Can dogs eat applesauce? Other fruits that dogs can't eat


Can dogs eat applesauce

It is not recommended to feed jam to your dog. Jam contains various additives and chemicals that can affect your dog's health after eating it, and because your dog's digestive system is different from ours, jam-like products are likely to cause diarrhea and diarrhea in dogs, and grape-flavored jams like this one should not be given to dogs, as grapes can cause acute kidney failure in dogs, so don't feed your dog jam.

Can dogs eat applesauce? Other fruits that dogs can't eat

Other fruits that dogs should not eat

1. Grapes and raisins

Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs, and sometimes just one raisin can kill a dog.

2, macadamia nuts, pecans

Macadamia nuts can lead to deficiency, muscle spasms and paralysis. Other nuts are also bad for dogs, nuts have a high phosphorus content may lead to kidney stones, should try to avoid. Peanut butter is an exception, but such as feeding peanut butter, should choose to use organic unsweetened peanut butter.

3, avocado

The avocado itself, the kernel and the fruit tree are toxic. Can cause breathing difficulties in dogs as well as the chest and abdominal cavity and heart fluid.

4, other fruits

The fruit can also cause soft stools or diarrhea in dogs due to excessive intake of vitamin C and fiber, and even abnormal kidney function and kidney stones at an older age.

3 types of food that dogs should not eat

1. Young dogs can't eat tiny bones. Small dogs cannot eat small bones, especially chicken and duck bones. This will be easy to get stuck in the throat, which will make it very difficult for the puppy. Puppy's intestines are very fragile, even if not stuck, but also easy to scrape the intestines, pulling bloody stool.

2, dogs should not eat too much salt. Because there are no sweat glands on the dog, unlike people, eat salt is not discharged, salt eaten too much, can not be discharged, the animal is prone to kidney failure, shortening life. The main symptoms that generally show up are: hair loss, there will be tear marks under the eyes. Severe skin diseases can occur. Can eat a small amount of salt, but not more.

3, the dog can not eat greasy food. There is such a common saying: "dog stomach can not accommodate two drops of sesame oil" This sentence means that, regardless of large dogs and small dogs, the dog's intestines, are not suitable for eating too greasy things, not only do not like to eat, and their intestines are not good, prone to vomiting and other phenomena, not only that, dogs can not eat ice-cream and other cream products, chocolate, also prone to vomiting. Chocolate, also prone to vomiting.

Can dogs eat ketchup

Generally speaking, the main ingredient in ketchup is actually tomatoes, and dogs that can eat tomatoes are certainly okay with ketchup made from tomatoes, as is normal. However, humans add a lot of flavoring inside the ketchup they eat themselves. So, what was a completely harmless ketchup can become, like, a harmful food for dogs.

What are some of the substances in ketchup that are harmful to dogs?

Sugar, salt, xylitol, garlic, onions, etc. These are the ingredients we need to identify. If ketchup contains these ingredients, then it becomes a ketchup that is not suitable for dogs. There are two types of these substances, one that can cause harm in the case of excessive single intake, and the other, in the case of long-term intake, can affect your dog's health.

Among them, xylitol, onions, garlic is the phenomenon that can make dogs appear poisoned, different substances will appear different signs of poisoning. And some manufacturers will use a substance called xanthan gum, with this substance to make ketchup thicker. This substance, on the other hand, can have harmful side effects for dogs, and if the dog eats it, the owner will regret it.

In addition, the extra salt and sugar added to the ketchup can have a negative impact on the dog's health. Sugar can make dogs obese, and too much salt intake can cause seizures, swelling, tripping, loss of appetite, loss of energy, clumsiness and even mental discomfort. So in summary, unless it's green and healthy homemade ketchup, don't let your dog eat it!

What to do if your dog accidentally eats ketchup

First, we need to determine what ingredients are in the ketchup your dog is eating. Basically, the ketchup in bottles and the bulk ketchup provided by fast food restaurants will have the ingredients of the ketchup stated on the package. If there are no substances in the ketchup that are harmful to your dog. Then there is no problem if the dog ingests it in small amounts. If it contains something harmful to the dog, then the owner should only vomit. Also contact your vet and get your dog to the vet quickly for emergency treatment.

Are ketchup good for your dog's health?

The health benefits of ketchup for dogs are the same as those of regular tomatoes. It is generally more recommended that owners feed their dogs fresh tomatoes rather than ketchup, which may have various additives. Of course, if the owner makes homemade ketchup from fresh tomatoes, then it is okay to share it with the dog. One thing to remember, though, is to feed in moderation.

What to look for besides the ingredients in ketchup

In addition to the ketchup itself, another thing that can be dangerous for dogs, besides the ketchup itself, is the packaging of the ketchup. This is because the ketchup we commonly see is the ketchup that is offered in small packages at fast food restaurants. Dogs who think they are smart are likely to chew on the packaging to get the ketchup and then accidentally eat the bag into their stomachs. In such a case, the owner cannot induce vomiting at home, but needs to take the dog to the vet for professional treatment.

Although for dogs, ketchup is also an irresistible delicacy. Under the right conditions, it is okay to give your dog some ketchup to spice up his life, but look at the need to pay attention to so many things. It's better to choose not to feed it~

Dogs eat cream and vomit and poop how to do

First, eat too much, indigestion
Dogs are animals that know hunger does not know full, in the case of the owner did not control the amount of diet, it is easy to cause the dog a moment to eat too much food caused by the difficulty of digestion. Also because of indigestion gastrointestinal distress and then caused by the dog's mental discomfort, lying there.
Second, swallowed a foreign body
Dogs are notoriously gluttonous, in the absence of the owner's care or due to xenophagia caused by accidentally swallowed spoiled, plastic bags of food is also possible, that in this case, is bound to cause the dog diarrhea vomiting situation. The situation is not very serious rely on the dog itself can be self-healing, the situation is serious need to be in the case of professional veterinarian diagnosis and treatment.
Third, eat too much human food
The contemporary diet is more or less salty oil, the dog if too much long-term consumption, the stomach can not digest such heavy food will also cause diarrhea and vomiting, it is recommended that the consumption of dog food and food for dogs is more secure, more is developed for the unique physiological structure and nutritional needs of dogs.
Fourth, drink too cold or spoiled water
Dogs can not eat for two days but not a day without water, it is clear that the dog's demand for water is huge. But not all water dogs can drink, such as raw water can not drink, sugar water can not drink, pure water can not drink mineral water to drink less, tea and coffee can not drink and so on. For the majority of these pet owners are not well understood.

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