Why does my dog drink so much water? How is a dog considered to drink too much water?


Why does my dog drink so much water

Sometimes there are certain unusual behaviors in dogs that can be worrisome to us.

For example, if a dog suddenly drinks a lot of water, why is this? The first of these is that the dog has been drinking a lot of water for a long time, and if there is a third reason, you must be alert to it.

Reason 1, after the dog sports

If you take the dog after exercise, the dog suddenly drink a lot of water, this is a normal phenomenon.
When the dog in the process of exercise, the body will slowly lose water, so it is easy to appear thirsty and other situations, so they need to drink a lot of water to replenish water. So when the dog has exercised, the owner should give them timely hydration, to provide adequate water to the dog Oh.

Reason 2, the bowl for fresh water

In fact, the number of dogs drinking water is also related to the quality of water, if the water in the bowl is not replaced for a long time, which will make them do not want to drink the desire.
When the owner replaced the bowl of water, the water quality is fresh and clean, of course they will drink more ~ so the owner still have to update the water source for the dog, it is best to replace it at least once a day, the dog's water bowl also regularly to clean Oh.

Reason 3, the dog has diabetes

If your dog suddenly drink a lot of water, but also frequent urination, and appetite has become very good, but the weight is not up, but down, in addition the mental state is not very good, then the pet owner should pay attention to, this may be the dog suffering from diabetes.

Reason 4, want to get your attention

The psychology of the dog will also affect the amount of water they drink.
If the dog has been neglected by the owner for a long time, they want to get the owner's attention, they must take certain measures. If suddenly drinking too much water can attract the owner's attention, then why don't they do it?
So pet owners, no matter how busy they are, please still have to take some time to spend with their dogs, oh, you can occasionally give the dog toys, reward snacks together with play interaction, which will make the dog very happy, but also help to improve the relationship between oh.

Reason 5, eat too salty

Usually if we eat too salty need to drink a lot of water, dogs are the same, if you eat too salty will aggravate the love of drinking water. The dog eat too salty is not a good thing, long-term down easy to affect the hair, tear marks and other aspects, so human food or whatever is not recommended for dogs to eat, it is recommended to eat light dog food is the main, recommended "greedy not greasy dog food", salt rate control at 0.09%, fat at 14 points, to ensure low salt not greasy.

Why does my dog drink so much water? How is a dog considered to drink too much water?

How does a dog count as drinking too much water

Normally, a dog drinking more than 100ml of water per kilogram of body weight is considered too much. However, in hot weather, eating heavy food, and exercising a lot these situations, it is normal for water consumption to rise. If there are no special circumstances and the dog suddenly drinks more water, it is a sign that the dog is not feeling well.
What causes heavy drinking?
It could be diabetes, kidney failure, hyperadrenocorticism, etc. Once found, immediately seek medical examination.
Unspayed bitches that start drinking a lot of water, even in the summer, need to be aware that they may have uterine pus accumulation. This is usually accompanied by loss of appetite, increased urination, and discharge from the vulva.
What kind of water should I drink?
For dogs it is recommended to drink cool white water, which is tap water boiled and then cooled. There is also no need to prepare ice water and hot water for your dog depending on the season.
Because water that is too cold can irritate the stomach and intestines, and water that is too hot can irritate the mouth, so room temperature water is best.
Also do not drink mineral water for a long time, mineral water is high in metal ions, long-term drinking can cause stones.
Special attention: coffee, drinks, tea, etc. Do not give dogs to drink!
The caffeine and xylitol commonly found in beverages can be deadly weapons for dogs.

Reasons why dogs suddenly drink a lot of water

If one day you find that your dog is suddenly drinking a lot of water, there are 5 major reasons behind it, let's take a look!

One, the dog wants to attract the owner's attention

If the dog suddenly drink a lot of water, then there is a great possibility that it is caused by psychological factors. It may be because the owner has been left out of the dog for a long time, the dog wants to attract the attention of the owner, so will drink a lot of water.

The owner usually no matter how busy, it is best to take the time to accompany the dog, or the dog is very lonely.

Second, the dog may have a fever

Dogs suddenly drink a lot of water, it is likely that the body has a fever, so the dog wants to drink water to lower their body temperature, so that they are not so uncomfortable.

This time the owner is best to find a thermometer to test the dog's body temperature, the dog's normal body temperature is between 37.7-39.2, if beyond these limits, then most likely because the dog has a fever, the owner should promptly take it to see Oh.

Third, the dog may be dehydrated

Dog dehydration is a very dangerous situation, it is likely to be life-threatening. When the dog suddenly has some abnormal behavior, such as restlessness or pacing around, as if looking for water, that is also one of the signs of dog dehydration.

Owners must pay attention to it, or the consequences will be very serious.

Fourth, the dog cold fire

If the dog has a cold and fire, then it will be a lot of looking for water to drink, because the cold will cause the dog's throat inflammation, body heat and other conditions, it will drink water to relieve the body's discomfort and speed up the body's metabolism.

When their dogs appear in this situation, the owner must not ignore the oh, or the dog will be very difficult, serious is also very troublesome.

Five, to the dog to eat dog food, snacks too salty

Caused by the dog suddenly drink a lot of water and a very common reason, is the owner to the dog is too salty food, such as dog food, snacks, etc.. It will cause the dog to be thirsty and so on, so it can only be relieved by drinking a lot of water.

What happened to the puppy vomiting even after drinking water

When a dog vomits when drinking water, it is likely to be caused by gastroenteritis, which is usually caused by an upset stomach, or vomiting and gastroenteritis when drinking unclean water. During this period you can give it some medication for gastroenteritis, such as gentamicin, which is relatively simple and quick to recover, but you have to pay attention to the portion of the problem, not too much. At the same time, eat some probiotics, so that you can regulate the stomach and intestines.
Distemper or microscopic
When the dog suffers from these two diseases will also appear vomiting, the owner can go to observe the puppy to see if the book will have other symptoms, such as eye droppings or shivering, if there is, you can buy test strips to test. If you are sure that it is one of these two diseases, then it is very contagious and you should pay high attention to it. You should go to the hospital in time to inject high immunity serum, with good interferon and antibiotic treatment to avoid re-infection, and should also be infused to avoid dehydration, eat antiemetic drugs, etc. If you do not get timely treatment, there is a high chance of life-threatening.
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