Why is my cat so clingy?


Kittens are free and independent little creatures, each with its unique personality. Since major bloggers have been promoting adoption instead of buying, many pooper scoopers have chosen to adopt or foster a stray kitten as their new pet. But most stray kittens have their personalities, they are used to not communicating with people, do not like to be too close to humans, and even in fear will scratch and bite people, causing some harm to people. Of course, these are not absolute, if you master a good method, then the kitten slowly becomes cute, and sticky is not difficult.

If a stray kitten grows up in an environment where humans treat it kindly, then its personality will improve greatly. Although some kittens are stray kittens, from childhood there are humans to feed, rely on humans for food, there are humans at a fixed time, a fixed place to feed it and even play with it, then such a kitten's trust in humans is very high. There are even some kittens, because the mother cat is missing or the mother cat has an accident, it has been kept in a fixed place by loving people since it was young. Because of the frequent contact with people, then it is very accustomed to living with people. If someone is willing to adopt such a kitten, it will not need to go through a lot of adjustment, it will be very natural to live with humans. It will also be very friendly to humans. However, some kittens do not have long contact with people, perhaps only occasionally accepting human feeding, then this kind of kitten will be very frightened and confused when entering the home because it is not used to staying with people for a long time, living together, get along together, and feel that humans will pose a threat to it. This kind of kitten should be how to develop it and its sense of trust with humans, next, let's take a look together.

If the kitten is still in its infancy, then the most important four-week window period at the end of the period must be noted, the window period for cats is from the third week to the sixth week of the period. These four weeks are a window period for the development of a cat's character, if in these four weeks the kitten has more contact with people, and accepts more petting and cuddling, then you can establish a very friendly relationship with the kitten, then the kitten's character afterward will become very easy to approach people, very clingy, very cute and kind, but if you miss these four weeks, then the kitten's character may take a longer time to cultivate.

When you give it food to feed, you can try to pet it gently, and if it does not resist, you can gently pet it continuously while it is eating to let it know that you do not mean it any harm, but if it does not want to, you must not forcefully touch it to hug it and pet it at this time, it will make it feel scared. It will make it feel afraid, the kitten will think you are trying to steal its food, causing a certain threat to it, when the cat is very easy to cause harm to humans when they are afraid, these are its unconscious self-defense behavior, it is not able to understand that it is psychological and physical damage to you, so the kittens of these behaviors are mostly just for self-preservation, humans just keep the appropriate distance, on time Feeding, occasional closeness will be fine, do not be too eager to do. When the kitty is familiar with you slowly and feels that you are not a threat to it, it will take the initiative to get close to you. Some kittens will even take the initiative to ask the pooper scooper for food. Therefore, you should not be disappointed or regret adopting a kitten because of its self-protective behavior, but believe that time and love will slowly change the kitten.

If it is an adult cat, this cat has not been fed by humans for a long time, then it is difficult for such a cat to build trust in humans. Especially after adapting to a long free life in the wild, adult cats find it hard to accept that they are about to live in a small house for a long time, they prefer to play freely, and such cats are not very suitable for adoption. But if the pooper scooper is patient and loving, you can try to feed this cat outdoors for a long time and slowly build a good relationship between the cat and you. When the kitten can take the initiative to be close to you, you can try to bring it home, if it is willing, then you can successfully have a kitten, and adult cats have a more stable personality, as long as it is willing to go home with you and become your family, then the possibility of regretting to leave will be very low. You don't have to worry about him slipping away when you open the door and never coming back.

Why is my cat so clingy?

The kitty is the same as humans, they need respect, love, proper communication, and play, if the pooper scooper does not pay attention to the kitty for a long time, the kitty is too lonely to stay alone for a long time, then the kitty is likely to suffer from depression.

I also have a kitten, the kitten is also adopted, kitten in the kitten was about four weeks old when adopted from the farmhouse, although it had a lot of fleas and moss, I still pet it every day to hug it, but it is still very independent, personality, if it does not want to be hugged, stroked, it may fight back. In the beginning, I was often scratched and bitten, and I regretted it, but as I slowly began to understand its behavior pattern, I understood that it just did not want to be touched or hugged before it would scratch and bite people, and I began to be more patient with it, gently stroking it when it was happy, and accompanying it on the windowsill to watch the birds fly by. Now our relationship is very harmonious and close, we sleep together and play together, watch TV together, but it still does not want to be hugged or stroked at times, this time I will not bother it, the same, if I am busy working when it needs to be stroked or hugged, it will silently go to my feet and stick to me to watch me work, waiting for my work to end, after the work I will touch and hug it.

I believe that whether it is with people or with small animals, we must follow the principle of equality and mutual respect, if the small animal feels that it is respected and loved equally, then it will return to you with the same full of love. Each kitty has a different personality, maybe it is independent and loves freedom or is even a little mean, but its love for you is its unique and irreplaceable reason.
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