What kind of food can cats eat?


I. The best food to feed cats

Although cats were domesticated and tamed a long time ago, in their natural wild environment, their food still consists mainly of mice, and birds and will also be eaten along with feathers in their stomachs. In addition, cats occasionally eat grass as an emetic when they are not feeling well, just like dogs, and this is how cats survive in nature!

But generally speaking, cooked meat is healthier than raw, especially if you are not so sure about the freshness of the meat. At this point, I prefer to believe that more owners want their cats to be able to eat with confidence.

The best food to feed your cat
It should be said that cats are very careful about what they eat, and they rarely touch meat that they are not familiar with. If you are feeding your cat meat and it shows a dislike, please do not rush to reprimand it for being picky. Perhaps your cat's sensitive nose has detected something in the food that is not fresh, so heat it a little and cook it!

In this area of eating, cats do sometimes show a strict attitude. In addition to meat and feed, there are many delicious foods for cats to enjoy, if you want them to eat something different, you can continue to read the article, I will introduce ten of the best food for cats, remember to collect!

The first: beef and egg chowder

Any raw or cooked pieces of beef are suitable. Cook in 1.5 cm stock or broth for 5 minutes, then remove from the heat and stir in an egg, stir well and reheat for 3 minutes, at which point a fragrant beef and egg chowder is ready. This is a nutritious, rich food that many cats gobble up!

The second type: is stewed meat and bones

Take about 450 grams of ground lamb and one calf's foot, both cut into cubes. Put them in a pot, add enough cold water, bring to a boil and simmer for 2 hours, turn off the heat until almost cool, then remove the bones and let your cat enjoy. This is a longer dish, more suitable for adult cats!

The third type: is baked bread and meat

Take 2 thin slices of buttered, stale whole wheat bread and at least 225 grams of any meat or organ scraps. Place one slice of bread, buttered side down, on the bottom of a greased baking dish, cover with the meat and place the second slice of bread, buttered side up, on top. Pour a teacup of stock or water over it, let it sit for an hour, then bake in a medium temperature oven for 30 minutes, keeping the bread all covered with meat, cool, and serve it to your cart!

Type 4: Beef liver stew

The raw beef liver must be fed in moderation, as it is a laxative. When cooking beef liver, it should be cut into large pieces and dredged in whole wheat flour. Lightly saut茅 in a little butter or fat, then transfer to a pot containing 1.5 cm of stock. Do not simmer for more than 5 minutes. Cooked beef liver has a buttery flavor and avoids the fact that raw beef liver can cause diarrhea!

The fifth type: tinfoil-roasted rabbit

Wrap the whole uncooked rabbit securely in a sheet of tin foil and bake in a moderate oven for 2 hours. After it cools almost to the touch, remove all the bones!

Type 6: Baked kidney custard

Place 115 g of chopped kidneys in a greased baking dish. Mix a beaten egg, 275 ml of milk, and a tablespoon of wholemeal flour and pour it over the meat, then put the lid on and bake in a medium temperature oven for 30 minutes is almost ready. The latter is the part where you cook the food and cut it into slices!

Seventh: Meat or offal baking pan

Take about 170 grams of any available meat scraps, don't end up cutting them directly into large pieces just dredge them in whole wheat flour. Place in a greased baking dish. Top with cubed chicken or turkey giblets. Pour in half a teacup of stock, cover, and bake in a medium oven for 30 minutes!

Number 8: Gold Medal Broth

Any leftover cooked or uncooked meat drippings, ground meat, skin or bones can be used, but avoid any highly seasoned ingredients the original flavor is very good, which is the healthiest for cats. If you are buying meat specifically for making broth, veal foot bones are very suitable. Simmer 450 grams of meat and bones in just over a liter of water for two to three hours. After cooking, carefully remove all the bones and bone fragments, but leave the meat scraps, skin, and meat drippings. If you are using a whole calf's foot, stew for six or seven hours, adding water if necessary!

Type 9: Fish

Although cats traditionally like fish, it is not their natural staple food, nor is it as nutritious as meat. Fish, however, is a favorite of most cats, so we can use with to add variety to the cat's diet, which is also a valuable alternative source of protein. Besides, fish is easily digestible and rich in minerals!

