Why is a cat better than a dog?


I. Why are cats better than dogs?

Our ancestors have long debated the merits of felines and canines, and it is an extremely old argument that dog owners think dogs are better than cats, but cat lovers do not ......

Reason 16: Cats are more agile than dogs
Cats always seem to land standing up. This is certainly the case when a cat falls from a place that is not too high. When a cat falls from a higher place, it may land in a more stable position. Falling from a height gives the cat more time to adjust its stance, so a cat falling from 10 stories or more will do better than a cat falling from 5 stories, but dogs usually do not survive a fall from 4 stories.

Reason 15: Cats are better at hunting than enough
We have all heard of the concept of dog hunting, but few people realize that cats are better suited to hunting than dogs. Cats' superior hunting skills allow them to kill a large number of birds each year in the U.S. - although the exact statistics seem to be somewhat erratic, which causes wildlife advocates a lot of headaches. This is all thanks to their superior close vision and intense focus. Some scientists even believe that domestic cats hunt as well as big cats, and in some ways even better than lions and tigers!

Reason 14: Cats are more alert than dogs
Dog owners think their pets have sharper senses than cats, but the opposite is true. Most cats have a better sense of smell than most dogs. Cats have a wider range of color recognition than dogs, and they have a superior close-up vision. In addition, cats have superior vision in dim light.

Cats can hear better than dogs, and cats can use their agile senses to respond to what is happening in their environment and maintain a higher level of alertness. This may be why many cat owners say their pets like to stare at the sky or the ceiling. In reality, these cats may notice a bit of dust or sunlight moving around, and want to make sure there isn't anything else there.

Reason 13: Hearing and Smelling Work While Cats Sleep
Anyone who has owned, lived with, or even seen a cat will notice that cats sleep all the time. These guys sleep up to 12 to 16 hours a day, and cats are always somewhere between waking and sleeping. Cats can not only sleep while sitting but even while sleeping and can actively smell or hear something unusual around them, incredible, right!

Reason 12: Cats live longer than dogs
If you want a pet that will keep you company for years, statistically speaking, you are better off adopting a cat than a dog. The average life expectancy of a cat is 13 to 14 years, which is significantly longer than the average life expectancy of a dog, which is 11 years. Large dogs, in particular, are expected to live much shorter lives than smaller animals. Of course, outdoor cats do not live as long as domestic cats, but some domestic cats have a life expectancy of over 20 years.

Reason 11: Cats are less expensive to own than dogs
The expense of owning and caring for a pet is very high. For the budget-conscious animal lover, there is the option of owning a cat. Some of a cat's toys and household items are much smaller than a dog's, and cats are less likely to get sick than dogs, which are even more expensive to treat when they get sick than human visits to the doctor. Overall, these expenses for cats are quite a bit less than for dogs.

Reason 10: Cats do not have as much body odor as dogs
Everyone knows that felines love cleanliness, and cats themselves are not as full of smell as dogs. Although un-cleaned cat feces may smell more, cats usually hide their feces. Tests have shown that humans usually can't tell body odor from cat to cat, but dog owners can tell their dogs by their future.

Reason 9: No need for you to walk the cat
Dog owners have to take their dogs out for a walk several times a day, doesn't that sound like a particular waste of time? Cats, on the other hand, don't need to, they just like to stay quietly at home. In today's society, everyone seems to be in such a hurry, where is the time to do so?

Reason 8: Cats are more friendly than dogs
When you plan to invite a friend over for the weekend after dinner or by invitation to their house if you have a dog, do you worry about your dog's strong body odor or jumping up and down in your friend's house, or yelling at your friend continuously in your own home?

That's not the case with cats. By the time your friend comes over, the cat is long gone. If the cat thinks it's safe to visit cheap, he might come out to say hello and meow a little! But he will never jump on your friend's lap uninvited.

Reason 7: Cats are quieter than dogs

Many dogs bark constantly, and few never bark at all. But even the loudest cats don't make as much noise as dogs. Of course, cats do bark, especially to get their owners to feed them, scratch their heads, or give them the cat toys they want. (Cats are largely silent in the wild, but when they live with humans, they can make a lot of noise)

The cat will be angry with you for trying to bathe it or cut its nails. It will not, however, yelp in a mission. So, if you want a pet that won't bother the neighbors, the cat will be the clear winner.

Why is a cat better than a dog?

Reason 6: Cats are photogenic

Sure, everyone knows that cats do some pretty cute things for the countless photos and videos people share on the Internet. But while most pet owners might think dogs would do a better job, thanks to the wide variety of dog-centric films, that might not be the case.

One documentary filmmaker found that the cats she worked with were "aware of the camera in a very similar way that they are aware of another person." In fact, "they almost understood that they were being photographed and seemed to appreciate it." This may not be the experience of many pet owners and their dogs.

Reason #5: Cats are more independent
If you like animals, you probably don't mind taking care of them. However, if you don't want a pet that is constantly at your feet and begging for endless attention, you probably want a cat instead of a dog. Many dogs need a lot of attention from humans. Dog owners must supervise their pets' exercise, get them in and out of the house, keep them clean, watch their diet, and reassure them that they are loved.

Cats, on the other hand, are much more independent. Most cats only need the occasional cuddle. They do need you to take out their food and clean out the litter box. But other than that, cats tend to keep their mouths shut.

Reason 4: Cats don't need to rely on humans for security
Researchers have found that although cats form deep bonds with their owners, they don't rely on humans to feel safe and secure. This means that you don't have to feel guilty if you're shut out.

Reason 3: Cats are just as smart as dogs

Dog lovers believe their pets are smarter than cats, but that doesn't seem to hold scientifically. The cognitive abilities of cats are harder to learn than the intelligence of dogs. Japanese researchers have determined that cats perform as well as dogs on memory tests - and maybe just as smart.

In addition, part of the cat's cerebral cortex - the part of the brain responsible for information processing - is more complex than the dog's, with twice the number of neurons. Cats also have longer-lasting memories than dogs and can solve more difficult cognitive problems than dogs - if they like.

Reason 2: Cats love their owners more than dogs do

Don't buy into the clich茅 that cats don't love their owners as much as dogs do. Experts say a study often cited to measure oxytocin levels in dogs and cats - to infer how much these animals love their owners - is fundamentally flawed.

That's because, by nature, cats can be stressed by the context of the experiment. What's surprising about this is exactly how much their oxytocin levels went up. In addition, another group of researchers determined that cats prefer human interaction to food. Not only do dogs want food, but they also want the love of their owners.

Reason #1: Cats are a very secretive animal

16 reasons why cats are better than dogs, and cat lovers agree?
Statistics show that cats are the most popular pets in the world. What is the most basic reason? They are easier to keep than dogs and they require little to no training. Nevertheless, they are still mysterious. Although ownership of cats is within reach for many people, a true understanding of how cats think is still out of reach for even the most interested scientists.
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