Can dogs eat cucumbers? What are the benefits of giving cucumbers to dogs?


We all know that you can't just feed your dog human food, because there is a lot of human food that you can't give your dog. However, there are human foods that dogs can eat, and cucumber is one of the more suitable for dogs to eat. It's also crunchy and sweet, which most dogs love.

I. Dogs can eat cucumbers

Cucumber is a low-calorie, low-fat, low-sugar, low-sodium health food that is 96% water and also contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamins K, C, B1, B5 and B6, molybdenum, potassium, manganese, and copper. Cucumbers also contain trace amounts of calcium, iron and zinc and are an excellent source of fiber. Cucumbers do not contain elements harmful to your dog's body and are ideal for snacking on because of their crisp texture that dogs love.
Cucumbers are 96% water, making them a great hydrating food for dogs. They are a low-calorie food, which makes them an excellent choice for dogs who are on a diet.
Cucumbers also contain vitamin K, which makes your dog's bones strong and healthier. They contain vitamins and minerals that help the dog's liver and kidneys function properly.
In addition, the phytochemicals and phytonutrients contained in cucumbers help eliminate bad breath. Of course, feeding cucumbers is not a substitute for brushing, but it can help dogs that have bad odors.

II. What are the benefits of giving your dog cucumbers?

Cucumbers are in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "world's lowest calorie vegetable". It has only 14 kilocalories per 100 grams. Although cucumbers are very low in calories, they are not low in nutritional value. It is not just for weight loss.

1, vitamin K
Cucumber is actually also rich in vitamins fruits and vegetables, such as folic acid, which is a vitamin A and vitamin B complex. But the most abundant or vitamin K, vitamin K has the effect of helping to absorb calcium and strengthen the bones. At the same time, vitamin K also has a blood clotting effect, if the dog lacks vitamin K, it is likely that the digestive organs and skin bleeding, or wound bleeding can not be stopped.

Phospholipase is believed to have a role in the decomposition of fat, in cabbage and other fruits and vegetables also contain such substances, but the content of cucumber is far more than other fruits and vegetables, coupled with the low calorie properties of cucumber, it can be said that cucumber is a good food for dogs O dogs to lose weight.

3, water
95% of the weight of cucumber is held up by water. Among the many fruits, cucumber's water content is in the top three. Can be very good to help the dog hydrate. If the dog does not like to drink water, feed it cucumber can also achieve the effect of hydration. In the summer time, give your dog a cold cucumber, can be very good to help them through the hot summer.
4, the nutrition in the cucumber is beneficial to human health, dogs can also benefit from a small amount of food. Cucumbers contain vitamin K and calcium, which have been found to improve joint health and promote bone growth in dogs. And eating pumpkin cucumber helps stimulate insulin release and lower blood sugar spikes. In addition the fiber and potassium inside cucumbers have been linked to heart health in dogs. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is often used in skin treatment care.
Can dogs eat cucumbers? Cucumbers are low in calories and nutritious, and dogs love them when diced
In addition to providing regular nutrition, cucumbers can also improve your dog's bad breath. Cucumbers are rich in phytochemicals and phytonutrients that help freshen a dog's breath and destroy odor-producing bacteria in the mouth. But it can only be considered a small snack to relieve your dog's bad breath problem, it is still not a substitute for toothpaste. Whether your dog eats cucumbers or not, owners still need to remember to brush their dog's teeth regularly.

Can dogs eat cucumbers? What are the benefits of giving cucumbers to dogs?

III. Precautions for feeding cucumbers to dogs

1. Feed a small bite first
Every dog's immune system may be different, and we cannot be sure if our own dog will be allergic to cucumber. So when feeding your dog cucumber for the first time, it's best to cut a small piece for your dog to try and check if your dog shows signs of allergy. If everything is fine, you can increase the amount for your dog next time. 2.

2. best to cut into small pieces and peel
Although, like most fruits and vegetables, the skin of cucumber contains most of the vitamins and nutrients, the skin of cucumber is harder for dogs to digest. And there may be residual pesticides and insecticides on the cucumber skin, which are also very dangerous for dogs. So when you feed your dog cucumbers, it's best to peel them first and then cut them into small pieces for your dog to eat. If you don't want to peel, you can also cut the cucumber into thin slices as much as possible to prevent your dog from choking.

3. do not feed your dog pickled cucumber
Although they are cucumbers, but the pickled cucumber in addition to the taste is better for the dog's body almost no benefit. The pickled cucumber has a lot of spices and salt added to it, and dogs can easily develop skin problems if they eat it.

4. portion control
Although cucumbers are nutritious, they should only ever be used as a snack for dogs. Veterinarians recommend that snacks should only make up 10% of a dog's daily diet, so owners should feed their dogs cucumbers in moderation, depending on the size and age of the dog. Especially for dogs with poor stomachs, feeding cucumbers in large quantities can also aggravate gastrointestinal discomfort.

Notes on cucumbers
Of course, no one food can be guaranteed to be absolutely safe, and not all dogs are suitable for cucumbers. We need to know not to feed cucumbers to your dog if these conditions arise

1. Dogs are not suitable for too much potassium intake
Inside every 100 grams of cucumber, there will be 200 mg of potassium. Although this potassium content is much less than pineapple, if dogs have kidney insufficiency, they will not be able to excrete the potassium well. Dogs that are unable to eliminate excess potassium can develop hyperkalemia as a result, so cucumbers may not be suitable for dogs with kidney disease.
2. Allergies
Although allergies are rare, they are real. After all, dogs have complex immune systems and may inexplicably develop allergic reactions to harmless foods like cucumbers. To avoid causing more harm, when the owner first feeds the cucumber, we'd better give a little for the dog to try, and after making sure there is no allergic reaction, increase the amount of feeding.

3. cucurbitacin
Some cucumbers may be due to genetic mutation or cultivation problems, will accumulate a large amount of cucurbitacin in the body. If there is a lot of cucurbitacin in the cucumber is likely to lead to food poisoning. Cucumber contains a large amount of cucurbitacin in the body is characterized by a strong bitter taste, the owner can taste it first, and then decide whether to give the dog to eat. If a person eats a cucumber containing a large amount of cucurbitacin, they will experience symptoms such as numbness in the mouth and lips, nausea and diarrhea within a few hours. Of course, when it tastes bitter, don't swallow it!

Rumors about dogs and cucumbers
Dogs can be afraid of cucumbers?
In fact, dogs are afraid of many things, but cucumbers are more likely to remind them of something dangerous. In fact, if you hand the cucumber to the dog from the front, they will not be so afraid. After all, for them, the back is their own dead center of vision, very insecure. It's like a human turning around and suddenly seeing a green rope.

Cucumber can cause urinary stones in dogs?
Cucumbers contain calcium oxalate and magnesium, two substances that are responsible for causing urinary stones, but in fact, the amount of calcium oxalate and magnesium in cucumbers is not as high as you might think, and as long as you still eat a good quality dog food as your main diet, you don't need to worry about this problem. Unless you feed your dog cucumber every day.
Of course, cucumber is a very healthy food for both humans and dogs, and owners can even share a cucumber with their dogs. You can even share a cucumber with your dog. If you can't eat it all, you can take the slices and apply a mask. As the weather gets hotter and hotter in the coming days, prepare a refreshing cold cucumber for your dog to keep them comfortable through the summer.
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