How often should I bathe my dog? The dangers of frequent dog bathing


As a human being, especially in the south of China, it is only natural to take a bath every day, and taking a shower becomes a necessary part of the day; especially if you have sweated a lot that day, it feels good to take a painful bath and feel comfortable all over your body.

But as a dog, they do not seem to have such worries in their lives, and they do not care how bad they smell, and some dogs may even enjoy carrying some scent on their bodies. But when the dog becomes a member of our family, hygiene and health have become one of the indicators of whether we take good care of the dog, especially if the dog's skin condition is poor, it needs to be cleaned more carefully.
So basically, all dogs in the home need to be bathed, especially if they have been outdoors for a lot of time.

I. Bathing your dog makes your dog healthier

From a health perspective, all dogs should be groomed or checked regularly. This will let owners know how healthy their coat or skin is. Keep an eye out for changes in the texture of the dog's coat, any abnormal hair loss, or the presence of parasites or skin lumps.

A bath is a good opportunity to do a thorough examination of your dog's hair and skin, as many things that may not normally be seen can be found when his coat is wet. If we have found some changes or abnormalities, remember to communicate with the vet as soon as possible to see if there is a health problem.

If we have dewormed our dog in vitro (fleas, ticks, etc.), then it is recommended that we do not bathe him more than once a week with body wash. It is best not to let your dog take a shower on the two days that you are using deworming medication. This is because some of the ingredients in these medications depend on the oils in the skin to spread, and shampoo can remove the oils and alter their effectiveness. Although some dog bathing gel manufacturers have mentioned that they produce bathing products that do not affect the efficacy of the medication, it is better to be on the safe side and not use them during the spraying period. If we are using internal deworming medication for our dogs, there are not many restrictions on bathing.

Of course, when we bathe our dogs, we should choose a special body wash for dogs and not use our human body wash to bathe them, because the ingredients are different and the human body wash ingredients may irritate the dog's skin.

Most dog owners will bathe them once a week. This frequency is more appropriate, bathing is a good time to check the overall condition of the dog, including ears, eyes, and also teeth. When the dog is wet all over, look carefully to see if there is something different on the body, such as lumps, trouble missing, or sudden weight loss, if there is something different, we should all send the dog to the vet as soon as possible for an examination to see if there is a problem.

When bathing, it is best to have a large basin for the dog, you can let it soak in it, so it is also convenient for us to check and clean. If the dog is used to bathing, it will feel that this is a common part of its life, then it will not refuse this valuable care. But if the dog is not used to bathing, we still need to guide it to accept this thing.

The process of getting your dog clean and smelling good is a good opportunity to give your dog a physical checkup, so you may want to take more steps when giving your dog a bath, which is better for your dog.

How often should I bathe my dog? The dangers of frequent dog bathing

II. The dangers of frequent dog bathing

1銆乀he skin structure of dogs is different from that of humans. If you bath it frequently, it will destroy its skin oil, leading to itchy skin, increased dander, etc. It will also lead to various skin diseases.
2, the dog bath more often, but also aggravate the situation of hair loss, more likely to have hair loss problems.
3, the dog bath too often, but also on its hair quality, the dog's hair becomes dry, lusterless.

The hazards of not bathing for a long time
1, parasites like the most is a dirty place if the dog does not bathe for a long time, then its body will become a hotbed of fleas and other parasites, the dog is easy to infect parasites.
2. If a dog is bathed too little, its hair will also be tangled and dirty, and it will also be easy to get infected with bacteria, leading to poor health and easy illness.

III. The benefits of bathing your dog

Cleaning your dog's coat and bathing them is not just about making them clean and hygienic, this bathing process is also an opportunity for us to learn more about the state of our dogs. Because the dog's coat is wet, its skin is easier for us to check to see if there are any bulges or scars, scabs or lumps, etc. If and when these are found, we can take the dog to the hospital for examination as soon as possible; instead of not looking at it for months, the dog's long hair completely obscures the condition of the skin.

The frequency of bathing your dog
After Gully has adapted to family life, most dogs still accept the bathing thing (even if reluctantly, but not very resistant), after all, if they are covered with dirt they are still uncomfortable. Generally speaking, we will keep the frequency of 1-2 weeks to bathe the dog is more appropriate, the dog's coat will not become rough and fragile because of too frequent rinsing.

But not that all dogs must follow this frequency, the specific also needs to look at the dog's coat and skin condition.

a. If the dog is oily skin (seborrhea), which is a medical condition, we can use medicated baths to help alleviate this symptom; in this state, the frequency of dog bathing can consult the advice of the vet.

b. If the dog's skin is dry and the hair is a bit flaky, then the frequency of bathing the dog should also be reduced, which can be once every 2 or 3 weeks.

c. If the dog is using topical medication to remove fleas and ticks, then do not allow the dog to be bathed for 72 hours.

Also, although dogs have special shampoos, it is more important that these substances are in contact with the dog's skin for a longer period and do not let the shampoo stay on the dog for a long time.

How to let the dog adapt to the bath
Bathing this thing, from the dog itself it does not like, so we need to teach the dog to accept the bath, and even let some dogs love it. If the dog is trained, they will not refuse the bath, which is equivalent to caring for them, if they are not trained, then follow the steps step by step.

We need to let the dog get used to wetting the hair and head hair, especially in the bath for puppies, if they show a lot of fear, we do not force it, let it slowly adapt, you can feed it something in the shower room, let it feel that this place is a good place; then let the water slowly flow out, debug the temperature, slowly approach the dog, let it gradually be wet.
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