How do make dogs stop barking? How to improve your dog's barking


Dogs barking is a problem for many owners, and too much barking can drive owners and neighbors "crazy". It is impossible to stop a dog from barking because it is a way for them to communicate, but too much barking can be a problem and it is important to train him to control it properly. Dogs bark excessively for many reasons, including when playing, when meeting their owners, or when defending and intimidating intruders. So to reduce your dog's excessive barking, you need to know why he barks and stop it with the appropriate means.

I. Reasons why dogs bark

1, the dog is afraid of fear
Dogs themselves are animals that like to express their emotions by barking, and they are not as quiet as cats. Dogs are very prone to barking when they don't feel safe enough.
Puppies just arrived at a new home, sticky dogs leave their masters (separation anxiety), there will be fear and fear of psychology, so barking non-stop, hoping that barking can attract partners or owners to come and visit it.
2, crisis awareness and warning purposes
Dogs are born with a keen sense of hearing and smell, a strong sense of vigilance, plus also a strong sense of territory, so the degree of socialization is not high enough dog, often because of the smell some bad odor (strange small animals), hear some close to their movement and barking.
The owner wants to correct the dog, then must take it more familiar with the surrounding environment and people, after adaptation it will not appear very sensitive barking situation! Pet owners can also be rewarded with snacks to train the dog to learn to be silent and no longer react to the movement outside the door.
3, lonely and isolated psychology
Dogs are pack animals, very like to play in groups to wander. Many modern people have dogs, are only one, plus no one at home with them.
Some dogs can not stand the loneliness, they will not be able to resist howling, vent, and attract the attention of others. In addition, the dog will also be too bored, resulting in seeing a strange dog, raw visitors will appear excited to jump barking phenomenon.
4, the dog is hungry
Dogs feel very hungry when they can not resist barking, so remind the owner to feed them. Of course, there is some more mature and stable character of the dog, will silently endure hunger, until the shovel officer back to feed it!
As a competent pooper scooper, if you don't want to starve your dog or disturb your neighbors, you can fill your dog's bowl with some dog food before you leave home to feed your dog and avoid coming back too late to make your dog hungry and barking.

II. How to improve your dog's barking

The right way to improve your dog's excessive barking behavior. Instead of rushing to stop the dog, the pooper scooper should first figure out why the dog is barking and what factors are causing it to bark. Generally speaking, the common factors that cause a dog to bark are these: feeling nervous about a new environment, the phone ringing, the doorbell, someone passing by the door, a stranger or animal coming to the house, seeing another dog while out, anxiety about no one being home, and simply wanting to bark when nothing is happening.

The pooper scooper should first make observations and figure out the reason why the dog is barking and then you can choose a response method according to the different original. Although there are many reasons, the response method is a certain rule, mastering this rule, some other aspects of dog behavior training and bad habit correction can also be touched. There is a not so difficult training project called silent command: if the dog often barks, the shovel officer will bark when the dog issued a "do not bark" command, or No, shut up, other commands can also be free to play, but to ensure uniformity, can not be changed. This command can be said several times, and when the dog stops barking, reward it with a snack.

If the dog still barks when he hears the command, don't do anything else, just repeat the command until the dog can stop barking when he hears it. This step is for the dog to form a reflex: if it keeps barking, there is no reward, and if it stops barking when it hears the command, it will be rewarded. Therefore, in the early stages, you should always have a snack ready and give it to your dog if he behaves well, to reinforce the memory. Once the dog has mastered the "don't bark" silent command, it can be used in a variety of situations.

Once the dog has mastered the silence training, it may not work in all situations, so the next step is the significance of the dog's observation of why the dog is barking: simulate the situation for different reasons. If the dog likes to bark when it hears a cell phone call and doorbell, or footsteps outside the door, then the shoveler should intentionally shape these scenarios, including ringing the doorbell himself, turning on the cell phone ring, or asking a friend to keep walking outside the door and giving the silence command when the dog barks until the dog can keep the silence command completed despite the environmental distractions.

If your dog barks when the owner is not at home, it is likely to be caused by separation anxiety, so try to spend more time playing with him, add more toys that your dog likes at home, and then be careful not to be too enthusiastic about your dog when you go out and when you come home (especially when you come home), which will only increase your dog's anxiety when you are alone. To try to calm down, usually, at home there is nothing to go out to walk two laps immediately back, and gradually increase this time to go out, so that the dog thinks that the shovel officer away from home is a very normal thing, and will soon return. This can gradually reduce the separation anxiety of the dog, the owner is not at home when the dog's excessive barking has helped.

There is a relatively simple way to deal with barking dogs, which is to divert the attention of the dog. When the dog is barking, throw its usual favorite toys or snacks over, and generally, the dog will no longer be obsessed with the noise. But this approach does not necessarily work, and the cure is not the root cause, but also easy to give the dog the illusion that as long as I bark, the master will give me treats and toys. So silent training + scene simulation is the most appropriate way. But as long as it's training, it takes a lot of time to do repetition and it's impossible to learn it all at once, so pooper scoopers must remain patient!

How do make dogs stop barking? How to improve your dog's barking

Three: How to stop your dog from barking

1. Don't bark at it
Some owners get impatient when they hear their dog barking from time to time, thinking that if they bark at it, they can overwhelm it with momentum and silence it. However, barking back at the dog can irritate the dog, and it may bark back louder, and both parties will get into a more chaotic argument. Barking is sometimes a way for a dog to express happiness, and the owner can respond to his barking with a smooth voice, not shouting to stimulate his emotions.

2. Don't be a faithful listener to your dog's barking
If the dog is barking when the owner runs to its side to stop it, it will think you are interacting with it by playing games, and later it will bark to get your attention when it wants to find you. The owner can teach the dog a command to keep quiet, such as putting his index finger in front of his mouth and saying "shhh", and if the dog stops barking, he will be rewarded for his behavior with a treat. If the dog still keeps barking, make sure you don't give him a treat, otherwise, he will think he gets a treat every time he barks.

3. Build a good impression of your dog
Some dogs will bark when the courier comes to the door because they feel that the courier is invading their territory. If the courier leaves in a hurry, the dog will think that his barking has driven him away, and he will continue to bark every time he sees the courier. The best way is to let the courier stay a little while and let him feed the dog a snack to build up a good impression so that there will be no more disturbances in the future. If the dog barks because of fear when someone rings the doorbell or knocks on the door, then the best way is also to associate the sound with something the dog thinks is nice (a snack) and can have the visitor feed him a snack to eat.

4. prevent dogs from hearing scary sounds
Some dogs are very sensitive to sounds and will behave in a stressful manner when they hear the sound of washing machines, fireworks, and vacuum cleaners, and may bark all the time. Owners who train their dogs ineffectively had better try to keep them away from these sources of fear, otherwise, it will increase their anxiety and stress.

5. Keep a bored dog busy
Many dogs bark because they are bored and lonely and have no outlet for their energy. Even if it has nothing to say, it will talk to itself to relieve loneliness and barking. So the owner should not only take it out regularly for exercise, but also spend more time with it, and can provide it with chew toys and educational toys that can entertain itself so that the dog can have more fun.

5 tips to stop your dog from barking too much and being a nuisance
Barking is inevitable, and some working dogs are more likely to bark because they are more territorial, as well as some active and anxiety-prone toy dogs, such as Chihuahuas. If owners don't like their dogs barking, it's also important to understand the characteristics of each type of dog before getting a dog.
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