How often should I trim my dog's nails?


I. Not trimming your dog's nails for a long time can be very harmful

Dogs' toenails, just like humans, need to be trimmed regularly, otherwise, they will be uncomfortable and easy to scratch others. Not helping your dog cut its nails for a long time is very harmful, you know?

Walking inconvenience
Dogs' nails are too long, which will affect their walking. Because of the long toenails in front of the top, it will lead to the dog's fleshy pads can not be well fit the ground, and grip force is not enough, which will affect the action.

So it is important to help your dog cut their nails regularly, usually once every 2 to 3 weeks.

Scratching when playing
Dogs with long nails are very lethal and can easily scratch people when playing. To get along safely, be sure to trim your dog's nails regularly.

When you cut your dog's nails, be gentle and don't grab his hand, because if he struggles, he can easily hurt his owner.

Toe Inflammation
Dog toenails grow quickly and become bent during the growth process, which can easily get embedded in the skin and flesh of the toe and continue to grow, causing the dog to feel very painful and walk strangely.

Dogs with injured toenails are susceptible to inflammation, which can lead to a host of problems.

Causes joint deformities
Dogs with toenails that are too long will touch the ground with their toenails, and with their paws propped open for long periods, their toe joints will gradually twist and distort. Dogs will walk in strange positions to walk comfortably, which will then easily cause joint deformation.

If you see your dog walking in a strange position, it is time to see if his toenails need to be trimmed.

More damaging
Dogs with too long toenails can make them feel uncomfortable and may vent their frustration by constantly digging or tearing down the house, which makes them more destructive.

In the eyes of the owner, they think the dog is making a mess, but in fact, the dog is doing this because it is difficult. If you help your dog cut nails and demolition behavior, it is necessary to train a little, you can combine with snack rewards to attract the dog, and the effect will be better.

Long-term failure to cut the dog's nails is very harmful
In addition to paying attention to your dog's physical health daily, you must also ensure that they have a full range of nutrition so that they can thrive.

How often should I trim my dog's nails?

II. How to get your dog to behave and stop resisting when he keeps lunging for nail clipping?

The dog's nails are just like people's.
The dog's nails need to be trimmed regularly, just like people's. It's not difficult for the owner to cut the dog's nails, but how to get the dog to behave is the key. The most important thing is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing. There must be a reason why dogs resist having their nails clipped, and the owner must not have found a way to make them comfortable. Don't expect your dog to sit still and let you cut his nails, you can't if you don't give him a little something sweet, so let's see how to make your dog stop resisting nail cutting.

The need for nail clipping
1. the dog's nails are too long, it will not be conducive to its grip on the ground, it will cause it to slip or fall in the process of walking, and more serious cases can even lead to fractures. Too long nails will also make the dog's walking posture change, eventually leading to abnormal joints. Especially if the dog lives in the city, most of the contact is the smooth floor, which will be more unfavorable to the long nails of the dog's action

2. when the dog's nails are not trimmed for a long time when it grows to a certain extent, they will bend and grow into the dog's foot pads, which will make the dog's foot pads hurt and also cause the dog to have difficulty moving.

The dog's nails are connected to blood vessels and nerves, and when the nails grow long, the blood vessels and nerves will extend accordingly.

How to get your dog to cut its nails well?
1. prepare his favorite snacks

When cutting nails, the owner can prepare a snack that the dog likes to eat for it. You can spread liquid snacks, such as yogurt and peanut butter, on top of the chew toy and let the dog eat them while playing, which can distract him. The owner can eat while it is happy, and then quietly help it cut nails.

2. Prepare a cloth bag

When you want to cut the nails, you can put the dog into a bag and hold it in your arms to prevent it from fluttering. Take one foot out of the bag at a time and trim it one at a time, but this method is more suitable for small dogs.

3. Choose the right time

Don't be ready to cut your dog's nails when he is full of energy, as he will have more energy to resist at this time. The owner can take the dog out for exercise or play interactive games with him before cutting his nails, and he will be more peaceful when he feels tired.

4. Choose the right place

When cutting nails, you can put the dog on a higher platform, so that it is some distance from the ground. For example, on a washing machine or a table, the dog will be afraid of heights and will focus his attention on balancing his body, and may not have much of a mind to struggle with his master.

5. Do not last too long

When cutting nails to observe the state of the dog, if the dog has felt very irritable, the owner should not cut all the nails at once, you can do it in batches, a day to cut two feet, divided into two days to cut.

The owner should prepare special nail clippers, nail sharpeners, and hemostatic powder in advance when helping the dog cut its nails. You can also prepare a small flashlight to check the location of the bloodline in the nail, remember, do not cut the nail too close to avoid hurting the dog's bloodline. Dogs need to have their nails clipped every 3 to 4 weeks, or you can take your dog to a specialized pet store for care if you can't deal with it.

III. How to cut your dog's nails

Dogs with long toenails can cause trouble and some damage, not just from walking, but also from stabbing the flesh as they bend back too far. So owners should learn to trim their dogs' nails regularly, every 6-8 weeks. So how to cut it? Let's take a look together.

1銆丳repare the tools
First of all, you should prepare the tools. Choose a different nail clipper according to the size of the dog. The nails are large, so it is recommended to choose the hollow sickle type.

2銆丳acify or divert attention
If it is a large dog, when clipping, two people can help together. One person distracts the dog's attention, giving it some petting, and the other cuts. If a person to cut their own, first calm the dog's emotions before cutting. You can hold the dog in your arms to cut.

3, trimming posture
When building, the owner can let the dog stand on the table, pinning its head under his arm to avoid hurting you when it struggles, soothing, hold the nail to be cut with your hand, finger clippers to hold tight.

4, the length of the trim
The length of the trimming should not be cut to the bloodline. Dog nails are white can see the obvious red part, if the nail is black, the owner can put the dog's feet on the table, just touching the surface on it. Never cut too short.

After trimming, you should also use a steel sanding board or other sanding tools to polish the edges of the nails to avoid scratching and affecting the life of your dog and family.
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