What does it mean when a cat rubs up against you?


One, cats like to rub against you is not only pampering the owner but also may be a problem that the owner needs to pay attention to

The most important feature of meows is that they are cold, and many pooper scoopers dream of getting a sticky cat. Like you? Don't be too self-absorbed Oh~

Although this fact is very cruel, even I do not want to debunk it, but for the sake of all the pooper scoopers can be more scientific pet, it is necessary to debunk the rumor: cats like to rub you is not only with the owner to pamper, but also may be the owner needs to pay attention to the problem.

Cat rubbing you hard to fight? A few reasons to know
Don't make a fool of yourself, I'm just marking territory
Cats like to rub their heads this behavior is called "bunting" by foreigners, that is, touching. It is well known that dogs like to use urine to divide the territory and mark the territory, similarly, cats like to rub their heads against objects for the same purpose. They like to leave their scent on objects to express a sense of possession and to warn other cats: this is my domain, sacrosanct.
Just like when we used to occupy our seats with books in college, cats use head rubbing to mark territory as a stronger deterrent than marking with urine. Cats have a gland in their chin that produces a pheromone called "pheromone". When a cat likes to rub its head against the pooper scooper, it aims to leave its unique mark on the owner: the pooper scooper is mine and no one will touch it.

Gathering information and being a successful spy
Cats can not only mark this kind of rubbing behavior but also can collect information Oh ~ when you walk on the road, if a cat ran over, with the head of your pants rubbing furiously, do not be complacent, do not feel their charm is really big because they are likely to be gathering information.
Probably most people have a narcissistic thought, thinking "Well, I'm a good cat, even strange cats are fascinated by me". This time must not be easy to touch the cat, because if the cat your smell is they hate, you reach out to them may be a threat or even provocation, then the ensuing maybe its "cat claw".

Use you as a scratching device
Suddenly the cool cat in the house is warming up? Keeps rubbing his chin against you? Well, that's most likely because they find their chin itchy. Although cats do not have sweat glands, they do have sebaceous glands that produce sebum. This sebum is used to protect the cat's skin from bacterial infections.
However, if too much sebum is secreted, it may cause acne, which can lead to lumps on the cat's chin and itchy sensations.

Of course, because they like their owners!
Cats can't speak, so they can't express their love for their masters through their words, so they can only use their actions to express it. Cats like to rub their heads on their masters, but they are also releasing a pheromone that conveys a sense of happiness and comfort.

Cats that survive in the wild will use head rubbing to show which cat they have a better relationship with, and if a domesticated cat also has this behavior, it could also mean that it considers its owner a family friend.

Cat in heat, it's time to find her a date
Cats come into heat about three times a year, usually in the spring. When they are in heat, in addition to urinating and running away from home, they will also rub against their owners, both to court and to remind the pooper scooper that they have grown up and need to mate.
If the cat is in heat and cannot find a mating partner for a long time, it will harm their body as well, so if the owner is not considering letting the cat mate, he can weigh the pros and cons of de-sex the cat, which can also reduce many diseases.

The pooper scooper needs to be the right medicine to figure out the owner's intentions
If the cat is always cold, suddenly enthusiastic, the pooper scooper should be careful, is there any problem with the master's body, if the master is always sticky, then do not worry, the pooper scooper can steal the joy, but if it is sudden, it is necessary to ring the alarm.

Check if the cat is infected with a skin disease
When a cat is infected with some skin disease, such as ringworm or fungal infection, they will feel itchy and may try to use their paws or mouths to relieve this itch, and will choose to rub on the sofa or table legs, or may rub directly on the owner, and some careless owners may not know it yet and may be infected and still laughing.
So when the pooper scooper finds out if the cat suddenly has this behavior, we must consider whether the master is infected with a skin disease, some cat skin disease is not to be underestimated, and is zoonotic. Owners who pet their cats without knowing that they have a skin disease, especially ringworm, can be more contagious to children and the elderly. And ringworm can easily recur, which is bad for both the cat and the owner, so be sure to be on high alert.

Cats like their owners and need a company
Many pooper scoopers are busy with work and have little time to play with their masters, thus many cats are bored with their day and are in a state of self-indulgence. When the owner is resting at home, if the cat runs to rub up against you for good, the pooper scooper should remember not to disappoint the cat's good intentions and play with them for a while, because if the owner ignores them for a long time, it will also make the cat depressed and not feel Cats are just animals, they have a lot of inner drama and need the love of their owners.
If you want to successfully raise a cat, it is not enough just to take care of their food and living, but more importantly to make them happy and be a happy meow. A lot of owners just do it to ensure their material conditions, but ignore their hearts, their own master depressed do not know, that is not too failure it.
I hope that every pooper scooper can take care of his master, melt their hearts and be a qualified pooper scooper, next time you encounter a cat that likes to rub you, you should think about your master's intention, don't get it wrong!

What does it mean when a cat rubs up against you?

II. The meaning of the cat rubbing against you

Pawing at you.
One of the most common reasons cats like to rub people may be that they are being pampered
Don't think that all cats are high-strung, when they are pampered, there is nothing wrong with being high strung
If you haven't interacted with your cat for too long and they come to rub you
It could be that they are pampering you and want you to stay with them

To declare something
When cats rub their owners, they may also be declaring something
By rubbing their owner, they can leave their scent on their owner's body
This means that you already belong to him, and may also let other cats know
You are the one who has the cat, no one can take it away
Isn't that a bit like being a "bossy"?

Treat you like a mommy
When a cat is a puppy, the mother cat will always rub her head against her cubs
And will often lick their hair!
Influenced by the mother, cats may also retain such habits
And after a long time with their owners, they already think of them as their mothers
Cats will like to rub their masters, this is a sign of their love for you!
Want to know more
Sometimes, we also see cats rubbing each other with cats
This behavior is a unique expression of the exchange of information between cats
Cats are olfactory animals, they rely on scent to distinguish the information from their companions
The smell produced by the glands will be different for different messages

Cats' cheeks are often used for greeting
For example, when cats are awake, they will run to their owners
If they find that their owner is awake, they will rub their owner
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