How to train a dog to pee outside


One, how to teach your dog to urinate and defecate outdoors at regular intervals

Dogs only pull at home, take it out hard not to pull, hold it all to hold home to pull, especially difficult to get, this is why? How to train your dog to poop outdoors?

First, we would encourage you to continue to take your dog out for walks. For dogs, going for a walk is not just for defecation, but also a way to expend energy, dogs feel an experience of this flowery world or good mental exercise. The next step is to train your dog how to develop the process of urinating and defecating outdoors. Dogs do not pee and poop outdoors usually because the dog has never tried the pleasure of pulling outside, unfamiliar and unfamiliar with the environment leads to dogs not yet afraid to release their nature, in the outdoors to pull a pain.

Teach your dog to pull in the outdoors 6 steps.

1, take the dog out before giving it food
Dogs are straight, usually after eating for some time will want to pull, so we can take advantage of this characteristic of the dog, after taking the dog to eat and drink water, take the dog out to pull.

2銆乀ake the dog out after eating
When the dog has eaten, our next action is to take the dog out with the line. When taking the dog out, prepare snacks in advance, as well as observe the dog's action behavior: whether there is a desire to pull the action. At first, the dog may take a longer time to pull outside, it may take an hour, it may take two hours, or even three hours, so for the owner in training, the preparation time should be long enough.

3. Give the muzzle when it is ready to start pulling
When the dog is observed to pull, you can give the dog a password, such as "pull", the goal is to let the dog associate the password, action, and reward together, to strengthen the dog's training effect.

4銆丷eward your dog for urinating and defecating outside
When your dog poops outside, whether it's poop or pee, you should reward your dog, and the snack reward must be a snack that your dog likes to eat so that your dog slowly learns that there is a reward for pooping outside, and you can also get my favorite snack. Once the dog has tried the thrill of pulling outside, he will enjoy it more and more afterward.

When the dog gradually gets into the habit of pulling outside, our rewards can be slowly reduced and become random so that the dog doesn't forget all of a sudden, but also so that the dog has something to look forward to each time.

5, gradually shorten the dog outside the time to pull
When the dog has developed the habit of pulling outside, sometimes it may deliberately not pull to sneak outside for a longer time. This time you can slightly shorten the time of pulling outside, if the specified time no longer pulls outside, then, the reward is not possible to have. A smart dog will finish pulling as soon as possible to get a reward.

6. Observe and record the time the dog takes to eat the poo
To make the training more efficient, the owner should record the time of feeding the dog and the time it goes to the toilet. In this way, it can help to better train the dog's fixed-point poop. For example, when you need to adjust your dog's feeding time, you will know better when it is better to take your dog out to poop.

Finally, remember to pick up the poop when your dog is done pooping outside! Being a competent and quality pooper scooper is actually what makes for a more and more tolerant living environment for your dog.

How to train a dog to pee outside

II. How do you get your dog to learn to go to the bathroom outside?

When I was a kid, I heard my mom say something like, "Dogs are straight and will poop after they eat. And now we have dogs. A lot of them go home to poop, and when they go out they don't know the problem of having to go potty outside. This makes the owner very worried. Sometimes outside. We have slipped for a long time. Energy is also exhausted not much but is not on the toilet.

Let us be very worried. The dog is not willing to go to the toilet outside, mainly because it is not familiar with the environment. Because the process of defecation is very dangerous for it, it has to find a safe place to do so. So when you go to the toilet outside, it has to find a place too. So how do we do? Let it learn to go to the toilet outside?

The first point is that we can let it eat outside, which is what we often call a rectum. As long as it eats for a while time, it will want to poop, especially when we go out, if in bring it some water, then about half an hour or so, it will poop. And as puppies generally do not hold it for a long time. So it will be outside at this time looking for a place.

Second, if there is no suitable place outside, we can feed the dog at home first. After eating we will take it out for a walk. Then we must bring snacks to the dog when we go out, because for it this is a reward, as long as it finds a place to poop, we will reward it. This way he will know that pooping outside is the right thing to do. Then it may take a long time to train at first because he is used to others going home to go to the bathroom, so we must compete with him for patience and see who takes longer to rely on. We have to be prepared to extend the time a bit.

Third, when you find it in a circle, that is to go to the toilet, then you have to accompany the muzzle, you can urge it to hurry up, so that later in its toilet, as long as you say hurry up, it will have a reaction, know that you are telling it to go to the toilet. Then the muzzle must also be reinforced.

Fourth. Rome is not built in one day, so training the dog me is the same we must insist that we repeatedly use rewards to take the dog outside to go to the toilet. When it has developed this habit we have to shorten the outside world may initially be a long time, but after that, it will be faster and faster. After a while, it may think that when it goes out, the first thing I have to do is to pull outside. So outside as long as you do it right, you have to reward it. And make sure to shorten the time. Otherwise, it will think I come out not poop, you will make me play all the time.

Then, finally, the owner must also observe its meal time, and defecation time, so that we can also grasp a rule, what time to take it out better, some dogs maybe ten minutes to pee, and some may not take about half an hour. So we must look at the situation of their dog defecation through observation. So since you want to be a pooper scooper, start by cleaning up the poop, and remember to bring a garbage bag when you go out.

Tip: When it comes to dogs not going to the toilet, the owner must be very worried, but we can think of ways.
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