use a bathing solution with such efficacy, but be careful not to get it into your cat's eyes, ears and mouth when you use it.

How do get rid of fleas on cats? How can I tell when I have fleas on my cat? How to prevent fleas?

Fourth, why do cats have fleas on their bodies?

Fleas will gather in places with high temperatures, like the cat's chin, neck, and armpits. If you find small black dots on your cat that will melt away into the color of blood when they meet water, that is flea poo and it means your cat has fleas.

Because cats have a higher body temperature than people, fleas usually stay on the cat's body. If a person is also bitten by fleas, it means that the fleas have been squeezed out so much.
Fleas are divided into female fleas and male fleas, both of which suck blood and can cause redness and itchiness if the cat is bitten, resulting in skin flakes and hair loss. Severe cases can also cause allergic dermatitis. So today we will share with you the three steps to get rid of fleas thoroughly.

1. Spot flea medication
If your cat already has fleas on its body, you need to rely on flea medication to kill them! Most of the flea medication has alcohol, and cats will foam at the mouth when they lick it, so be sure to point it at the place where cats can't lick it, the back of the neck, and try to point it on the skin.

2. Use a flea comb
It takes a while for the flea medication to take effect, so you can use a flea comb to scratch out the fleas on your cat's body.
The teeth of the flea comb are hard and closely spaced so that the fleas stuck in the cat's fur can be combed out. After combing the fleas, soak them in soapy water or they will jump away!

Sometimes it is strange that after using flea medication and flea comb, the fleas are no longer on the cat, but once the medication wears off, the fleas will come out again.
It was later learned that the flea eggs are smooth and do not stick to the cat's body, but will fall in the cat's living environment and will only jump on the cat when they become adult fleas. This whole process is about a month, and the entire flea population only accounts for 5% of the adults, which means that if five fleas are found on your cat that there are 95 fleas inside the entire environment. Huh~ It's scary to think about!
So the most important thing to eradicating fleas is

3. Clean environment
During the summer flea breeding season, you should regularly clean your cat's living environment with a vacuum cleaner every week. For example cat litter, cat scratchpad, carpet. Continued cleaning for at least a month will significantly improve the flea problem!

V. How to prevent fleas

1. Regular deworming
If you don't want to breed too many fleas on your cat, then your cat's deworming work should still be done. Cat owners must regularly deworm their cats, generally recommended once every three months inside the body and once a month outside the body. If the cat is kept indoors for a long time, the frequency of deworming can be determined according to the actual situation!

2. Keep the environment dry and clean
In addition to deworming the cat, the environment where the cat lives must also be kept clean and dry. The cat's daily necessities should also be cleaned and disinfected regularly. In addition, the cat's litter should be placed in a dry environment to avoid the breeding of parasites!

3銆丅athing regularly
In addition to the best living environment hygiene, the cat itself must also be kept clean, and it is best to bathe the cat regularly. It is best to bath the cat once every three months, if the cat does not go out for a long time, half a year to wash can be!
Many cats will be more resistant to bathing, pet owners can take some freeze-dried snacks that cats love to eat as a reward, so the cat will be more cooperative!

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