How do I get my cat to take medication?


In the process of owning a cat, the last scenario we want to see is our furry child getting sick, but as cats grow up, there will inevitably be those few moments when they need to be given medicine, and then the most headache for the pooper scooper comes: "How should I give my cat medicine?"

Indeed, unlike people, animals do not know that they should take the initiative to take medicine when they are sick and that they will be cured after taking the medicine. In the cat's mind, it probably thinks, "I am so sick! You want to make me eat something so bad! Are you trying to murder me?" Well, there is no way to get the cat to take the medication voluntarily, so how to master the correct feeding position to help the kitty to take the medication steadily and accurately. Remember the following three big steps and nine small steps. The problem of taking medication in the future can be easily solved.

I. Preparation work

1. Choose a time when the cat is more relaxed: When the kitten is in a bad mood and irritable, do not try to give it medicine, it is likely to provoke the cat and lead us to be scratched and bite. Also don't feed your cat medicine when it has just woken up when they are still in a state of confusion and are more defensive and prone to attacking humans. Pick a time when the cat is more relaxed, or play with it for a while before feeding the medicine, wait for the cat's spirit to soothe down, and then carry out the work of feeding the medicine.
2. Choose an ideal place to feed the medicine: for example, a sofa, for example, a table. Then most importantly, make sure to take away anything placed on it! Because if the cat breaks free from our control to quickly escape, nine times out of ten will talk about the things on the table hit all over the floor. There is a little trick to hold the cat, you can prevent the cat from breaking free or scratching us during the feeding process, is to take a towel or blanket to wrap the cat, does not sound very novel, but let's talk specifically about how to wrap
3, blanket-wrapped cat correct posture: hold the cat up in the middle of the towel, let it lie on the blanket, first fold one end of the towel to the top of the body, and then press the other end up close to the pressure up, and finally the long back end folded forward, you can harvest a cat tube.
Don't know how to give medicine to your cat? Three major steps and nine small steps to easily solve the most troublesome problems for pooper scoopers
The key point is that only the cat's head should be allowed to stick out. Make sure the blanket is wrapped tightly around the cat's body, especially the legs and paws must be in the blanket, and the subsequent struggle for the cat to take the medicine will not scratch you.

II. Preparing to feed the medicine

1. Hold the cat: Pick up the cat with the most commonly used hand, elbow, and palm working together to hold the wrapped cat in your arms while the other hand takes the medication and prepares to use external force to help the cat open its mouth to take the medication. The cat may resist by passively opening its mouth, so be sure the cat is held securely in your arms.
Don't know how to give medication to your cat? Three major steps nine small steps, easy to solve the most troublesome problems of pooper scoopers
2. Use your fingers to feel. Place your thumb on one side and place your index finger on the other side of the cat's mouth, avoiding the teeth as much as possible.
Don't know how to feed your cat medicine? Three major steps and nine small steps to easily solve the most troublesome problems of pooper scoopers
3. Gently apply pressure until it opens its mouth. You are applying downward pressure while pushing your fingers between the upper and lower jaws. This pressure will make the cat feel uncomfortable, so it will open its mouth.

How do I get my cat to take medication?

III. Start feeding

1. When the cat opens its mouth, quickly feed the medicine. The hand holding the medicine quickly puts the tablet or pill behind the cat's tongue and then quickly takes the hand out of the mouth to prevent it from being bitten by the cat, as well as being careful not to scratch the front canine teeth. At the same time, the other hand that forced the cat to open its mouth can be released.
Don't know how to give medicine to your cat? Three major steps nine small steps, easy to solve the most troublesome problems of the pooper scooper
2, help the cat swallow. Gently grasp the cat's upper jaw or face and keep it in a slightly tilted head posture. Gently stroke the cat's throat, which can trigger the swallowing reflex, and the medicine will be swallowed naturally.
3, do not let go of the cat the first time You can put aside the blanket to soothe the cat for a while and reward a small snack, because the cat is in a situation of resistance and anxiety after taking the medicine, the first time to relax the control of the cat and let it escape, it is likely to scratch itself in the process of breaking free. When the cat is stable, then open the blanket and let the cat run away.
Don't know how to give medicine to your cat? Three big steps and nine small steps to easily solve the most troublesome problems for pooper scoopers
The first thing you need to do is to learn these tips, and you should be able to easily deal with your cat's medication problem, but I hope this little strategy is not used by the pooper scoopers, and I hope our fur kids are all healthy~.

