Why do dogs eat grass? Dogs eat grass why?


Cats eat fish, dogs eat meat, Ultraman likes to fight small monsters, goats or sheep that is like to eat grass.
But sometimes we see that some dogs inexplicably began to eat grass.
Can not these dogs be the descendants of the gray wolf on the green grassland?
This is certainly not the case, so what is the reason why dogs eat grass?
After all, as a carnivore, a dog's favorite and most suitable food is meat, and when a dog starts to inexplicably fall in love with vegetarianism, then there must be some problem.

I. Why do dogs eat grass?

1. Dogs perform self-cleansing of the stomach.
Many long-haired dogs may eat some of their hair when they eat, or they may accidentally swallow some rocks or other foreign objects as food when playing with toys or playing outdoors.
Dogs will certainly feel abnormal, like this foreign body accumulation in the body more, the dog will have a loss of appetite, no spirit, and at this time, some dogs will go to eat some grass, on the one hand, through the grass fluff to stimulate their intestinal tract of the transverse muscle to help to vomit, in addition, to play by carrying plant fiber will be the role of the body's foreign body discharge.

2. When the dog has separation anxiety or other psychological disorders.
Separation anxiety disorder is very easy to appear in modern dogs a class of diseases, mainly because the owner does not have enough companionship time to spend on the dog, which leads to the dog being locked up in the house every day, so it will appear similar to compulsive behavior: such as tearing at home to consume energy or chew flowers and green plants to consume energy.
When a dog always shows regular chewing of grass in the absence of the owner, then the pooper scooper should consider whether the dog has a related psychological disorder.
It is very important to find a vet to talk to your dog and to increase the time the owner spends with your dog.

3. Dogs lacking certain micronutrients will self-replenish by ingesting foreign substances.
The lack of micronutrients and xenophobia, not only in dogs, zinc deficiency is the main cause of xenophobia because zinc deficiency will cause a reduction in the secretion of taste, the taste is a salivary protein containing zinc, is to maintain the oral mucosa epithelial cell structure function and metabolism of important nutrients, so zinc deficiency will cause the oral mucosa epithelial cell proliferation repair and keratinization is not complete, easy to appear to shed the situation The shedding of epithelial cells can easily block the taste bud pores, making it difficult to contact food or contact the taste bud pores incompletely, not easy to cause taste response, or lead to taste loss, sensitivity loss, and finally lead to taste disorders, loss of appetite, anorexia or heterophobia clinical conditions.
For such a situation, the shoveler can feed the dog targeted trace elements tablets to solve the emergence of xenophobia!

4. Some dogs eat grass because of racial habits.
There are some pet dogs especially like to eat grass, which is related to certain genetic habits of dogs, some dogs maintain a meat-based omnivorous habit, they can get some of the nutrients required by the body from the food. The ancestors of modern dogs often swallowed whole prey, and sometimes the entire stomach of herbivores. Modern dogs, thanks to human domestication and their evolution, no longer hunt for food as their ancestors did, but grasses and other plants still hold a certain allure for them.

Why do dogs eat grass? Dogs eat grass why?

II. If your dog is eating a lot of grass frequently, there is a possibility of omnivory, but it could also be these reasons

Promotes digestion and expels hairballs
Just as cats eat cat grass to induce vomiting is a principle, dogs will eat some grass to help themselves expel hairballs. Some long-haired dogs will eat in the hair while playing, or dogs and cats together in a home where the cat happens to be particularly capable of shedding hair, and the dog will inadvertently eat in some of the hair.
Why would a dog eat grass? Could it be an omnivore? Come into the right number there are no these 5 reasons
In addition, if the dog ate something difficult to digest, or recently feel little indigestion, or flatulence, go out walking when you see the grass will eat some of their past. The fuzz on the grass can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and help digestion.

Supplementation of trace elements and small amounts of nutrients
Why do dogs eat grass? Could it be an omnivore? Come into the right place there are no these 5 reasons
Dogs are omnivorous animals, if you usually give the dog to eat a single food, often eat meat rarely eat vegetable cereals, or often eat rice rarely eat meat. Dogs will feel out their bodies lack nutrients or trace elements, thus doing out to eat grass this behavior, hoping to get this part of the material from the grass.
But dogs do not fully digest grass, although they are now omnivores, but the intestines are shorter and have a larger capacity stomach, which is more suitable for digesting meat. Eating grass may supplement some of this, but it's more of a psychological effect on the dog.

Too hungry.
If the dog is so hungry that he can only go to eat grass ...... then the owner still gives more food appropriately, even if you want the dog to lose weight, the big deal is to take the dog to run a few more laps ah!

Relieve stress
Why would a dog eat grass? Will it be omnivorous? Come in the right number there are no these 5 reasons
This is probably the reason why most dogs go to eat grass. Dogs are pack animals and value the interaction with their partners. If it has been left only a dog in the house, the owner rarely has time for it, and can only take it out to play for half an hour a day.
Even if there are other small animals in the house, some sensitive dogs will also behave in this way because of the owner's sense of inferiority and anxiety over another small animal being better.
This feeling of loneliness can bring a lot of stress to the dog, and some dogs demolish their homes because of this.
If you take your dog to the grass and find that you used to play with other dogs, and now you are a dog chewing grass in silence, it means that the dog has a psychological problem. This is when you need to be patient and play with your dog and communicate with him.

To expel parasites from the body
Why would a dog eat grass? Could it be an omnivore? Come in and see if there are any of these 5 reasons
When dogs feel that there are parasites in their bodies, they will spontaneously make the act by eating grass in the hope that the parasites can be expelled through eating grass to induce vomiting. If the dog vomits just after eating grass and the owner also sees worms in the vomit, take the dog to the hospital promptly.
Finally, we return to the matter of dog omnivory. Overeating is also mostly caused by mental stress, the dog's mind is more sensitive, they are bent on following the master, the owner should do the first thing is to help the dog to establish their position in the family so that he has a clear position in the group so that the dog will not have a sense of confusion.

In addition, the dog's entire time is around the master, the owner should also try to allocate more time to spend with the dog every day, in the treatment of family pets should also be a bowl of water end level, do not have a clear bias, the dog will be sad ah!
Also, some dogs eat two grass from time to time, they may like to eat grass, simply feel that the grass is delicious, good taste. If the dog just eats one or two sticks each time, the owner doesn't have to worry. But pay attention to the outside eating grass, the grass is not a pesticide. Dogs like to eat, the owner also has to grow grass at home.
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