How to stop dogs from eating feces


Has the pet owner who has a dog found that your dog has appeared to eat feces at least once? There are several reasons why dogs eat feces, see if your dog is in these situations

I. Several reasons why dogs eat feces

1, because of hunger

If some owners are training their dogs to eat regularly and quantitatively, the dogs may be hungry at first for this change because they do not adapt, so they are likely to eat their poop after defecation.

To be safe, when carrying out these activities, you must watch your dog, after all, you are not sure if it will eat poo.

2. Because of the nature
If your dog is a female dog with children, the owner should pay extra attention to the behavior of the mother in caring for the puppy, because the owner who has taken care of the puppy should know that the newborn baby animals are not going to urinate and defecate on their own, and need to urinate and defecate through the mother while licking. After all, this will not only keep it clean and clean but also prevent the smell from leaking out, avoid predation by other animals and ensure the safety of the puppy.
Mature dogs eating their poo may also be for their safety, because they may feel threatened by other animals or their kind, eating their poo gives a sense of security.

3, mistaken for their food
Dogs eat poop in addition to many reasons, physiological reasons are one of them, this situation is mainly due to the dog's digestive function problems, they will contain some protein, carbohydrates, and other materials in their excretion of poop, and the dog will smell after mistaking it for their food and then eat.

4, because of the lack of trace elements
Dogs eating poop may also be caused by the lack of certain trace elements in the body, so dogs will get these trace elements by eating poop.

5, because they want to attract the attention of the owner
The dog is a very smart animal and can read the owner's reaction, so if the owner has because the dog defecates and then eats it by itself and then shows a big reaction, the dog may do it again next time to get the owner's attention.

There are several ways to solve the problem of dogs eating feces

1. Keep your dog away from feces
The best option to keep your dog from eating feces is to keep him away from feces. It is recommended that the owner can separate the dog's defecation area from the resting area, and train him to leave the area immediately after defecation at the beginning, and then the owner will clean up the feces in time. If the dog defecates while walking outside, the owner should also clean up the poop in time.
Slowly, the dog will know that poop is forbidden to eat.

2銆丄dd stimulating flavor to the feces
If the dog has appeared to eat feces phenomenon, it is recommended that the owner after the dog defecation, or has the idea of eating other similar poo, it is recommended that the owner can immediately add a stimulating smell on top of the poo, such as mustard sauce and so on so that the dog disgusted poo so that later she will not want to eat the desire.

3, supplement trace elements
If your dog will often eat poo in addition to eating grass, gnawing soil, eating wall, and other habits, it is very likely that the dog's body lack trace elements caused by this situation, the owner is recommended to quantitatively feed the dog some pet trace elements tablets to supplement the trace elements required by the dog, to improve the problem of dog eating poo!

4, a healthy and balanced diet
In addition to the above points, the dog's diet is also important, daily attention should be paid to protein supplementation, as well as attention to the dog's gastrointestinal problems, because gastrointestinal problems dogs will also appear to eat poo, it is recommended that the owner in the choice of dog food to choose a digestible and absorbable and contains a variety of trace elements of dog food, which can also improve the dog due to digestive problems and eat poo.

Often talk to some users, their dogs have a "disgusting" habit: eating poo. This behavior is disgusting in our eyes, but we don't seem to know why dogs eat poo.

How to stop dogs from eating feces

Although this behavior seems a bit gross, it seems to be medically understandable as normal behavior for dogs. If we want to find a solution, we need to look at what kind of poop the dog is eating first.

1. Dogs eat other animals' poop
Many dogs, will steal and eat the feces of cats. Since cats are carnivores, they are not so good at digesting carbohydrates, so they may have some of these substances or ingredients in their excrement. The dog may be smelling or sensing the presence of this undigested component in the cat's poop and think that the poop still contains this food, although, it is not a good source of nutrition. The dog will not think so.

2. Eating puppy poop
The mother dog will sometimes eat her baby's poop, this is a survival response. When they used to survive in the wild nature, if they had bad hygiene habits and left their scent, their nests might be invaded by other animals who smelled them. To eliminate these traces, the mother dog with her way to clean up is to eat the poo, which is the normal behavior of the mother.

3. Dogs eat their poop
More common is another, is the dog eating their poo. Many owners feel that this practice is because the dog may be deficient in a certain vitamin caused by. But this argument is not based on anything, the dog is not because of the lack of certain nutrients, and to eat their poop.

Some manufacturers, to meet the market demand and prevent dogs from eating poo, will add something to the food, the dog has an aversion to the taste of poo. However, this additive will only work if the dog has already started eating its poo, and by this time it is already a little late. And if he finds another poo with no special ingredient added to it, he will find it new again and continue to eat the poo, so this additive does not mean much to the dog.

Keeping the dog's diet structured and balanced is something that should be done as well, because if we know that the dog may be eating cat and cat poo because of the presence of undigested carbohydrates (this could be an attractant), then we had better make sure that the dog's diet does not have too many carbohydrates in it to prevent a similar attraction.

If the owner is chagrined by the dog's poo-eating behavior, then it is best to muzzle him or leash him with or without supervision and train him to leave the poo so that the owner can clean up the annoying poo. Change your dog's poop-eating habits through behavioral changes. Because poo eating is not a physical disease, it is more likely to be caused by behavior. But the process can be lengthy, because no matter what the cause, poo has become a reward for the dog at this point, and we need to spend some patience to solve the problem. But we can be slightly thankful that this behavior is not a dog health problem.

Does your dog have a habit of eating poo, and how do you deal with this problem?
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