Do cats burp? Causes of cat hiccups


I know many people have never even seen a cat burp because it's not common, but it is something that needs to be taken seriously by pooper scoopers. The fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of information about the actual situation.

I. Causes of cat hiccups

To know why cats burp, we need to talk about something like "burp", which is explained in Chinese as the sound made by gas in the stomach when it comes out of the mouth.
Hiccups are generally caused by spasmodic contractions of the diaphragm, and they are a product of evolution, a protective mechanism that mammals use to prevent excess air or water from entering their lungs. So people burp, cats and dogs burp, and the behavior is uncontrollable and can't be stopped even if you want to.
Most cases of hiccups are diet-related, but sometimes hiccups can also be caused by changes in outside temperature.

Common causes of hiccups in cats
Cats have their reasons for hiccups. Like humans, most hiccups in cats are diet-related, and sudden binge eating or eating too quickly causes cats to swallow a lot of unnecessary air, which causes hiccups, which is the most common cause of hiccups in cats.
In addition to dietary reasons, a foreign body in the cat's throat can also cause cats to burp. When spitting up a hairball, if the hairball gets stuck in the throat, the cat will also form a burping situation due to discomfort and will become very cranky.

In addition to the above two causes, the third one should attract the attention of the pooper scooper because some diseases can also cause hiccups in cats, such as central nervous system damage: intracranial tumor, intracranial infection, or phrenic nerve stimulation: tumor, parasites, kidney disease, and heart disease, etc. These diseases can cause hiccups in cats, and the duration of hiccups caused by these diseases is very long, some even more than 24 hours. In such cases, the pooper scooper should not be taken lightly.

Hiccups in kittens
Hiccups are caused by irregular spasms of the diaphragm under the rib cage, and although they are the same as human hiccups, there is a slight difference between kitten hiccups and human hiccups in that the cat's body twitches, but they usually do not make a loud sound and do not form a crisp burp like humans. Usually, young kittens burp more often than normal and don't last very long.

How to help relieve hiccups
In most cases, hiccups do not occur very frequently in cats and only very occasionally, and this is a situation that pooper scoopers do not need to be very nervous about and do not need special intervention; basically, cats can cure themselves.

However, if a cat's hiccups last longer than the normal range (24 hours), something needs to be done.

If it is an ordinary condition caused by diet, such as hiccups caused by overeating or eating too fast, the pooper scooper should find a way to change the cat's habit of overeating, buy a slow food bowl for the cat to see how fast they eat or adjust the amount of food for them to eat less and eat more. The poop officer needs to be careful not to feed the cat immediately after a lot of exercises.

If the hiccups are caused by a foreign body in the cat's throat, the most common example is a hairball in the cat's throat. To avoid these situations, the pooper scooper needs to improve not the amount of food the cat eats but to help the cat comb the hair more often, comb the hair diligently, reduce the amount of hair the cat eats, feed the cat some hair cream or cat fry, which can improve the hairball condition of the cat.
If the hiccups are caused by disease, and the cat does not stop hiccuping for several days, you should suspect that it may be a tumor or a neurological problem, and to be on the safe side, you should take the cat to the vet for an examination and treat it according to the cause.

Hiccups and folk remedies
Because hiccups are a very common physiological phenomenon, they are generally not treated in the hospital, and folk has their local remedies for them. For example, drinking warm water several times, being suddenly startled, eating sugar, holding your breath, and so on.

Do cats burp? Causes of cat hiccups

II. Normal hiccups

Some pooper scoopers may find that their meow will burp just like people, but this is actually a normal physiological phenomenon for cats, and if it's just normal burping, it will usually stop soon, but if it's not normal burping, it needs to be taken seriously!

Normal hiccups
Cat hiccups are a little different from human hiccups in that we humans make a very loud noise when we hiccup and it is accompanied by jerking of the body, but cats do not make a loud noise, and their bodies jerk.

The cat's hiccups are caused by irregular spasms of the diaphragm under its ribs. Generally, a cat's hiccups will only last for a short while and then stop, which is a normal physiological phenomenon, and in comparison, kittens are more likely to hiccup.

Three, abnormal situation hiccups

High burping frequency
If your cat burps once in a while, that's normal. If your cat burps a little too often, once every few days, you need to see if you're giving your cat too much food or too fast.

Some pooper scoopers may be busy and pour the cat food directly into the bowl every time they feed the cat, and the cat will eat it when it is hungry, and then continue to put it in when the cat food is finished.

Burping for a long time
If your cat has hiccups for a long time, this is a very abnormal situation and you should take your cat to the hospital for a checkup, which may be due to brain or nerve problems.

Other reasons
Cats love to lick their fur, because they love cleanliness, so it is easy to swallow their hair into the stomach, this situation may also cause the cat hiccups, but rarely, if it is because of hairball disease can give the hair to eat some cat grass or hair cream to solve!
Generally speaking, cat hiccups are occasional and do not occur continuously for a long time. But if your cat is burping continuously for more than a day, stop looking for "remedies" on the internet and take your master to the vet for a checkup!
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