Why are cats better than dogs?


I. Reasons why cats are better

First of all, I have both cats and dogs in my house, and I like both cats and dogs, so I won't be too biased. The only bias can only be because of having a Labrador instead of a small dog.
When deciding on a pet, choosing a cat or a dog can be a tough decision - if a person has a fondness for both cats and dogs, they may end up choosing to have a cat more than a dog.
Although they are both furry friends, these two animals are very different from each other. Cats have many favorable traits, including ease of care, cleanliness, and adorable antics that make them ideal pets for any household.

10 reasons why cats are better pets than dogs
1. Cats don't take up much space
If you're in the habit of sleeping with your pet, then you know the difference between holding a cat and holding a dog - dogs take up a lot of space, and that's when they're still, whereas when they're awake and active, cats and dogs need space that's worlds apart - -They need rooms to play and exercise in, and between toys and beds, dogs need a lot of space to live happy, healthy lives, while cats don't, just curl up anywhere and squint all day, you just need to provide their essentials: litter box, food, water bowl, and cat grass, plus a small cardboard box plus an extra small toy to keep your kitty happy all day long.

2. Cat ownership is more affordable
Throughout a cat's life, they are usually more affordable than dogs. This is not just true here from all aspects of cat initiation, taming, toys, food, and medical care, etc.-except for cat vaccines, which may be slightly more expensive, the cost of owning a cat is much less than the cost of owning a dog (with the same quality of life).
Although it can be expensive to buy some specific breeds of cats, the cost of adopting kittens and cats is usually lower than the cost of puppies or adult dogs, especially during kitten breeding season, and especially pet shelters are free to adopt cats year-round - after all, compared to owning a dog for various conditions such as IQ, personality, size, etc., the options for owning a cat As long as it is a cat, it is cute and can be adopted back home. And China currently has a pet cat in the family, there a small half is directly picked up like stray cats to raise, with no need to spend money at all.
And after owning a pet, from supplies to care can incur significant costs, because dogs are very prone to destroy toys, so they must be made of tough, safe, and expensive materials or replaced frequently, while cat toys are relatively cheap, or even DIY cheaper or free.
And while plenty of exercises is vital to a dog's health, there are no prevalent "professional dog walkers" in our country, which can earn as much as $100 to several hundred dollars per hour abroad - a half-hourly fee for a dog is about $15 to $20, and one can simultaneously The premise of the report is that he/she can receive so many orders at the same time. And this occupation will also appear in large numbers in our country shortly, this fee is very high. And if the dog's energy is not given out, then the damage caused by the demolition of the home will certainly not be low. And cats are much less work, you go to work during the day, and it sleeps or plays with toys. If you have two kittens at the same time, it would be perfect, they have playmates, and each other will be happier.

3. Cats are completely content indoors
It is almost impossible for dogs to live exclusively indoors. They need lots of exercise, lots of walks and outdoor activities to spend a happy and healthy life. But if you don't have a yard, or if you have mobility problems, or if the city has strict controls, that's a huge hassle. Cats do not have to worry about this, they are not only safer indoors, and they really like to perch next to the window or on the sofa, as long as it can see the birds flying outside the window is enough, of course, if there are conditions, it can also be properly socialized.

4, the cat is quieter
Even the deepest dog lovers have to admit: whether your dog is barking at passers-by, another animal, or its favorite toy is stuck, the constant barking can become annoying.
While cats do make some noises, especially in the second half of the night - when they are most active - theirs are at best the sounds of parkouring around the room and occasionally dropping objects, and these are minimized, if not ceased, once the cat crosses puberty. And the cat's meowing will usually be quiet and infrequent.

5. Kittens have less work than puppies
Both puppies and kittens require a lot of time, energy and attention To get it used to the comforts of its new home, develop a new diet for it and some basic training, you may lose some sleep in the beginning because of the new puppy or kitten, but a cat will take far less of your time than a dog will take of yours.
This is because puppies require consistent training (especially potty training) and multiple behavioral training. But once kittens learn the basic skill of using the litter box from their mother outside, they can stay in the house unsupervised, which is impossible for a dog to do because defecation is just the basics, and destruction is the biggest danger to dogs.
When you put a kitten in a room, it will not cause much damage when you leave, beyond its physical strength are difficult, but dogs are different, they are incredibly destructive and energetic. And if you put them inside a small cage, the cat can adapt quickly, but the damage to the dog is far higher than the cat.

