Why do cats stick out their tongues?


I. Reasons why cats stick out their tongues and the interesting facts hidden by cat tongues

Cats do all sorts of odd things, and we are often confused about this behavior. Especially sticking out their tongues for no apparent reason.

So do you know why your cat sticks out its tongue?

This behavior is cute, but there are many reasons behind the strange behavior. Some of them are normal, but others reveal that your cat has a health problem. Below I will describe a few of the most common reasons.

Preference for taste and sensation on the tongue
A cat sticks out its tongue and doesn't immediately retract it because it likes the taste and feel on its tongue.

Felines can have a strong preference for certain tastes and sensations, such as some hair, particles of foreign objects, plastic bags, etc. These objects will cause it to stick out its tongue repeatedly.

Relaxing the jaw
This is a common reason for some cats to stick out their tongues, especially when they are sleeping. This is because sleep is their most relaxed state as if we humans are sleeping and breathing with our mouths open. This relaxes the jaw and the tongue will stick out naturally.

Food residue in the teeth
Cats will repeatedly stick out their tongues if there is some food residue between their teeth. After all, cats do not use toothpicks, and many owners tend to neglect their cats' dental hygiene, which can lead to various health problems.

Cats sticking out their tongues due to poor health
Oral problems: In addition to stuck food debris, other dental problems can cause cats to stick out their tongues. For example, gum disease, abscesses, tooth decay, and mouth ulcers can trigger this behavior.
Alzheimer's disease: Cats can suffer from Alzheimer's disease just like humans, and one of the signs of Alzheimer's disease in older felines is the inability to prevent the tongue from sticking out.
Infection: Whether caused by periodontitis, lesions, or other causes, inflammation and infection can cause your cat to stick out its tongue.
Stomatitis: Although relatively uncommon, stomatitis in cats is a serious health condition. It often causes cats to stick out their tongues, drool, lose their appetite, and pant.
Facts about the cat's tongue
We have already learned about the common reasons why cats stick out their tongues, now I will talk about some interesting facts about cat tongues.

1. The cat's tongue does not sense any sweetness

2. The tongue helps with socialization. As I mentioned in my last article, cats use their tongues to lick each other to practice socialization, which interested parents can check out.

Why do cats lick each other? A different perspective to help you understand more about strange cat behavior

3. The barbs on a cat's tongue are used to remove the flesh from the bones of its prey, and the power of the barbs is not just to clean the hair.

4銆乀he barbs on the cat's tongue are covered with keratin, a condition similar to our human nail caps.

5, through the tongue, to hide and increase the survival rate. The cat will use its tongue to lick itself after each hunt or meal, this is to eliminate its smell, which can keep the cat safe the outdoors.

6. When a cat drinks water, the cat's tongue rolls back at a rate of about 4 times per second! This creates a current between the cat's tongue and the water source, a situation that can be viewed in a slow-motion video of a cat drinking water.

Why do cats stick out their tongues?

II. Do you know the reason why cats spit out their tongues?

I'm sure we've all seen a lot of dogs spitting their tongues out, as long as they walk around for a long time or in hot weather, they will spit their tongues out and grunt and exhale.

The cat's tongue is usually a very occasional thing, except when licking the hair, you can rarely see their cute little tongue. Some pooper scoopers may never see it, but many pooper scoopers say that my cat spits out its tongue, which is super cute and tries to pull it with its hand, but it retracts as soon as it is touched. Why will be vomiting tongue? There are several reasons for this.
Interrupted by concentrating too hard on something

This happens mainly when cats are licking their fur or eating, as their attention is highly concentrated and they are sticking their tongues out, if there is a sudden sound or a familiar person appears, they will forget to take their tongues back because their thoughts and actions are interrupted for a while. This will not last long because it occurs when the cat is particularly relaxed, and they will quickly realize that something is wrong and take their tongues back.

