How to clean your dog's ears? So how do you properly clean your dog's ear canal?


Nowadays, the concept of raising pets is very different from before, as more and more young people join the pooper scooper family, this pet is more and more about science. Take the feeding point, now the pets basically will not eat leftovers, not only to eat cat food or dog food but also to eat well! It also has to be combined with fresh meat and vegetables, I have to say that the treatment is extremely high.

In addition to the feeding aspect is the most let the pooper scooper, there is also the pet health problems, here is mainly to say the dog, to the pet store is also very frequent, to the dog bath money that can not be saved, because most of the dogs and people now live under one roof, cleaning can not do not be in place.

When it comes to dog cleaning, most people will only pay attention to the dog's body is clean, but little attention to the dog's ears. The dog's ear canal health is also a lot of pooper scooper most likely to ignore the point, although some pooper scooper will give the dog clean ear periphery, master, not the correct cleaning method, not only the cleaning effect is not at all, and it is easy to ignore the dog's ear canal disease.

The dog's ears are L-shaped, so it is especially easy to accumulate dust or moisture, so the dog's ears must be kept dry and clean, and if the dust and moisture in the ears are not cleaned in time, it is likely to trigger ear inflammation.

I. How do I check my dog's ear canal?

1. Checking your dog's ear canal

The main purpose is to feel whether the dog's ear skin is intact. Under normal circumstances, the dog's ear skin should be smooth, without damage or lumps, the temperature should be cool to the touch, not hot, and the dog should have no obvious pain.

However, different breeds of dogs have standing ears, while others have droopy, hanging ears, so a little attention is needed.

2. Examination of and surrounding tissues

After checking the outer ear by touch, the next step is to check the dog's ear canal and surrounding tissues. First of all, look at the color of the visible mucosa of the ear canal by observation. A normal ear canal should be pink in color, and then see if there are any waxy secretions in the ear canal. The entire ear canal should be dry and not moist.

The last thing is to judge by smell. A normal dog has no odor in the ear canal, some dogs may have a slight smell, but it will not be a pungent kind.

The dog's ears are healthy and clean through our observation and judgment, and some pooper scoopers will be more attentive and will notice the ear wax in the dog's ear canal and will clean the dog, but if the water gets into the dog's ears and is not cleaned up in time, it is especially easy for bacteria to grow in such a humid environment, thus triggering ear mite disease. This time the pooper scooper is afraid to dig deeper into the dog's ears, and the internal inflammation will become more serious.

The first thing you need to do is to clean your dog's ear canal thoroughly, and you don't have to worry about hurting your dog's ear canal by going to the bottom, because the special structure of your dog's ears will not hurt their eardrums even if you poke them to the bottom, so as long as you fix your dog and concentrate on being careful, you can clean them with confidence.

How to clean your dog's ears? So how do you properly clean your dog's ear canal?

Two, so how do you properly clean your dog's ear canal?

1. Use glycerin or ear canal cleaner

If the dog's ear wax is not very serious, use a cotton swab with glycerin to apply to the outer ear canal, then use your hand to gently squeeze the ear and massage the root of the ear, after the oil has entered the ear canal is evenly distributed, and finally wipe it clean.

If the ear wax is excessive and hard, then you need to go to the vet to buy an ear canal cleaner. The general functions of ear cleaner include dissolving keratin, dissolving ear wax, slight sterilization or antibacterial, cleaning, fragrance, etc. Some pooper scoopers will use alcohol directly instead for the sake of saving time, this practice is wrong because alcohol can cause damage to the ear canal and eardrum, so do not handle it blindly without permission.

To do this, apply the ear cleaner to the ear wax, soften the wax, and then gently remove it with a cotton swab. Be careful when using the cotton swab, do not insert it too deeply, and if the dog shakes, you must take it out immediately to avoid stabbing the eardrum or piercing the mucous membrane of the ear canal.

2銆丒ar hair cleaning

The dog's ear hair also needs to be cleaned regularly, because if it is not cleaned in time, it will block the foreign matter that appears in the ear, thus leading to ear canal inflammation. Dogs with long hairy pendulous ears need particular attention.

But cleaning up ear hair is not an easy task, it is not as simple as trimming as you think, cleaning up here means pulling out the hair! Because just trimming, the roots of the hair remain in the skin, the short cut hair will continue to grow out, so to completely solve, or overcome the difficulties ah.

The process of cleaning ear hair, the need to shovel, grab a handful of hair to quickly pluck down, is not across the screen feel very painful it, you can imagine that this is a rather difficult operation, the dog will certainly be resistant and nervous anxiety.

But there is a way, there is a special ear powder, that can make this thing relatively easy, the pooper scooper can sprinkle some ear powder on the inside of the dog's ear before cleaning, and then rub with your hands, this ear powder will be used a cool mint powder, a little like the role of anesthesia, can slightly ease the dog's pain, but also can play a role in calming emotions. Do not worry about the ear powder left in the ear canal, because the dog will shake it out.

3. Give your dog a snack reward
If someone else pours strange liquids and powders into your ears, you'll feel bad too. So after doing so many strange things to your dog, soothe his broken heart with a little snack and let him know that cleaning his ears is good for him. If you don't give a snack, it may not cooperate next time.

4. Notes

It is worth noting that puppies' ear canals are difficult to care for and require extra care, so don't just clean your puppy's ear canal. If there is not much ear wax in the ear canal, there is no need to clean it, as it will protect the ear canal instead.

In addition, if your dog's ear condition is already serious, with symptoms such as inflammation, it is better to go to the hospital for a professional diagnosis and to use medication according to medical advice.

Ear canal care for dogs can be done once a week, but it depends on the situation, if there is a lot of ash in the ear, it can be cleaned once a day. The dog's ear canal cleaning is not difficult, the biggest difficulty may be the dog's lack of cooperation. You can let your dog get used to the action of cleaning his ears when he is young, then he will not be so reluctant to clean his ears in the future.

Dogs' ears are a very important part of them, and it is well known that dogs' ears are particularly sensitive, which is why they need to be protected, so don't let their sensitive ears get dirty and smelly! Through the daily ear canal cleaning, not only can you find the dog's ear canal health problems on time, but also can effectively prevent ear canal diseases, so the shovel officers must not be lazy to ignore the daily cleaning of the dog's ear canal Oh!
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