However, it is important to note that if fish is fed too often, cats will lose interest in it, and eating too much fish may produce eczema, digestive problems, and fish is a fishy food that can make cats smell bad, so it is recommended that it is not fed more than two to three times a week at most!

Most parts of the fish can be eaten by cats, including the skin and soft tail, but the bones are best picked out. Cats often like to eat raw fish, but be aware of this unless it is very fresh and has been nicely filleted. Otherwise consuming large amounts of raw fish can cause your cat to develop a vitamin B deficiency, leading to serious illness!

Number 10: Canned foods

Many household pets benefit from modern convenience foods that are the product of extensive research into animal nutrition. The industry of pet food is very competitive and the best pet food on the market is undoubtedly useful. You can rest assured that good cat food will provide the kind of nutrition your cat needs because it's designed specifically for that purpose!

But it is also important to understand that even if you have the best will in the world for your cat to enjoy, you don't always know what is best for your pet. This is a question you need to seek more help with, and while sometimes cats seem to have their ideas, they are not always the right ones. Because cats are easily addicted to the food in front of them, once they think something is delicious they develop a specific preference and thus want to eat that food to the exclusion of others in their diet!

Use canned cat food wisely, for example when your cat should be trained to give it, and normally it makes more sense to use it as a backup food and as an additional source of varied nutrition, alternating it with fresh food two to three times a week. If your cat is not interested in canned food after eating fresh meat, you can also try mixing a small amount with her favorite fresh food first, and then increase the amount when she gets used to the new taste!

Develop good eating habits
In terms of diet, cats can often be a little stubborn, so it's best to train your cat at a young age to accept the diet you think is best for it, although you may try to change it later, introduce it gradually! When dealing with a cat that is not used to eating vegetables or cereals, you should initially add a very small amount to his favorite food; then gradually increase the amount added to his food over time!

Cats are very picky and particular animals, and their senses are highly responsive to the smell and taste, and even the appearance and texture of food. It can quickly spot any unapproved additions, no matter how small they may be. But remember, a cat is a rigidly conservative animal that only likes its familiar food. You have to start on your terms, and it's very difficult to get an adult cat to break the habits formed in the first three months of its life!

What kind of food can cats eat?

II. What can kittens eat?

The diet of cats is very delicate and there are many things to pay attention to, especially for kittens. So what can kittens eat? The following foods are perfect for feeding kittens, healthy and nutritious!

We usually eat apples, kittens can also eat them. Apples are rich in nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K, and pectin, etc., fed in moderation, which is very beneficial to kittens.

It is important to note that when feeding apples to kittens, the core must be removed to avoid cyanide poisoning. It is also best to cut the apples into small pieces before feeding them to kittens.

2. Unsalted cheese
Whether it is a kitten or an adult cat, as long as the cat likes it, you can feed it some cheese. Cheese is very rich in protein, which is very easily absorbed by kittens and has great benefits for their growth and development.

The cheese you choose must be salt-free and additive-free!

3銆丟oat's milk
If your mother cat does not have enough milk to feed the kitten, then the pet owner can feed the kitten some goat milk powder to give it enough nutrition. The composition of goat milk is close to the mother's breast milk, which is especially suitable for kittens that are still nursing.

The milk powder for kittens must be special for pets!

4. Minced meat and millet porridge
If your kitten is already 2-3 months old, feeding it only goat milk powder is not enough nutrition. Pet owners can give wishing some nutritious liquid food as an aid, like minced meat mixed with millet porridge is very good. Grain is the source of energy for the body, and minced meat is rich in protein.

The combination of millet porridge and minced meat can also assist in supplementing the nutrition required by kittens!

5銆丆ooked egg yolk
Egg yolk is a very good supplement for kittens. Egg yolk is rich in protein, and kittens need more protein for growth, so feeding egg yolk is healthy and nutritious for kittens. Moreover, egg yolk can make the kitten's coat smooth and shiny.
Although the egg yolk is very nutritious, but can not eat too much, otherwise it is easy to have indigestion.

Fish can also be fed to kittens, fish is rich in high-quality protein, and there is taurine required by the cat's body, not only to supplement the kitten's nutrition but also to improve its night vision and promote the growth and development of kittens.

It should be noted that when feeding fish to kittens, make sure to pick out the fish spines and try to feed some freshwater fish, don't let it consume too much salt and increase the burden on the cat's kidneys!
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