It's too hot
Cats, like dogs, do not have sweat glands on their bodies, they only have their tongues and air pads on the soles of their feet to dissipate heat. When the weather is too hot for them, or after strenuous exercise, cats will open their mouths wide and spit out their tongues to dissipate heat. If you find that they regularly show this action in summer, you should promptly replenish water, turn on the air conditioner or put it in a ventilated place to prevent the cat from dehydration and heat stroke. If it is too exciting to play, it is better to slow down and let it rest a bit.

Long tongue and small chin
Some cats have small faces or cone faces, and such cats have small chins. If their tongues are long, when they sleep or relax, their face muscles relax, and their tongues can easily slip out of their mouths and be exposed. And some people say that cats can dream, if they dream of eating food, their tongues will also slip out!

Illness, physical discomfort
As we have said before, cats spitting out their tongues is not a common sight, if you see it often, then it is likely that there is some physical problem. For example, if a disease causes a cat to breathe poorly, they will need to open their mouths to assist in breathing. There is also the case of stress cats will also occur tongue breathing, when there is even incontinence, foaming at the mouth, and other situations. There is another disease that can also cause tongue vomiting, which is various inflammations that occur in the mouth, like periodontitis, mouth ulcers, stomatitis, etc. Opening the mouth and spitting out the tongue helps to relieve the pain caused by the inflammation, so the picture of tongue vomiting will occur.

Cats always spit out their little tongues and look so cute, but do you know the reason for spitting out their tongues?
Although spitting out the tongue is cute, the pooper scoopers know the reason for it, must not be ignored, carefully observe the cat's situation, found that there is something wrong to take it to the hospital in time for treatment Oh!

Three, cats often spit out their tongues to be cute?

The cat can be said to be an animal that fits perfectly with human aesthetics, and people have called themselves cat slaves just to have their cats pampered and cute in front of them. In many cute actions, the most common and damaging, is the cat spitting out its tongue. Most friends will think that this is cats are deliberately cute to humans. But people who are familiar with cats do not think so. Cats spitting out their tongues may look cute, but it may not be a good thing. We'll take a look today and see why the cats will do the tongue-out behavior.

In general, cats' tongues are safely hidden inside their mouths. The first is to roll the food into its mouth; the second is to use the tongue to groom the hair. If your cat's tongue is sticking out, it is probably trying to do these.

1. Clean the hair
Cats have many spikes on their tongues, just like a comb. In daily life, cats use this natural comb to clean themselves. One-third of a cat's life is spent grooming. So it's normal for cats to stick out their tongues. But it doesn't stay out all the time. If the cat's tongue sticks out and does not retract, it may have hair wrapped around it.

2. Deep sleep
If cats have sufficient confidence in their surroundings, then they will enter a night of deep sleep. When they enter deep sleep, cats lose control of their bodies. No matter what kind of posture they make, they will not feel strange, and sticking out their tongues is the most common situation.

3. Helps heat dissipation
After strenuous exercise, cats need to dissipate the heat generated by burning fat in their bodies. The heat dissipation function of the cat's body is not as strong as that of humans, so it needs to stick out its tongue to help dissipate heat. Usually, this happens when the cat is alive after exercise and it is summer, at this time, the owner should prepare clean water for them to avoid heatstroke.

4. Congenital defects
Some cats have longer tongues and shorter jaws. When the cat exerts itself, the tongue will run out involuntarily, because its canines are shorter and cannot easily press the tongue. These conditions are nothing to worry about.

What owners need to be aware of is that what we have just displayed are the reasons and situations where cats normally spit out their tongues. If the cat has a cough, asthma, oral and dental diseases, respiratory problems, etc., they will often stick out their tongues, which may be accompanied by loss of appetite and lack of energy, etc. It is time to take the cat to the doctor as soon as possible. These diseases are detected and treated as early as possible. If the cat sticks its tongue out for a long time, the owner does not even react to the fact that there is a problem with his cat. That would be a dereliction of duty on the part of the owner. I wonder if your cats at home also spit out their tongues frequently? Feel free to share their cute photos below.
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