How often do you walk your dog? How long do dogs need to be walked?


Many people love dogs, but they don't take them out as often as they'd like. They think that all they need to do is keep them at home and have them fed. Many people don't know that dogs are curious and need a lot of exercises every day. If we keep them at home and have no one to accompany them, they will be very lonely and anxious, and over time, they will be prone to depression.

One, how long do dogs need to be walked

The first is determined by its size, but no matter what size the dog is, it is best to walk it once in the morning and once in the evening.

The first thing you need to do is to take it out for a half-hour walk every day.

Medium-sized dogs have better stamina, so it is recommended to take them out for a 1-2 hour walk every day.

Finally, large dogs are very energetic and have sufficient stamina, so it is recommended that owners take them out for a walk for more than 2 hours every day to avoid demolishing the dog at home.
Secondly, it is also related to the breed of the dog. Some breeds are not suitable for walking for too long, such as pugs, bulldogs, and other dogs with short respiratory tracts, walking time is best controlled at 15-30 minutes to avoid shortness of breath, resulting in suffocation.
Some breeds require longer walks, such as sled dogs and hounds, and these breeds are very energetic, so if you don't walk them long enough, it can be harmful to their health.
Finally, the age and physical condition of the dog also have a relationship. Puppies should not be over-exercised because their bones are not fully grown, otherwise they will damage their bone health, and it is best to let them explore freely and stop when they are tired.
Older dogs begin to decline in physical function and their walking posture becomes stiff, but they still need to be taken out for walks, but it is best to reduce the walking time by 20%-30% as appropriate.
Also, dogs that are sick, injured, or in a special period should be aware of the walking time, and it is best to follow medical advice and not to schedule them without permission.

How often do you walk your dog? How long do dogs need to be walked?

II. Ways to walk your dog

For a long time, dogs have been in our hearts as loyal, kind little creatures. More and more people are choosing to get a dog because not only do dogs look cute, but they can also be very good friends with humans. Some people may get a dog because it is too beautiful and cute, and some people may get a dog because they are too lonely and want the company of a dog. But, the starting point of each kind of dog, is good.

But it should be noted that not everyone can raise their pets well because there are very many things that the owner has not mastered. For example, how to feed is good? This question must have been asked by many owners. When raising a dog you will certainly be told not to expect to raise a dog to stay at home well with the dog, because the dog is a very active creature, at home it can not stay. So often there will be a kind of people who have cats at home touching and hugging, but people who have dogs need to go out every day to run after their dogs. Dogs very much need to exercise to make their metabolism faster, and the body will become healthier. Many dog owners have discovered this, and although they do take their dogs out for exercise every day, they have failed to walk their dogs the right way. Today, I must explain to you how to walk the dog is considered correct.

First, when the owner walks the dog, there are often owners lazy to hold the rope, and then let the dog run around, also think that the dog in their own home for such a long time must be listening to their words, so even without the leash, the dog should not be so disobedient, right? It is because of this mentality, let the danger patronizes a lot of pets and people. For example, dogs can get sick because they eat something unclean on the road. Because although the dog has been at home for so much time, still can not bury the wild in its bones. So once exposed to the outside world, it may reveal its nature, and the dog will be very curious about some things it has not seen or eaten. So sometimes the dog will not be able to resist the ground messy things into the mouth to eat, but this will make the dog easy to get sick, if there is something toxic in the food, the dog may die once bitten.

Moreover, the dog without a leash may hurt some children or adults around, especially children. Children themselves are curious about some things, see some cats and dogs more want to touch see. But not every cat, every dog will be friendly to children, if those dogs do not have a leash, they may run around, and then bite children. And not all children like dogs, in case the dog running around scared how to do? And the streets are full of traffic, and dogs do not look at traffic lights and vehicles, what if they are hit? So the owner must take the leash when walking the dog, and hang it firmly on the dog's neck.

Second, the dog must be walked to maintain a certain frequency. If the owner the daily dog walking time are piled together, not to mention the pet will be too much exercise, the pet after a long period without exercise will suddenly excited, so in that one good trip to walk the dog, the pet will desperately run, desperate exercise, as if it is not run back before. But that much exercise is very bad for the pet, and may also make the pet's body hurt.

Third, do not hang the dog's rope on the car or bike to walk the dog. Some owners do not want to exercise to save themselves, so they use this way to walk their dogs. But this way, the dog and the people around the damage are very big. Dogs because of the traction of the car, have to keep running forward, even if they are tired and can not stop because once stopped will be dragged by the car. I think this is very unfair to the dog, if someone does this, I will also be very heartbroken, that dog will feel it is so tired by the owner, very poor. Moreover, dogs running like this may also hit the pedestrians on the road.

Fourth, do not take too young dogs or too old dogs out to skate. Dogs that are too young or too old do not have enough stamina to withstand such a large amount of exercise. If a young dog or an older dog exercises too much, it can threaten their lives.

Three: What do I need to know about taking my dog out for a walk?

1. Remember to bring water
When a dog goes out for a long walk, he will inevitably feel thirsty, so pet owners must remember to bring water for their dogs to hydrate them.
The day is said to walk the dog, then you know how long your dog needs to walk?

2銆丅ring a pooper scooper
Dogs out walking may be outside to pee, poop, etc., so pet owners should also bring a poop picker or pick-up bags, to be civilized dog walkers.
Every day we talk about walking the dog, so do you know how long your dog needs to walk?

3銆乀ie the leash
Take your dog out, and be sure to put a leash on your dog, otherwise, your dog will be easy to get lost, have accidents or hurt others. If you want your dog not to resist tying the leash, you have to train your dog from a young age, with snacks when training, the effect will be better.

Are you walking the right dog?
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