Can dogs eat oranges? What are the benefits of eating oranges for dogs?


Orange is a fruit that many people like to eat, it has the effect of resolving phlegm and moistening the lungs, and sour and sweet, very tasty, we will feed oranges to dogs when eating oranges, but can dogs eat oranges? Can you feed your dog oranges?

I. What are the benefits of oranges for dogs?

1. Many fruits in daily life can be given directly to dogs, and it is also beneficial to give dogs the right amount of fruit. Dogs have always been omnivorous animal that likes to eat everything, and from this point of view, it is usually possible to feed oranges to dogs.

2. We all know that oranges are rich in vitamin C. Dogs also need the right amount of vitamin C to maintain their health, although dogs can eat meat food in the body into vitamin C, give them oranges as a snack to eat at the same time can achieve this effect, which is also a good choice.

3. citric acid contained in oranges can be very good to help dogs eliminate and relieve fatigue, when we give dogs after training, you can properly use oranges as a snack reward for them to eat a little, which can be very good to eliminate their training process of physical exertion.
4. Orange peel inside the mesh meridian is also called orange complex, the health of the human body is very good, to the dog to eat orange complex can have a very good laxative effect, for some constipated dogs or very good, and orange complex can also be very good to reduce cholesterol, can be very good to prevent dogs from this disease.
Dogs eating oranges is good for the dog's body, oranges are rich in vitamins, cellulose, fructose, trace elements, and other nutrients, and can play a role in strengthening the body, a small amount of consumption will not affect the dog's health, you can properly give dogs eat oranges.
Most the oranges are sour and sweet, rich in nutrients, dogs can eat oranges not
The dog needs a certain amount of vitamin C in the process of growth and development, so giving the dog some oranges appropriately will be beneficial to its growth and development.
Oranges are also rich in citric acid, which has the effect of eliminating fatigue. When the dog is after a lot of exercises can be appropriate to give it some oranges, which can eliminate the dog in the post-exercise fatigue.
What exactly are the benefits of the tart orange/orange? Let's take a look at the nutritional composition and value of oranges. The following is the nutritional content contained in half an orange (about 100 grams).
Calories: 47
Protein: 1 gram
Carbohydrate: 11.8 grams
Sugar: 9.4 grams
Fiber: 2.4 g
Fat: 0.1 g
High-quality vitamins and minerals
Do not think that the orange is only vitamin C, but it has many other nutrients.
Orange is one of the richest sources of vitamin C with antioxidant power, which is beneficial to the skin of the hair god.
Vitamin B1 (thiamin) - dogs and cats cannot synthesize and absorb it on their own, but must obtain it through food. The main function of the nervous system function and carbohydrate metabolism in the cofactor is lack of appetite, weight loss, and other conditions.
Vitamin B9 (folic acid) - Mainly for amino acid metabolism and to ensure cell membrane integrity.
Potassium - This should be a well-known mineral that bananas provide. A diet high in potassium helps lower blood pressure and is important for heart health.
Antioxidant plant-based compounds
Antioxidants are super important ingredients that help the body fight oxidative stress, and many so-called superfoods are also rich in antioxidants. When there is too much oxidative stress, it is easy to cause chronic inflammation and can even reduce the immune system.
Hesperidin. The name suggests that it is one of the main antioxidants in oranges, with a variety of combined health benefits.
Anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a class of antioxidant flavonoids, the source of color for some blood-red orange flesh.
Beta-cryptoxanthin. One of the most abundant carotenoid antioxidants in oranges. The body converts it to vitamin A.
Lycopene. Mainly blood-red varieties of oranges contain antioxidants, with great antioxidant capacity, reducing the body's oxidative stress.
The Bad Side of Oranges for Dogs
Oranges do contain a lot of nutrients, but with them come certain disadvantages - let's take a look.
Moderate sugar affects blood sugar
As you know from reading the reviews of Fat Hill's dog food, it's not a good idea for a dog to eat too many carbohydrates and sugars. The sugar content in oranges is not too high, probably medium, but it can still affect your dog's blood sugar, so it's best to avoid it if you have diabetes.
Acidity affects the stomach and intestines
Oranges, like lemons, are citrus fruits with an acidic taste, so many furries or dogs do not adapt to this taste and acidity, which can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.
Precautions for feeding oranges to dogs
Although the overall orange is not harmful to the god of hair, the following still need to pay attention to a little.
Orange/orange peel
Orange peel may contain more nutrients than orange flesh, but it is not a good idea for Maojin to eat the peel because they cannot digest it effectively. Once eaten, the orange peel stays in the digestive system for some time. The feeling is similar to that of a human being who eats too much meat and has it stuck in their stomach.
Orange kernels
Like most fruits, orange kernels contain cyanide, and although the amount is small, it is important to avoid letting Maojin eat them.
Orange juice
Orange juice is not only small in fiber, but also concentrated in sugar, and many orange juices on the market are mixed with other chemicals, so it is not recommended.
Guide to feeding your dog oranges
Since the taste of orange is not his favorite, it is best to follow my instructions below.
Remove the peel from the orange or tangerine, taking care to remove the core as well, leaving the pulp behind.
Put the flesh in front of the furries' noses and let them sniff it to see if they like it.
If they like it, they will start eating it themselves
If they don't like it, you eat it, don't waste it

Can dogs eat oranges? What are the benefits of eating oranges for dogs?

II. What dogs need to know about eating oranges

Dogs can eat oranges, as long as the irritating outer skin is peeled off and the pulp is given to the dog to eat. Although the orange peel has the effect of clearing heat and fire and is rich in vitamins, the orange peel has an irritating smell. The dog's sense of smell will be stimulated by the contact, resulting in the dog's sense of smell is not sensitive.

Orange is a hot fruit and its water content is large, the daily feeding should pay attention to the appropriate amount to avoid the dog caused by fire and other situations. Oranges are acidic food, mostly sweet and sour, the dog's digestive tract is relatively sensitive, eating too much can easily cause stimulation to the dog's body, causing indigestion, so you should not eat too much at a time. Oranges are cold, and water and more fiber, and excessive consumption will cause discomfort to the dog. And the sugar content in the orange is also very high, often giving the dog to eat this kind of sweeter food, the dog's sense of taste may become dull, so it is not suitable to eat oranges often.
Oranges contain a large amount of vitamin C and fiber, if the dog has an excessive intake of vitamin C, there will be a degradation of the nose and coat, resulting in a lighter nose color and coarse coat. And too much fiber intake can also cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs, especially older dogs can develop abnormal kidney function and kidney stones.
Many fruits dogs can also eat, you can feed a small number of apples. But pay attention to the grapes that can not be given to the dog to eat, other fruits should also be eaten in small amounts, but also pay attention to the dog can not eat the core. Dogs can not eat too much fruit, dogs in their daily lives as much as possible, or dog food.
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