Why are cats better than dogs?

6. With cats around, no pests
Cats are natural hunters, so they will never stop stalking, hunting and pouncing. While you may never want a cat to eat the bugs or mice it catches, a pest-free house is definitely one of the many benefits of owning a kitten, as I talk about in detail in my article "What's so great about having a cat - a cockroach-free house". Moreover, the mere smell of a cat can keep most mice away from your house, and if these rodents find a hunter in your home, the likelihood of them entering your home is greatly reduced, provided of course that you live in an environment that is prone to breeding zones for mice.

7銆丆leaning the litter box is much stronger than constantly walking around Jonco
Although the litter box in the home may make some people feel strange, but squatting to clean the litter box a minute and late at night or early in the morning, hot or cold weather to run outside to let the dog defecate can be much happier, not to mention the need to carry more than plastic bags to pick up the dog's excrement, especially in the dog gastrointestinal function problems, the discharge of sludge.

Cats are naturally very clean creatures, they have the instinct to bury urine and poo, although some cats have not learned perfectly, but together with the absorbency of the cat litter, you can almost ensure that you clean the litter clean and completely or semi-complete coverage, of course, the premise is to maintain ventilation and deodorization.

8銆丆ats clean themselves
Dogs know the world through their noses, so they will go to smell anything, and they also like to roll in the mud - rubbing itchy with the mud wrapped in the body to prevent mosquito bites. The result is that dogs often need to be bathed and groomed, especially some heavy body odor dogs, in the summer more frequent bathing. And some dogs with long hair then also need regular grooming, and the cost of this is also more expensive.
My black Labrador in the summer on average every three days need a bath, otherwise the whole room is its smell, and it likes to lick the cat, the smell will also be transmitted to the body of the cat, resulting in a very heavy dog body odor on the cat, plus it needs too much exercise, in my city is not easy to spill, so in the Dragon Boat Festival will bring it back home to the countryside, and now it is happy every day Now he is very happy every day, 3 years old, has been fully trained to understand.
The cat is essentially an automatic cleaner, you hardly need to worry about it except to cut its nails and brush its hair regularly, otherwise it will groom itself very well.

9, the cat understands personal space
Sometimes, after a long and stressful day, you are so tired that you are not in the mood to play with the dog that is following you around, while the cat does not have much to worry about in this regard. Although cats may get a bad infection from being cold or distant, they don't care much. Cats don't need your constant attention, they are more independent and this will give you more opportunities to sit down and relax after a long day of work or study.
Sometimes, after a long and stressful day, you may not be in the mood to follow your dog around, following you around the house and petting yourself to play. While cats may get a bad rap for being aloof or distant, they really just understand (and appreciate) the concept of personal space. Cats don't need your constant attention or energy, which will give you plenty of opportunities to sit back and relax after a long day at work.

10. Cats live longer than dogs
Also are happy to grow, cats can live longer than dogs, probably because they are less prone to certain diseases, probably because the cat's physique is more capable than dogs while the virus attack, etc.. According to some statistics, a scientifically fed cat of cats can live more than 20 years relatively easily while dogs are not, their life expectancy is much shorter. At present, only some small breeds of dogs live longer, and the larger the size of the dog their life expectancy is shorter, and this is contrary to the laws of nature, and scientists have not been able to learn the reasons for this result.

11. Most importantly, there is not much public pressure to keep cats
To be fair, there are many prejudices against dog breeders in China, and these prejudices come from both the selfish behavior of some dog breeders, and the differences in the tradition of banning or indulging in dog meat, as well as the lack of scientific knowledge of rabies and the reluctance to accept new knowledge, and the gap between income and perception and developed countries, etc. Therefore, dog breeding is easy to make some people resentful and disgusted, and these These unfriendly attitudes will be expressed through words and actions, so in the foreseeable decade, dog ownership will still be under a lot of public pressure.
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