How to calm your dog down?


I. Tips for calming your dog down

What is the most troublesome thing about having a dog? Probably the fact that they bark. While there are many well-trained dogs that don't bark, unfortunately, the average dog is not as well educated. Once they encounter excitement or excess energy, they will start barking. It doesn't matter if it annoys the owner's work, the most fearful thing is to disturb the neighbors' rest ah! That minute is to world war. In order to give the neighbors a clean environment, these 6 can eliminate the annoying barking tips for dog owners.

1銆両ncrease the amount of exercise
If your dog is often all active, it means that it may be too energetic and not released. Therefore, the easiest way to do this is to take your dog for more exercise. Exercise can burn your dog's energy and keep it mentally satisfied, and walking your dog every day is a must.

Tip: It should be noted that if the family is a large dog, you still need to be careful, because they need more than an hour of exercise to meet, at any time the dog may not be exhausted, the owner fell first.

2, do not give it a response
Dogs a dog at home, in fact, it is the quietest time. Because no one responds to it, it is very boring to bark on its own. Therefore, if the dog in front of you pampered barking incessantly, the best way to make it calm down is to turn away, do not give it a response, let it make fun of itself.
Tip: Of course, you have to make sure that your dog is not a patient dog, otherwise, it will continue to bark and continue to jump with excitement.

3. Conduct training
When the dog barks, make a specific command, such as a clap or a snap of the fingers, and if the dog is willing to shut up, take a snack or praise the dog and give it a reward. After a while, the dog will know he needs to behave when he hears the command.
Tip: Some dogs will think you clap your hands is to encourage it to bark, may not always work.

4, noise stimulation
The dog's sense of hearing is extremely sensitive, if the dog is barking, suddenly create some strong sound, such as a sudden bark, or pat some objects that can make a loud noise, such as a tin can, may cause the dog to be frightened and quiet.
Tip: This method may scare the timid dog, be careful to use. And will also increase the neighbors' dissatisfaction with you.

5銆丏istract attention
When your dog is barking excitedly, use his favorite toy or bone to get his attention, then the dog should go to grab the toy and stop barking.
Tip: Use this method sparingly, because the dog will probably take this as a reward, which will become a reward instead of a warning.

6. Spray water to calm down
In the case of necessity, you can use this more violent method is to spray water at the dog. Use a small spray can to the dog water, can make the dog quiet down. But be careful not to spray directly on the dog's head, as doing so will cause them to panic.
Tip: This method is more violent, dogs and cats will be suddenly sprayed with water and scared to pause the action. However, it should not be used more than once, one will stimulate the pet, and secondly, it is easy to make them resistant.

In fact, each dog owner should have their own set of discipline dog methods, after all, each dog has its own unique nature, the most familiar with its character is the owner. The way others apply may not work on your own dog. I wonder if you have any unique ways of dealing with your own dog?

How to calm your dog down?

II. Dogs have adolescence and are also impulsive, so how do you calm them down

We all know that kids and teens are lacking the ability to control their impulses. That's why you often see two-year-olds throwing tantrums when they don't get what they want, and why 16-year-olds are always rebellious and prone to fighting with their parents and running away from home. For humans, the ability to control impulses is not inherent, is our acquired skills.

For adolescent dogs (between 6 months and 3 years of age) is also the same, especially vulnerable to impulsive domination, easily agitated, and may also cause a lot of trouble. During adolescence, your dog's brain and body hormones change, causing you to sometimes wonder if your puppy is possessed by some kind of demon or monster.

While there is nothing we can do to change the fact that dogs go through puberty, they can learn to control their impulses just like humans do, but it takes some guided intervention on our part. Through some basic training, you can improve the dog's obedience, so that dogs on command, slowly learn to control their impulses and learn to calm:.

1銆丩et the dog learn to sit
In training the dog to sit or lie down, first to ensure that the dog's attention on the master.
Then you can hold a toy or a bowl of food in one hand and slowly place it in front of the dog. If the dog stands up or jumps up, immediately let the food or toy disappear behind you and instead, give them the sit/lie down command and guide the dog to sit or lie down before putting down the reward item.
Dogs also have adolescence and are also impulsive, these 3 tricks teach your dog to calm down
Repeat the above steps until the dog is in place, you only need to give the dog the muzzle, the dog has done when the sit action, even if the training is successful.
Then gradually increase the number of distractions, so that the dog in more temptation, but also to listen to your instructions immediately after sitting, is considered successful training.

2, teach your dog to greet people correctly
When you want to teach your dog to say hello, first let a friend approaching (people or dogs) stand still.
Then use a happy voice to get your dog's attention, and then start walking towards your partner. If the dog becomes too excited and is pulling on the leash again, jumping up or barking, immediately pull the dog sideways quickly and forcefully to interrupt the dog's excitement at the moment, then stop and take two steps backwards.
Once the dog has calmed down, start again. Repeat these steps until the dog is in a calm state, then you can let your friend give it a scent first, and then let the dog touch your friend. The reward here is to say hello, so the snack reward is optional.

3, teach the dog to learn to wait
The door is the world of the dog to the source of happiness, but also means that the lurking danger. Let the dog learn to "wait", you can stop the dog from running outside, or even stop it from jumping out of the car to avoid all kinds of accidents.
Especially when the dog is in the car, the owner should first stand outside the car, let the dog wait, and then slowly start to open the car door. If the dog starts to approach you, close the door immediately. Let the dog wait for 15 seconds, then let the dog out again.

The goal of the training here is to keep the dog behind the door until you open it fully and let them know that it is permissible and safe to use a command like "come out" to get out again. Dogs know that if they are too eager and excited, they can't leave the car. When they calm down and pay attention to the cue, they are rewarded by getting out and exploring the world.

The "wait" also applies to regular doors and gates. If your dog wants to go out before you give him the command, close the door immediately. By mastering these 3 skills, you will be able to control and remind your dog to calm down in order to have what he expects to happen. Impulsivity is useless.

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