Why do dogs yawn? How to help a dog that yawns all the time?


I wonder if you have ever tried yawning at your dog? Will it also "respond" to you with a big yawn? Yes, dogs are also affected by the owner and yawn. In addition, there are many different reasons why dogs yawn! Besides being a way to get rid of fatigue, it can also be a way for dogs to socialize. But if you find your dog yawning frequently, it could also be due to a disease!
In addition to being a physiological reflex, dog yawning is more often caused by psychological stress.

I. Why do dogs yawn?

It's not uncommon for dogs to yawn in our daily lives, but pooper scoopers are confused and in some cases wonder if their dogs are sick. If the dog is just yawning normally and has no other abnormalities, there are many reasons for this situation to arise. These are a few tips that the pooper scooper can learn about!
1, the dog is stressed or more nervous
I don't know how to teach dogs at home, veterinarian Ming has seen some pooper scoopers see dogs make mistakes, scolding or beating them. This time the dog is very nervous and stressed, so they are likely to yawn to calm their emotions or to calm the pooper scooper's emotions. So when you see a dog yawning while scolding them, don't think they don't care, it's just a way for them to calm down.
The book "Recognizing Canine Stability Signals" mentions that a dog yawning is likely to be a stability signal, just to appease itself and also appease others. Of course, it's not just dogs that yawn when they are scolded. Dogs may yawn when they take their dogs to the vet or when they feel stressed, threatened, or nervous, and this is a way for them to express their nervousness.
So the pooper scooper does not have to worry too much, in this case as long as the dog's emotions can be soothed, like scolding the dog's behavior veterinary Xiaoming is not advocated, the dog can be educated but should not be rough scolding, otherwise, it will be counterproductive.

2. infected by the owner
I don't know if you've noticed that as long as someone is yawning next to you, you can't help but yawn together as if yawning has the magic power to infect people. The dog will also imitate the owner's actions. For example, if the dog yawns in front of the dog, the dog will also follow the action. This usually happens when the dog and the pooper scooper have a close relationship.

3銆乄ake up your brain
We humans generally yawn because we are tired, and sleepy, and then involuntarily yawn to wake up. Dogs will also be the same, when dogs are sleepy they will open their mouths to yawn so that the sluggish brain inhales a lot of oxygen to make themselves awake, and dogs open their mouths to yawn is also to stretch long sleep and stiff facial muscles. So this situation does not need to worry too much, it is normal.
When the dog is harassed or provoked by other dogs, the dog will also appear similar yawning behavior. This is the dog in the peace, or other dogs fighting around it, and the dog yawning words is trying to persuade the fight, let them calm down.
For some of the dog's daily behavior, we can observe some signals from it too. The dog's feelings can be ignored because of the negligence of the dog.

4, the dog feels sleepy and yawn to wake up the brain
We humans yawn at the time is when it? Of course, are the morning and evening ah! Because then our bodies feel tired. But, for both people and dogs, yawning is used as an important mechanism to eliminate sleepiness. Because by yawning, you can in let the sluggish brain inhale a lot of oxygen to make the brain awake. When the dog wakes up from a nap, it will also open its mouth wide to make a big yawn, to stretch the stiff facial muscles due to long sleep.

5, the situation is tense when the dog will yawn to seek peace
When two dogs are ready to fight, the situation is deadlocked, one of the dogs may yawn, to the other to seek peace, that they do not mean to fight. But at this time the dog yawns, it does not mean that the dog is showing weakness to the other party, but a communication tool to negotiate peace with the other party.
Dogs yawn not only sleepy, or social behavior! But yawn after yawn, consider disease factors
In addition, dogs yawn just as much when they are confused. For example, if you have been talking to your dog but he doesn't hear keywords he recognizes from one of the statements and isn't sure what you want him to do, then he will yawn in response. This is not disrespectful to the owner, but it is confused by your command.

6, the dog's frequent yawning may be sick
Dogs yawn frequently, in addition to being caused by excessive stress, but also may be the cause of disease. If your dog yawns frequently, along with the following symptoms, the pooper scooper should consider the possibility of your dog being sick. For example, the dog's jaw thumps and shakes when yawning, bad breath is stronger than usual, the color of the tongue changes, etc. If you notice something unusual when your dog yawns and it doesn't improve in a short period, take your dog to the doctor as soon as possible to avoid delaying the condition.

Why do dogs yawn? How to help a dog that yawns all the time?

II. How can I help a dog that keeps yawning?

For dogs who feel fearful, anxious, or stressed, the choice is extremely important. Do not force your dog to interact with people, children, or other dogs.

Preventing your dog from leaving the situation or allowing a person to continue to approach can make the situation worse. Dogs may be forced to use more obvious signs of fear, anxiety, and stress to demand distance, such as growling and biting.

If your dog seems scared and/or yawns a lot, there are some simple and basic steps you can take to help.

Avoid situations that are stressful or cause your dog to feel fearful (leave your dog at home when you attend noisy or crowded events such as parades or fireworks shows).
Create a safe space for your dog. Give them a quiet room with background noise and special puzzles/snacks/toys.
Understand your dog's fears, anxiety, and signs of stress and help your dog feel safe (keep your dog away from scary stimuli; stop strangers from approaching; take him to a quiet place with less stimulation).
If fear and stress are part of your dog's daily life, help them gradually reduce their fear of specific triggers through science-based behavior modification. This includes making positive connections, teaching, and rewarding new behaviors, and in some cases, using anxiety management to help your dog feel better and be able to learn.
Theories about the function of yawning abound, dating back to 400 BC, but one thing is clear - yawning is a non-verbal signal that may have multiple functions in many different species, including dogs. If you see your dog yawning a lot, look at the whole picture, including the rest of your dog's body language, and look at the context to figure out a way to help your dog feel safer.
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