How to help dog diarrhea? What to do about dog diarrhea


How to help dogs with diarrhea

The common causes of diarrhea in dogs and the right way to deal with it.

One, poor diet or unclean diet.銆€

Generally, such cases of diarrhea do not last long, and the dog is still in relatively good spirits. The unclean diet is likely to be the dog ate spoiled food, or indigestible food. Owners quickly think back to the dog's diet in recent days, is not too greasy or appear expired spoiled yo! Of course some silly dogs eat too much too fast is also possible, can cause diarrhea phenomenon.

For such mild symptoms, we feed some high-powered probiotics to help them regulate the gastrointestinal function, should soon be able to relieve.

Second, the emergence of parasites

This diarrhea generally lasts longer, the symptoms come more slowly, but the dog's spirit will be more lethargic. If owners are accustomed to feeding their dogs raw meat, then they should first consider whether the dog has parasites in its stomach.

It's easy to deal with diarrhea in this case by giving the dog some deworming medicine. After all, the presence of parasites can damage the lining of the dog's intestines and cause malnutrition and other diseases in the long run. In fact, for dogs that eat raw food, regular deworming is the best means of prevention.

Three, food allergies

Do you know that some foods are easy for dogs to eat allergic to? Like milk is a good nutrition for humans. But for dogs, let's forget it. Not only does not play a nutritional role, but because of lactose intolerance and gastrointestinal sensitivity, diarrhea symptoms.

Four, cold and flu

Spring and autumn weather changes, either hot and cold, or the temperature difference between morning and evening. Or in the summer long time let the dog and we stay in the air-conditioned room, are very easy to let the dog catch a cold and cold, the most direct reaction is diarrhea.

So when diet and parasites are ruled out, consider whether the cold is the cause. Of course, if it is accompanied by sneezing and other symptoms, the first thing to consider is a cold.

When the owner is sure that the dog has a cold, look at his mental state and if it is still okay, keep the dog warm and give him some probiotics.

How to help dog diarrhea? What to do about dog diarrhea

What to do if your dog has diarrhea

One of the biggest worries of dog ownership is seeing your dog not feeling well, and diarrhea and vomiting are some of the most common ailments in dog ownership. What happens when a dog has diarrhea? I've taught you a few "earthy ways" to help ease your dog's discomfort!

First we need to look at the symptoms of dog diarrhea.
Healthy dogs have regular bowel movements, feces are generally earthy yellow, or black and yellow, this and diet-related. Shaped into strips, soft and not dilute, no odor, the anal area is clean, no redness or wounds.

The dog with diarrhea and poor intestines has a flabby, dirty looking anal area, and some even have inflammation or ulcers.

Causes of diarrhea in dogs, and solutions.
1, do not let it sleep on the floor

Even in the summer, do not let the dog has been lying in the room with the air conditioning on, lying on the floor to sleep, which is easy to catch a cold, resulting in diarrhea.

Solution: You can prepare a kennel for your dog, or a blanket, which can reduce the chances of diarrhea.

2, regular deworming

Dogs can be infected with parasites if they don't pay attention to hygiene, or if they often play in dense places with grass. The parasites are usually spread through the feces of sick dogs, fleas, mosquitoes, etc.

Solution: Dogs infected with parasites will have a loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, lusterless hair and other characteristics, so owners must do a good job of deworming their dogs.

3銆丗eeding regularly

Sometimes dogs eat too quickly, there will also be vomiting, diarrhea, which is caused by poor digestion of the intestines. Especially puppies, eat too much is also will be propped up.

Solution: So set a regular amount of feeding, eat food to take away, so you can not only prevent dogs picky, but also reduce the probability of diarrhea caused by dogs eating too much.

4, do not let the dog eat foreign objects

Dogs eat expired food, or plastic bags, toys and other items, may lead to acute gastroenteritis, the general symptoms are: vomiting, sunken eyes, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.; and chronic gastroenteritis of the dog, there will be bad spirit, vomiting, burping and other performance.

Solution: In this case, it is generally recommended to fast for 24 hours first, observe the state of the dog, perhaps feed some greedy probiotics to regulate the gastrointestinal, if there is no improvement should be sent to the hospital.

5, do not casually change the dog food

The most obvious reaction to randomly changing your dog's staple food is diarrhea when you meet a dog with a bad stomach, because their gut doesn't adapt all at once, so there is a stress reaction.

Solution: It is recommended to follow the seven-day food change method to replace the dog food, or add some probiotics to the dog food to regulate the dog's intestinal flora and help digestion.

Some mild cases of cold diarrhea in dogs can heal on their own, but the length of time it takes varies, and without owner intervention and help, the dog may take several days to heal on its own; some diarrhea cannot heal on its own. The dog suffers a lot during this process, so it is recommended that the owner use some measures to help the dog get better as soon as possible and reduce the dog's pain.

One, pay attention to keep warm

In daily life, some dogs do not like to lie in the kennel to sleep, like to lie directly or lie on the floor to sleep, so that the stomach directly contact the cold ground, is very easy to stomach cold. When the stomach is cold, it is easy to diarrhea.

This time the owner should first give the dog a good warmth, such as giving the dog a kennel, let it sleep in it, winter also put a warm blanket and blanket in the kennel, the weather is too cold, you also need to put a hot water bag in the kennel. If the dog does not like to sleep in the kennel, you can directly put the quilt on the ground for the dog to lie on it, do not let the dog's stomach directly touch the ground.

Second, eat probiotics

When the dog has diarrhea, the owner needs to first give the dog fasting, because at this time the dog's stomach is not good, if you continue to feed will pull more serious, so you need to fast to let the stomach rest.

At the same time to let the dog drink more water, because the dog diarrhea when the discharge of a lot of water, if not timely replenishment of water will lead to dehydration, dehydration is very dangerous. Diarrhea at the same time gastrointestinal flora is also disorder, the owner can add probiotics in the water, can help regulate the balance of gastrointestinal flora.

Three, light food

Keep your dog warm, fast for half a day to a day, drink more water, eat probiotics, when the dog is a little better, the owner can start to feed the dog, but to feed well-digested food, do not immediately feed the previous feed dog food or meat and bones, those foods are not digestible, immediately eat these foods can easily cause diarrhea again.

This time you should give your dog some white porridge, meat porridge, millet porridge or nutritional paste and other well-digested food.

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