Fourth, the method of feeding medication

Free hand-feeding method
There are a lot of tutorials on the Dounian about the hand-feeding method, the technique is very simple, a look at the kind that can learn. But I think this tutorial is quite chicken, because it is only suitable for docile and obedient kitty, and this good baby even if you do not see the tutorial, there will be 10,000 ways to let him eat the medicine.

The only martial art under the sky is fast

Advantages: save time and effort

Disadvantages: picky cats, suitable for docile and obedient kittens

Medicine feeder feeding method
Compared to the hand feeding method, the pill feeder can replace your fingers to put the pills into the cat's mouth, which is more hygienic and reduces the risk of injury, which is better than nothing.

If you feed it ten times, the cat will spit it out nine times.

It should be noted that the front end of the feeder is generally removable rubber head, when feeding drugs to cats must check whether it is solid, to prevent inadvertent fall off swallowed by the fur child, the vet hospital will receive every year to accidentally eat the replacement head of the feeder cats and dogs.

Advantages: save time and effort, more hygienic, reduce the risk of injury

Disadvantages: picking cats, there are certain safety risks, the actual operability is not too ideal

Nutritional paste / canned wet food feeding method
The nutritional cream and canned food feeding method is suitable for cats that eat. For particularly straightforward cats, the tablets can be wrapped in nutritional paste or canned food and then fed directly, or even stuffed directly into the tablets while the cat is concentrating on eating nutritional paste.

For some licking monsters with a heart, you may need to use a grinder to grind the tablets into powder and then mix them into the nutritional paste or can for a higher success rate.

This method also applies to capsules and powdered medications, especially capsules, because many parents are used to feeding their cats supplements such as lactoferrin, and feeding them whole can cause your cat to vomit if the capsule shell sticks to the esophagus. Even if swallowed smoothly, it is not easily digested and absorbed completely due to the short digestive tract of cats, so opening the capsule and sprinkling it on a nutritional paste or can is a good option.

Advantages: saves effort and enhances the cat's willingness to take the medicine

Disadvantages: picky cats, not suitable for cats with heart; picky medicine, such as doxycycline hydrochloride (licky monster will swallow the pill after licking off the nutritional paste and cans, doxycycline will burn the esophagus causing ulcers, more suitable to use harder food or capsule shell wrapping)

Towel bonding feeding method
If none of the above methods work for your cat, then it's time for the great towel-preserving method.

Step 1

Prepare a large towel and place your cat on top of the towel while using one hand to keep your cat under control to prevent it from running away. (The width of the towel should exceed the length of the cat's head to the hind limbs)

Step 2

Bend the cat's front limbs inward from the wrist joint so that they are tucked under the chest, similar to a peasant tuck (you can also fold the edge of the towel inward to cover the cat's front paws), and pull the front limbs out of the towel in advance if nail clipping or blood collection is needed

Step 3

Pull up the towel from the right side around the cat's back to cover the cat (for fighting cats you can pull the right corner of the towel forward around the cat's neck to the top of the neck)

Step 4

Pull up the towel from the left side and wrap it around the cat's back and then close it on the cat's abdomen.

After wrapping the cat in accordance with the unarmed feeding method is much simpler, the cat can also brush the cat's teeth, nail clipping, shots, ear pulling and other operations after using the towel to keep it in place.

Advantages: a certain degree of control of the cat's actions, to calm the cat, reduce the risk of injury to themselves, reduce the difficulty of feeding the medicine

Disadvantages: requires a towel and handling skills, slightly troublesome

Bonding bag bonding feeding method
Compared to a towel, the bailing bag is simple and rough, and the bailing effect is even better.

First unfold the bag, put the cat in and fix the neck first, then the chest and hind limbs.

Pros: It has all the advantages of the towel fixing method, more convenient and better fixing effect

Disadvantages: How to put the cat in is the problem of the century

If your cat is resistant to hospital examinations and injections, you can prepare your own towel or bailout bag for the bailout operation. This will reduce your cat's stress reaction and make it easier for the doctor to examine and treat your cat. (Hospitals have bonding kits, but if the disinfection is not complete it is easy to transmit unknown viruses, so it is recommended to bring your own.) If your cat is particularly resistant, then it is recommended to use Feliway or Gabapentin to sedate your cat before going to the vet.

Feeding snacks feeding method
Although I have prepared my own Paulding package, but not as a last resort will not easily use.
There are two reasons.

1. two cats, up to two weeks of feeding cycle, each cat morning and evening 2 times the frequency of feeding, workload, tossing people tossing cats, but also consumed with the cat's feelings.

2. American short extremely resistant, Feliway sedation is ineffective. Worried about other problems arising from stress, so temporarily abandoned the use of the Paulding package.
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