What to do when your cat is hot


I. How to help your cat cool down from the heat?

Summer is just too w... Hot! Even if the big meow lives in a northern city, the 37 or 8-degree temperature in summer makes people's chances melt! This time air conditioning, electric fans, popsicles, watermelon, these are used to "life" ah!

The people are so hot, the lovely meow people wearing "small fur" must be even hotter ah! Before a small partner and the big meow said, they will give the cat air conditioning before going out every day, but you know what? Cats can also suffer from air conditioning disease! Do not believe? Click here to see the previous update!

The air conditioner can not be turned on, so how to help the owner in the summer to escape the heat? We can not let the cat always be hot, after all, cats can also be heat stroke! So many partners began their summer cooling operation for the cat stepped on the mine: to the cat shaving! The pooper scoopers have been transformed into the cat's Tony teacher, a variety of cat hair that is properly pinpointed ~

But ... A look at these guys did not read the big meow update! Cat hair plays an important protective role for their skin, not only to block external bacteria on the skin, but also to block the sun to avoid the cat being sunburned, but also block the heat! So many pooper scoopers took it upon themselves to shave the cat's hair, but did not know that this way is equivalent to removing a layer of self-protection for cats!

So shaving does not work, and air conditioning is worried about the health of cats over time, is there no effective and correct way to protect cats from the summer heat? Of course, there is, today we will take you to unlock the 5 ways to prevent summer heat in cats, here is the key, remember to take notes!

Trim your cat's feet
Cats sweat through their meat pads and noses, and when it's hot, they open their mouths and stick out their tongues to dissipate heat, just like dogs! Cats love to lick their back hair, as the wet hair evaporates and dries in the air, taking away some of the heat, so it is advisable to shave your cat's feet if you want to cool them off!

Prepare sufficient water
Cats are born with well-developed motor cells and are very active with a high body temperature, so it is easy to become dehydrated in the summer heat.

Maintain air circulation
What cats need is a smoothly ventilated room, or a breeze from an electric fan, as long as the air is circulating cats will not be uncomfortable because of the heat.

Give cats more wet food

Cats, like humans, don't have as good an appetite as in other seasons once summer comes. This time you will find that cats eat very little dry food, so this time should be appropriate to give cats some wet food, canned food, and cat food are good choices, not only can help cats to improve their appetite but also help them to replenish some water!

Prepare some cooling "magic tools"

The cat's cooler, the cat pot, the ice pad, and other summer "magic tools" do not need to be introduced, you can buy them directly through the Internet, but also be prepared for the cat does not like the psychological preparation, after all, the cat's mind, the shovel is impervious to guessing!

What to do when your cat is hot

II. Small ways to give your cat relief from the summer heat

The summer weather is very hot some cats are also afraid of heat!

Today, I'd like to tell you about some firefighting methods for cats to relieve the heat, and I urge you to hurry up and collect them.

Wipe the hair with a wet towel
If it is too hot, we can use a wet towel to help cats wipe their fur

Like the stomach, soles of the feet, and other places that are afraid of heat, you can wipe more

This will make your cat feel cool and comfortable!

Let your cat drink more water
To relieve the heat, the most basic thing is to let the cat drink more water

Owners should prepare sufficient fresh water for cats every day

Cats have high requirements for water, and cats do not like to drink water

You can trick them to drink in a fancy way ~ Letting cats drink more water is good for their health

Trim foot hair
Cats sweat and dissipate heat through their pads and noses.

When it's hot, cats will open their mouths and stick out their tongues to dissipate heat, just like dogs.

So it is advisable to shave your cat's feet if you want to dissipate heat.

This will also help to cool down the cat's heat!

Let the cat blow the air conditioner
If the weather is hot, we can let the cat blow the air conditioner properly!

But we must pay attention to the temperature of the air conditioning is best to control it at about 26 degrees

It is also best to open the window to ventilate the air for 2 hours to avoid the cat getting air conditioning syndrome!

Add a cool mat to the resting place
Normally, if the cat sleeps in the litter, it is likely to be hot, so it is not willing to sleep in the litter

So we can put a cool mat in the cat's sleeping place

This will make the cat feel very comfortable

In summer, food can easily spoil due to high temperatures, so be careful when feeding your cat

Be sure to feed your cat according to the amount of food it eats, do not pour too much at once

The cat must be disposed of in time to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort caused by the spoiled food.

Three, so afraid of the heat of the kitties, how to let the cat cool down?

As the weather gets hotter and hotter every day, people would rather take one step than go out and blow the air conditioner at home in the face of the outdoor heat of more than 30 degrees. And those who have pets at home will also find their pet cats at home have recently become less appetizing and less active. They are not sick but caused by the hot weather. So what exactly can you do to cool your cat down? There are these three ways: trim the foot hair, keep the air circulating in the room, and drink more water.

The first trimming of foot hair is very useful, but we need to note that we must not shave the whole body of the cat because cats are different from us humans, their sweat glands are distributed in the feet, and if we blindly shave their whole body, it will not only make the cat feel uneasy, but even cause various skin diseases, and may increase the risk of sunburn. So what we can do is just shave the hair on the kitty's feet, so that the kitty can better sweat and dissipate heat.

Be sure to maintain a well-ventilated environment indoors. The ancestors of cats were living in the desert for a long time, so cats, their heat resistance is relatively good. But cats can also easily cause heatstroke in a closed environment. So when we are at home, we can choose to turn on the air conditioner to lower the room temperature, but do not set the air conditioner temperature too low. When only the kitty is at home, be sure to open the windows and open the doors to keep the air circulating throughout the room.

Another way is to let the cat drink as much water as possible. Due to the hot temperature, it is easy to cause the cat's body to lose too much water. In this case, it is necessary to replenish a large amount of water in time, once the cat can not replenish water in time, it is very easy to have heatstroke. Due to the physiological structure of cats, they may not like to drink water, we can choose to put some water bowls in all corners of the house.
This gives the cat more choice, and as soon as the cat sees the water, it will take a few sips. Of course, some cats prefer to drink flowing water, pooper scoopers can also choose to buy a pet water fountain according to their conditions, which can create a liquid water source for cats, but also increase the number of water cats drink. However, one thing to note is that please be cautious about providing ice water to cats, as many cats have weak stomachs. In hot weather, giving cats too cold water may lead to intestinal discomfort and diarrhea.
You should not be too nervous and anxious, because kittens are also very smart and will choose to stay in the shade when they are hot, we just need to try to do the above points I mentioned above to be able to reduce the probability of heat stroke problems in cats. If you find that your cat suddenly has difficulty breathing, drooling, depression, vomiting, and other symptoms, we must consider whether the cat has developed symptoms of heat stroke.

At this point, we must cool the cat as soon as possible, and promptly take the cat to the veterinary hospital, must not delay, knowing that is considered human heatstroke for too long, may also cause life-threatening. I hope that the cats under the sky can be healthy and happy through every hot summer day.
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