Can dogs eat chicken bones? The Dangers of Chicken Bones for Dogs


Do you panic when you find out your dog has eaten chicken bones? Do you take him to the vet right away? Don't be too anxious yet. Generally speaking, most of the chicken bones will be dissolved by the digestive juices in the dog's stomach after they are eaten by the dog, and then it is the parts of them that cannot be dissolved (those hard-to-dissolve bone scraps) that may pose a threat to the dog. Most of the time, dogs can digest chicken bones without problems. But it's other bones, such as beef and pork bones, that pose a greater risk.
Even so, there are some potential dangers for dogs that have eaten chicken bones.

I. The dangers of chicken bones for dogs

There is a risk of tearing the gastrointestinal tract
Chicken bones are hollow are easily broken, and when broken, they are so sharp that when they are swallowed, they can potentially cause perforation of the dog's esophagus or intestines.

Bacterial contamination
When feeding raw chicken bones to your dog, your dog can also be exposed to bacteria such as salmonella.

Perforation of the gut
There is a high chance that a dog eating chicken bones will puncture the intestines. Chicken bones are hard and have sharp ends, causing internal bleeding and posing a threat to the dog's life.

Induced gastritis
If the chicken bones are crushed for the dog to eat, then the chicken bones may prick the dog's gastrointestinal mucosa, and if not treated in time, it may also cause gastroenteritis and other symptoms, it is recommended to feed the dog probiotics to avoid digestion of chicken bones, but it is best to go to the hospital for treatment.

Blockage of blood vessels
If the dog eats more chicken bones but does not pierce the stomach and intestines, then it may block the dog's blood vessels, so that the dog's blood is not usual, causing a variety of diseases, which have a very bad impact on the dog's health, this time does not exercise too much or may cause the dog to die.

II. Dogs can really die from eating chicken bones

We all know that dogs are born to chew bones, so why can't we eat chicken bones, which are also bones? It is well known that the bones of birds are light and soft, to reduce their weight during flight, and the bones are mostly hollow, just like straws. But the nature of this structure after the bone is cooked completely changed, the hollow bone becomes hard and brittle, and the dog will not chew only tear and swallow, when the bone is bitten off the fracture surface is not crushed but like bamboo is split like full of sharp and sharp stubble is easy to cut the dog's esophagus or poke through the dog's intestines leading to hemorrhage and death. And the surgery is really to "open up" the dog's intestines, more bones from the digestive tract to take out, and the dog especially suffers. Not only chicken, but all poultry bones, because this tragedy has often happened before, so the "predecessors" will be the same voice of chicken bones completely excluded from the dog's recipes.

Chicken bones are not inedible
Although the cooked chicken bones are too hard to eat, raw chicken bones are very suitable, when the dog is properly fed raw food or only raw food, the main ration is raw chicken or duck frame, not only for the dog's teeth to be better, feeding raw food for dogs almost no tartar, and stronger digestive function, the gut is not so fragile. The only downside is that raw food may have parasites and regular deworming of dogs must be done. So it is too one-sided to say that dogs can not eat chicken bones, it should be said that you can not eat cooked chicken bones.

In addition to the chicken bones other bones on the free?

First of all, we have to understand that bones are not dog food, bones can not be eaten as a meal, they can only be considered a snack or toy, it is boring when chewing to chew to pass the time grinding teeth rather than hungry to eat. The correct way for dogs to chew bones should be to chew large bones, do not feed small pieces. For example, the thigh bones of pigs, cattle, and sheep are the most suitable, often chew large bones to help prevent dental calculus, but puppies do not chew bones, it is best to eat after the change of teeth. Pork hoof bones are not recommended because they consist of many super hard small joints, which dogs often swallow directly leading to indigestion and finally vomit, which is particularly damaging to the stomach. Some owners know that dogs love to eat bones and will feed any bones, this is not right, not only will add to the burden of the dog's stomach and intestines and likely to eat bones in a hurry because the dog is stuck in the throat, gastrointestinal and esophageal bleeding or indigestion and thus diarrhea and vomiting. Dogs eat bones once the symptoms of blood in the stool are nine out of ten gastrointestinal bleeding, should promptly seek medical attention can not be delayed, so as not to miss the best time for treatment.

So dogs and chicken bones, in the end, are the "old iron" or "mortal enemy" you already have a conclusion in mind, do not listen to the "seniors" only words, all things considered, a The truth is, we will find out how simple and happy it is to have a dog after we have clarified the doubts in our minds!

Can dogs eat chicken bones? The Dangers of Chicken Bones for Dogs

Three: What if your dog chokes on a chicken bone

If your dog's esophagus or airway gets stuck after eating a chicken bone, the situation is more urgent and should be addressed immediately.

If you can see the bone stuck in your dog's mouth, you can grab the bone to get it out, but be sure not to have your dog bite you out of pain, and it is recommended to use some tools to remove the bone for your dog.
What should you do if your dog eats a chicken bone? Don't worry, let's understand these first
If you are worried that you will be bitten, or already can not see the bones inside the dog's mouth, take it to the vet as soon as possible to find a doctor to solve it for you, usually, professional vets can use tools such as stomach tongs to take out the bones stuck in the dog, they can also implement further surgical treatment by giving the dog anesthesia.

If you suspect that your dog has eaten a chicken bone and is showing any of the following symptoms, take them to the vet immediately.
Poor appetite, vomiting
Diarrhea, lethargy
Drooling, coughing
Difficulty breathing
If your dog is still acting active and has a good appetite after eating the chicken bones and seems normal, it is okay to observe its follow-up before deciding whether to send it to the vet or not.
As cautious pooper scoopers, we should try to avoid feeding animal bones, especially chicken bones to your dog. If you have to feed them bones, you can cook the bones thoroughly in a pressure cooker and boil them to the point of being soft before feeding them to your dog. The nutritional value of the bones themselves is not high, its main components are live cells and some minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, etc. The content of calcium is very small and will not provide much help to the dog's growth and development, and the dog loves to eat the bones mainly because it likes the taste.
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