How can I get my dog to stop eating poop?


I. There is more than one reason why dogs eat poop, how can we stop this "vice"?

We often talk to people about their dog's "disgusting" habit of eating poop. We don't seem to know why our dogs eat poo, but can we find ways to reduce this behavior by understanding why they eat poo?

Although this behavior seems a bit disgusting, however, medically it seems to be understood as normal behavior for dogs. If we want to find a solution, we need to see what kind of poop the dog is eating first.

1. Dogs eat other animals' poop
Many dogs, will steal and eat the feces of cats. Since cats are carnivores, they are not so good at digesting carbohydrates, so they may have some of these substances or ingredients in their excrement. The dog may be smelling or sensing the presence of this undigested component in the cat's poop and think that the poop still contains this food, although, it is not a good source of nutrition. The dog will not think so.

2. Eating puppy poop
The mother dog will sometimes eat her baby's poop, this is a survival response. When they used to survive in the wild nature, if they had bad hygiene habits and left their scent, their nests might be invaded by other animals who smelled them. To eliminate these traces, the mother dog with her way to clean up is to eat the poo, which is the normal behavior of the mother.

3. Dogs eat their poop
More common is another, is the dog eating their poo. Many owners feel that this practice is because the dog may be deficient in a certain vitamin caused by. But this argument is not based on anything, the dog is not because of the lack of certain nutrients, and to eat their poop.

Some manufacturers, to meet the market demand and prevent dogs from eating poo, will add something to the food, the dog has an aversion to the taste of poo. However, this additive will only work if the dog has already started eating its poo, and by this time it is already a little late. And if he finds another poo that has not had a special ingredient added to it, he will find it new again and continue to eat the poo, so this additive does not mean much to the dog.

Keeping the dog's diet structured and balanced is something that should be done as well, because if we know that the dog may be eating cat and cat poo because of the presence of undigested carbohydrates (this could be an attractant), then we had better make sure that the dog's diet does not have too many carbohydrates in it to prevent a similar attraction.

If the owner is chagrined by the dog's poo-eating behavior, then it is best to muzzle him or leash him with or without supervision and train him to leave the poo so that the owner can clean up the annoying poo. Change your dog's poop-eating habits through behavioral changes. Because poo eating is not a physical disease, it is more likely to be caused by behavior. But the process can be lengthy, because no matter what the cause, poo has become a reward for the dog at this point, and we need to spend some patience to solve the problem. But we can be slightly thankful that this behavior is not a dog health problem.

Does your dog have a habit of eating poo, and how do you deal with this problem?

II. What do dogs know about eating poop?

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing. Dogs eat poop, owners, what should you do?

Do you know? Feces, contains many nutrients, such as protein, fiber, fat, calcium, phosphorus, and various amino acids, as well as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin K, linoleic acid, and other essential nutrients for animals. So, now you know! Dog poop is quite attractive to dogs ......

5 situations in which dogs eat poo.
1. Mother dogs will lick the anus of their children after they have defecated and eat the feces so that other animals do not hunt the puppies that have not been weaned by the smell. adult dogs may also eat feces to clear their traces if they feel threatened.

2. Some owners scold or physically punish their dogs after they poop anywhere, so the dogs eat their feces to avoid being found by their owners.

3. The nutrients in the feces that are not fully digested and absorbed are also very tempting to the dog.

4. Some dogs are used to eating two or three meals a day, and suddenly change to one meal a day because of a change of owner, then the dog will eat the poop to relieve hunger.

5. Some diseases can also exacerbate the occurrence of dog fecal cravings. For example, pancreatitis, parasites in the gastrointestinal tract, imbalance of intestinal flora, diabetes, etc., certain drugs such as barbiturates, progesterone, and steroid applications can also cause such results.

How to make "dogs change the wrong behavior of eating poop": 1.
1. Do not be too impatient when cleaning up, so that the dog does not mistake the feces for a precious treasure or think it is a game of feces and eat it first.

2. When it is impossible to clean up the feces in time, you can choose to put the dog in a cage with a wide enough gap at the bottom to allow the feces to fall out of the cage. When walking the dog, the dog should wear a muzzle to eliminate the chances of the dog eating the feces.

3. Should provide a scientific and reasonable diet for the dog, feeding should be regular and quantitative, to avoid the dog because of hunger or lack of certain nutrients and feces, you can also choose the commercially available anti-fecal dog food, this kind of dog food added some substances, after digestion will produce the dog do not like the smell, so that the dog no longer eat feces.

4. When the dog defecates, use food to lure the dog away from the feces, or obedience training of the dog issued "sit", "come here", "do not move" and other commands, if the dog sniffing feces then If the dog sniffs the feces, stop it. After a period of training, the dog will slowly break the habit of eating feces.

How can I get my dog to stop eating poop?

Three, why does your dog love to eat poop so much?

The most important thing to remember is that you can't change your mind.

This is also too challenging to shovel the mental capacity of the pooper, a minute to storm angry ah!

Today share the reasons why dogs like to eat poop and a few ways to stop it from eating poop, so that your dog can become more civilized and disciplined, no longer embarrassed and broken.

Why do dogs like to eat poop?
Dogs like to eat poop is affected by many factors, both their own reasons, but also external influence, but mainly by the following factors.

1銆丟enetic inheritance

Dogs are domesticated from wolves, and we all know that wolves are not only carnivores, but also scavengers, and in the case that it is difficult to get food in nature, dead and decaying corpses, wolves will also go to eat. Therefore, many dogs eat feces, which is actually awakening the scavenging nature.

According to the survey, the breed of dog that likes to eat poop the most is the Pleasant Shepherd, and the one that likes to eat poop the least is the Poodle!

2銆丳sychological factors

Dogs eat poop, but also may be due to two psychological factors, one is because of the psychological pressure, shame, resulting in dogs will be afraid of the master to see, worry about the master punishment, take the initiative to eat their own poop; the other is cleanliness, clean consciousness, such as female dogs will lick the puppy's butt, eat the puppy's poop, are spontaneous instinctive cleaning puppy body behavior!

Newborn puppies are sure to be licked by the mother dog's buttocks in order to stimulate the puppy to excrete, otherwise they may appear to be suffocated by the poop.

3. Indigestion

Dogs have more than 400 million olfactory cells and their noses are very sensitive and can sniff out whether there is food smell in the poop. When the dog indigestion, its poop will remain some protein, food odor, after being smelled, the dog may be treated as food, in line with the idea of not wasting to fill the belly, and double dose of shit!

4, lack of trace elements

Dogs malnutrition, lack of trace elements in the body, there will be a dysfunctional sense of smell, often also appear to eat poop! In addition, the dog will also have to eat grass nibble soil and other omnivorous behavior.

Dogs in the case of hungry, will also appear to eat the behavior of poop, essentially poop is the food through the gastrointestinal digestion of the residue. If you do not feed your dog, your dog may go to eat poop.

How can I stop my dog from eating poop?
1. Stop your dog as soon as it appears that it intends to eat the poop, reprimand it, point out with hand signals that the poop is inedible, and shovel the poop away in time.

2, in addition to reprimand education, the owner in the dog poop, can immediately to its poop spray chili water, mustard and other pungent smell of seasoning, so that the dog respect away, lose the desire to eat, repeat a few times, your dog will understand that the owner is not allowed to let it eat this.

3, go out to get a good dog leash, leash for the main pet safety and management considerations can not be too long, for dogs like to pick up food, eat outdoor poop, you can also bring the mouthpiece.

4, found that the dog is lack of trace elements, you can feed the dog some trace elements, can help the dog to improve the behavior of eating poop, restore the normal sense of smell.
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