How to breed dogs? How to breed a pet dog


Pet dog breeding methods

1. Inbreeding
Inbreeding is a way for male and female dogs with very close blood relations to mate and breed generations. It is also the mating between father, daughter, mother, son, brother and sister. Humans believe that inbreeding is absolutely detrimental to the evolution of the race in terms of moral and scientific principles, but from the perspective of dog breeding, inbreeding can reduce genetic variation and preserve its original good qualities. However, inbreeding can produce exceptionally good puppies, as well as puppies that are physically inferior, deformed, dysfunctional, and incapable of reproduction. From a medical and eugenic point of view, inbreeding should not be encouraged or commonly used. But for some needs, inbreeding is indeed a better means to fix the genes of dogs.
2銆丼ystematic breeding
Systematic breeding is a way to let the same system, that is, to let the male and female dogs bred by the same ancestor (no more than 4 generations of common ancestor) to mate. This systematic mating breeding of relatives is much safer than inbreeding. The greatest advantage of having dogs of the same system mated and bred with stable genetic factors in order to maintain the excellent holding qualities of the breed is that it is easier to obtain young dogs with good form, quality and genetic stability, while also fixing the dog's strengths and avoiding its weaknesses.
Systematic breeding can maintain the good qualities of their common ancestors. When adopting systematic breeding, the male and female dogs used for mating should be a little more distant in blood, and the male dogs with excellent traits of the breed should be used as breeding dogs.
3銆丠eterozygous breeding
Heterozygous breeding is a method of mating male dogs belonging to the same breed but of different systems with female dogs (i.e., mating between dogs that do not share a common ancestor). When breeding in this way, it is more difficult to obtain puppies of the same nature and fixed morphology because dogs with fewer commonalities and different genetic factors are mated. However, if the strengths of both male and female breeders are evident, it is possible to breed a new breed of dog.
4銆丅reeding of hybrids
Cross breeding is a method of breeding by mating male and female dogs of completely different breeds. The purpose of mating and breeding in this way is to produce a new breed of dog. However, this is not an overnight process, so it is important not to breed in this way without some special need.

How to breed dogs? How to breed a pet dog

Breeding considerations for pet dogs

For dogs that are not neutered, there is a strong desire to breed offspring and pass on genes to the next generation. If a healthy pet bitch is able to bond with a male dog, along with an adequate food supply, two litters of puppies are guaranteed to be bred in a year. Things to keep in mind before having puppies are as follows.
Good breed of breeder, sturdy and healthy; no genetic defects in the family; appropriate place to place the pet puppies born; pet bitches are fully developed and mature - depending on the breed, they are usually ready to mate during their second and third heat; availability of appropriate equipment for the pups and ability to raise them until they are placed in their new home sexually mature; bitches can only mate during heat. They generally have two breeding seasons a year, each lasting approximately 21 days, with only one estrus period per breeding season to receive one mating. Mating again is only done within the 10-14 days between when her vaginal discharge goes from blood-tinged to clean. This is unique in the animal kingdom as we know it so far, which means that only a few days are available for mating and pregnancy per estrus.
On the other hand, a pet male dog is ready to mate with a mature female dog at any time after sexual maturity. When pet bitches are not in heat, males are usually indifferent to them, but when a chemical called pheromone is released from a bitch's body, males are attracted to them. Pet bitches generally release pheromones some days before they are ready to mate, which explains why males are very excited before the bitch is ready to mate, and bitches will strongly reject them.
Most pet bitches reach puberty at 6-7 months, but individual ones may be sexually mature at 4 months of age, but some do not come into estrus until they are 2 years old. Females should give birth after 1 year of age because they are not physically mature before then. It is generally best to mate after 18 months, and if a bitch intended for breeding does not appear to be in estrus after 2 years of age, it is recommended that she be taken to a vet.
Through the above introduction, we now know how to breed pet dogs. Pet dogs are loved by pet lovers because of their intelligence and liveliness, so some pet lovers will choose them for breeding, and we should also pay attention to the correct methods and reasonable breeding techniques.

How do dogs reproduce and what are the ways of dog breeding

Dog breeding is fetal, where the puppies are produced directly from the birth canal after development is completed in the mother's uterus. Dogs generally breed in the spring and fall, twice a year in total, and large dogs may give birth to about six or seven pups per litter, while small dogs can give birth to two to three pups at a time.

The breeding period of a dog

The breeding period of dogs is also known as the dog's estrus period, which generally occurs twice a year, mostly in the spring from March to May and in the fall from September to November, with the female dog generally mating at about 1.5 years of age and the male dog after 2 years of age.
The sexual maturity of dogs is influenced by breed, breeding condition, region and climate, generally dogs will reach sexual maturity at the age of 8 to 12 months, the duration of dog estrus is about 7-15 days, dogs are single estrus animals, not repeatedly.
Ovulation in dogs often occurs 48 to 60 hours after the onset of estrus, gestation averages about 60 days, lactation 45 to 60 days, and fertility lasts about 10 years.

How dogs reproduce

Fetal birth in dogs is the process by which a fertilized egg matures and is produced in the uterus inside the female dog. The embryo can draw nutrients and oxygen from the mother's blood through the placenta and umbilical cord as it develops, sending metabolic waste to the mother until the time of birth.
Dogs are bred by natural mating and artificial insemination, with natural mating being the method of reproduction for most dogs. For dogs with a huge size difference or bad breeding can choose artificial insemination, and dogs with a low success rate of natural mating can also complete reproduction through artificially assisted mating.
Do not let the dog for inbreeding, so there may be some genetic problems, it is best to choose the same breed, and is the same size of the dog for breeding, can reduce the chances of difficult births.
The dog's reproductive capacity is generally strong, and the pregnant dog can give birth in about two months. If the dog is not kept as a breeding dog, it is best to spay or neuter the dog at about 6 months of age, or later during the non-estrus period. This is good for the dog's health, as well as for the dog's breeding management and reducing the dog's breeding costs.

If you do not intend to let the dog breed, early spaying and neutering can improve the quality of life of the dog later in life.

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