How do help dogs lose weight?


I. How to lose weight in dogs

Many pet owners may have had such a thought process, should I give my fat, walking little butt twist to my dog to lose weight? Whenever you see the poor, innocent look in his eyes, many owners probably throw up their hands in surrender and go to prepare a hearty, nutritious meal for him. In the end, some owners may want to control their dog's weight for health reasons, after all, the dog is too fat on its limbs and organs will cause a lot of stress.

There are many kinds of suggestions and methods on the internet about what methods to use to lose weight for your dog. The small mengjun here also collated some, although a little rough, but feel practicality is not bad.

First, we need to look at the daily caloric needs of the dog and how to adjust the nutrition to achieve the goal of weight loss. Finally, we will also give you some tips to make dogs feel less painful in the process of losing weight, after all, dogs are such lovers of food.

1. How many calories should a dog consume per day?
Knowing how many calories your dog needs per day is the first thing you need to know when making a weight loss plan. "Guessing" food is usually not very accurate, and owners often judge how much to feed their dogs based on how hungry they are, but this is not the most recent measure of calorie needs. Many dogs will eat any food that is put in front of them, which can lead to overfeeding.

There is a relatively simple formula to give you to calculate your dog's daily calorie requirement - the energy requirement (RER).

Daily Calorie Requirement = 30 x dog's weight in kg + 70

As an example, if the dog weighs 15 kg: (30 x 15) + 70 = 520 calories/day

Then we can look at the bag of dog food given to the dog to find out the calorie content written on it.

But if the owner makes something for the dog to eat, then this calorie calculation will be more complicated because it needs to take into account all the material elements in the diet, but the concept is similar and can be calculated based on the number and weight of ingredients.

2. How to start a weight loss diet
It is recommended that you use a "low and slow" approach to weight loss (after all, dogs do not need to be like people, the summer came to immediately lose 10 pounds, to wear a beautiful dress so urgent). For weight loss, if you calculate the number of calories in food as identified in the table, it is enough to reduce the dog's weight, with no further "diet adjustment". With this method, most dogs will usually lose 0.4-0.8kg per month and reach their ideal weight within 6 to 8 months. The best thing about this method is that we don't have to change the dog's diet or buy expensive dog diet pills.

Continue weighing your dog every month until the ideal weight is reached. If there is no significant weight loss within 1 to 2 months of the calculated RER, then a 10% reduction in total calories is recommended.
Continue to reweigh the dog every four weeks and continue to reduce the total calorie intake by an additional 10% until the dog reaches its ideal weight.

When the dog finally reaches the ideal weight, as long as they continue to maintain that weight (no further weight loss or gain), then we simply continue to feed the dog that much dog food each day.

3. Tips to reduce the pain of weight loss in dogs
1. We usually feed the dog 2 meals, then we can follow the total daily calories, the feeding into three times so that you can reduce the dog's hunger. That is, we say eat less and more meals.

2. can find some low-calorie snacks for dogs, if the dog behaves very hungry state, we can give them a little bit of low-calorie snacks, but also a sense of satiety, and will not increase the calories. This way the dog will also feel relaxed, and improperly have the main meal, and afternoon tea.

The actual dog weight loss is not that difficult a thing, tart master neutered that time suddenly like a blow-up balloon kind of round a few circles, walk a few steps to pant and then follow this method, less than 2 months, thin out the "small waist".

How do help dogs lose weight?

How to help your dog lose weight properly and sensibly

As the saying goes: If you don't lose weight in June, you'll be sad in July, sad in August, said in September... October... The whole year was in vain.
Weight loss, not only the pursuit of girls, some pets because of the spoiling of the pooper scooper, eating too much, exercise very little, resulting in obesity.
Obesity will not only make the baby pet's body shape problems, mobility, more likely to cause some complications, such as heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver, and some diseases on the joints.

So pets that are overly obese also need to lose weight, people can lose fat through fitness, so how do dogs lose weight?

First of all, understand what look is obese?
For example, a bulging belly, a touch of sebum thicker, or walking more slowly, means that it is obese.

How to help dogs lose weight reasonably

1, diet and nutrition
First of all, we must work on the diet, first reduce the number of calories consumed, and feed high fiber, low fat, and lower calorie food, to start from a healthy, reasonable diet perspective, to achieve the purpose of healthy weight loss.

Usually, to reduce the amount of meat in the dog, you can mix some vegetables and fruits in the dog food and Meng Wei nutrition cream, these foods have very little fat, and are nutritious, not only to achieve the purpose of weight loss but also to supplement nutrition and improve the dog's resistance, killing two birds with one stone.

2銆丗ixed diet
Fixed diet: to have a regular and moderate feeding to the dog, fed 2 to 3 times a day, each time to see it eat to eight minutes full, whether it has not finished eating, to remove the dog bowl.

If feeding is not fixed, the dog will eat desperately when it can, often with the desire to eat a little more and a little more to prevent the fear of not having the next meal.

So when you are feeding, you should make it a habit to feed it regularly and quantitatively, so that it does not feel panic.

3銆丒xercise program
While slowly carrying out weight control, increase the amount of exercise program.

Suggestions: daily exercise to brisk walking 20 minutes or walking for 60 minutes, on the one hand, also by exercise to increase physical strength, if the beginning of the rush to strengthen the amount of exercise, may accelerate the risk of arthritis and other risks occur.

4銆丼tick to the plan
Along with daily walks, you should go outside every day to play with your dog.

Games like catch, frisbee, tag, and chase are great cardiovascular exercises for both you and your dog, they also reduce your stress and boredom, and there's swimming if your dog has bone, cardiovascular, and lung problems instead.

The success of your dog's weight loss depends on the owner's patience to continue and maintain, not to be easily softened, but also to diligently and consistently give your dog regular exercise time to improve calorie consumption to achieve weight loss.
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