Why is my dog drooling? What should I do if my dog is drooling a lot?


When it comes to the world drooling, I, as a senior foodie, understand the word very well.

When you see a food blogger pushing pictures of food, especially at the moment near the end of the day, mouth drool naturally secrete out, to not let the drool out to make people laugh, naturally, only the drool into the stomach, or the straight image will be ruined ah.

Of course, there is another drooling situation, which is when sleeping. Many people after sleep, will find the table, pillows are wet, and are located in the mouth position, do not think it must be saliva. But this time of drooling, not only because of the lure of the dream food, a greater part of the reason is the human body appears to be the reason.

People drooling can be divided into two sides, so for the dog is naturally the same reason. Two days ago a friend also complained to me about his dog's greed, said it is always indiscriminate drooling, it is a shame to throw home, usually not less feed it to eat good, why so greedy?

I'm sure many dogs have been given the title of greedy because they drooled, don't be afraid, I'll do the right thing for you, here are a few reasons for your dog's drooling.

I. Non-Disease Causes

Who isn't already a foodie?
The most common reason for a dog to drool is greed. When the pooper scooper is eating with a rice bowl, the woof at this time would love to sit on a small bench in front of you and wait for you to reward him with a bite of rice. Even if the rhubarb next door comes to play with it, probably indifferent, after all, no creature can resist the temptation of food, in front of the food, rhubarb is simply a gust of wind, and is insignificant. Their drops of saliva fell on the floor, shoveled shit, hurry to reward others with a bite of food ah.

Dogs are afraid
When the firecrackers are outside, the dog will immediately dash to the bed, find a safe corner to stay in, and the corner of the mouth with a few drops of saliva. This time, do not think that the dog is hungry, they are scared out of their wits and need to be comforted, do not be foolish to get dog food to feed the dog, it does not have the heart to eat, and needs the protection of the pooper scooper. There is also a situation where the dog suffers from separation anxiety and is overly dependent on the owner, causing the pooper scooper to leave to make it feel uneasy and secrete saliva.

I am happy to exercise
Even in the summer, the pooper scooper will take the dog out for exercise, and it is common for the dog to experience too much exercise because it is too hot, and the symptoms of drooling, as we all know, the dog is through the toes and its tongue to dissipate heat, at this time, they will open their mouths wide and breathe quickly, so the pooper scooper needs to provide the dog with a lot of water.

The natural love of drooling is difficult to give up
It is said that the naive beauty is difficult to give up, of course, some dogs are born to love drooling difficult to give up ah, the general small dogs appear the odds are relatively low, these types of large and medium-sized dogs can be described as born to love drooling, like pine lions, Tibetan mastiffs, bulldogs and so on, will find that the corners of their mouths are always hanging a few drops of harrumph, haha.

I am no longer young
When dogs get old, some old dogs' mouth muscles will appear to droop, so the mouth is no longer closed as well as before, and there will be a lot of drooling phenomena. It looks like it's behaving like a dog with a low IQ.

Motion sickness
In addition to the nature of food this common cause of drooling, there is another common cause is because the dog is seasick, and this phenomenon will be more obvious when the dog is young, this is because the puppy has not fully developed the cochlear balance system caused by, generally in the dog grows up, this phenomenon will ease a lot.

Heat Dissipation
Dogs' tongues are one of the few places where they can dissipate heat, so when they run after exercise or on a hot summer afternoon, dogs' mouths are usually open and their tongues are exposed, panting heavily and dripping saliva from their tongues to dissipate heat, which is normal. Of course, certain special dog breeds are born to drool, such as English bulldogs, St. Bernard, pine lions, ancient shepherds, and Tibetan mastiffs, because their mouths are not very well closed, so often drooling is their normal physiological reaction, the owner need not be too alarmed.

Stimulated by the outside world
The dog's sensory system is much more sensitive than the human, once stimulated or frightened by the outside world, often several times ours, and will be a lot of drooling, when these effects disappear, the dog will also become normal.

Not particularly bold
Some dogs are very bold, not afraid of being larger than their kind, and not afraid of humans, but some dogs can not, it is the smell of other dogs, that may be nervous and then keep drooling.
This situation is still recommended that the owner take him out more to meet other dogs, as well as through training, to improve his courage, and occasionally reward him some snacks, which may work better than anything else, and when he is bold, the phenomenon of drooling will be good.

Why is my dog drooling? What should I do if my dog is drooling a lot?

II. Some disease causes

The above-mentioned are some normal causes of drooling in dogs, and owners only need to pay attention to them.
Gastrointestinal stimulation
When dogs eat some inedible food, it will stimulate their intestines and stomach, which will also cause them excessive drooling. Before the dog is going to vomits, it will be a lot of drooling, this time the pooper scooper should pay enough attention to think about feeding the dog what should not be eaten.

Problems with the oral cavity
If the dog often appears drooling phenomenon, the pooper scooper should consider whether the dog has periodontal disease, which is also a very common cause of dog drooling disease. Some components of saliva can destroy the bacteria of periodontal disease, to destroy these bacteria, will secrete a lot of salivae to destroy.
There are also redness and swelling of the dental bed can also cause drooling symptoms, the dog's mental state is no problem, the pooper scooper can check the dog's dental bed there is no redness and swelling of the symptoms, you can go to the vet to buy some anti-inflammatory drugs for dogs to eat.

Nerve abnormalities
Dogs often drooling may also be due to neurological problems, before suffering from epilepsy may have such symptoms. The brain's instructions can be problematic, resulting in the secretion of large amounts of saliva.

Three: What should I do if my dog is drooling a lot?

First of all, the owner should distinguish whether the dog's drooling is normal or due to an infestation of disease. If the cause is due to something like excessive summer heat or separation anxiety, then the owner needs to prescribe the right medication to avoid those drooling phenomena. And if the physiological causes of drooling are ruled out, then the owner needs to take the dog to the hospital for examination and timely treatment to avoid missing the best treatment period.

When the dog's drooling situation is not the same as usual, then we should pay attention to, like the dog's eyes, appear trance, the left and right face are not quite symmetrical, and sometimes accompanied by breathing difficulties, foaming at the mouth, should be regarded as an abnormal drooling phenomenon.

The dog's health needs the care of a qualified pooper scooper, as a good owner, not only takes care of their daily life but also cares about their physical and psychological condition, does not wait for the disease to come to the door only to regret it.

I sincerely hope that all owners can spend their short lives happily with their dogs, and have more cute and warm moments, which is the real meaning of having a pet.
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