How do cats mate? Male cat's reaction after mating


How to mate cats

First, find a suitable cat, such as a cat of the same breed and the same color, or find a suitable cat according to the color you want to mate; second, put two mated cats together when they are in heat, and the owner can observe their mating in a hidden place; third, when cats are mated, the male cat will lie on the female cat for about 1-5 minutes, and when they are done mating they will Separate.

When cats are mating, they do not want to let people watch and do not like lights. Therefore, cats usually mate at night. According to this characteristic, when choosing a mating place for cats kept at home, attention should be paid to keeping the environment dark and quiet, and it is best to choose to do it at night.

1. When the female cat is willing to mate, the male cat will purr while approaching the female cat.

2. The female cat will crouch down while the male cat bites the sparse skin of the female cat's neck with his teeth, climbs on her back and rubs her sides with his front paws.

3. the male cat will do a series of rapid lumbar jerking movements for about 3 minutes before inserting his penis into the vagina of the female cat, at which point both males will make loud yelps.

When the cat is mating, the female cat will crouch down and let the male cat climb on the female cat's back, gently bite the skin of the female cat's neck with his teeth, hold the female cat's abdomen tightly with his forelimbs, and the male cat's lower abdomen pressed against the female cat's buttocks, with the waist bowed at an angle of 90 degrees. At this time, the female cat cooperates harmoniously, throws her tail aside, supports her hips backward and does not move.

The male cat's hindquarters twitch, indicating successful ejaculation. The mating time of cats. Short only 3 to 5 minutes, long up to 30 minutes, generally 10 to 15 minutes, after the end of mating, the male and female cats should be separated immediately to prevent them from biting each other.

The female cat should be closely supervised because she is in heat and has the desire to mate, especially the precious species, and must not mate with other male cats. In an estrus, female cats can only mate three times, and male cats can only mate twice a day, and too many mating times are not good for their health.

How do cats mate? Male cat's reaction after mating

The reaction of male cats after mating

The moment a male cat has just finished mating, it is likely to give a loud, high-pitched growl. This growl is different from the usual whiny meowing when pampering, and is somewhat like swearing his sovereignty. At this point, if the female cat also responds with a yowl underneath her, it is basically certain that the mating has been successful. After mating, male cats will generally stop for a period of time, i.e. no more wailing and peeing around for a short period of time, nor will they actively seek and pursue the opposite sex. However, some male cats with high sex drive and high energy will still be interested in the female cat in heat who is in the same room with them. Male cats will have a significant increase in appetite in the period after mating, which is also a critical period for them to gain weight. At this time, as long as the owner feeds the male cat more natural food with high protein content and prescription food, and feeds the appropriate amount of meat and canned snacks, it can effectively help the male cat gain weight. Even male cats with strong personalities will become more moderate after mating with female cats. In the case of abundant food, some of the more responsible male cats will take the initiative to help the female cat lick her hair and even take food to show their goodwill and take the responsibility of foraging for food.

How to make two cats pair up quickly

In general, it is still relatively easy to pair up two strange cats, but some cats are rather high strung and will attack a cat of the opposite sex when they meet it. At such times pet owners need to take some measures to help the cat accept the pairing and like the other cat, but patience is needed and the method should not be too aggressive.

1銆丠elp them to get familiar

Pet owners can first put the two cats in a room or cage, and if they do not fight, they can let them get familiar with each other's scent. If they fight, the pet owner will put them in two cages next to each other, and after time, they will accept each other after they get used to each other.

2銆丆reate an atmosphere

Pet owners wait until they are familiar with each other, they can show them cat world romance movies or listen to the female cat's purring in the male cat. Pet owners can also adjust the temperature of the room to between 18-25 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature cats like and is conducive to the success of their pairing.

3. Supplemental nutrition

If the situation is not very good, pet owners can feed some pet nutritional supplements that can help cats stimulate the desire for love, so that the two cats will be easy to interact. It contains herbal ingredients such as motherwort, angelica, aromatic herbs and other ingredients, which can be directly mixed into cat food and fed.

Why female cats will roll all over the floor after mating

Many pet owners have found a phenomenon that after two cats have mated, the female cat will appear to roll all over the floor or turn her head to attack the male cat. So why does this happen to female cats? Let's find out today~

About cat estrus

Cats generally come into heat 3-4 times a year, and each heat lasts about a week.

Male cats are generally passive in heat, and will mark their territory by urinating everywhere and venting through messy urination during heat. In addition, male cats will find ways to leave home, and some male cats will never come home after escaping from the door.

Female cats in heat are also very torturous, they will usually howl all day long in order to attract male cats to mate, especially at night when they scream the most, causing pet owners and surrounding neighbors to be unable to sleep.

Why female cats roll all over the floor and attack male cats after mating
Reason 1: It was forced

The male cat's estrus is influenced by the female cat, but the female cat's estrus is not influenced by the male cat. The male cat will actively seek the female cat for mating during estrus, probably because the female cat is not in estrus but is forced, so the female cat will turn her head to attack the male cat after the mating is over.

Reason 2: The process is too painful

When the cat is mating, the male cat will not only ride across the female cat in order to prevent her from moving around, but also fix her neck with his teeth or claws, and some overly impatient male cats will bite through the skin of the female cat, which will also be very uncomfortable for the female cat.

In addition, cats are mating and ovulating animals, so the male cat's reproductive organs are full of barbs, which are designed to stimulate the female cat to ovulate and promote conception, so during the mating process, the female cat is very painful.

Although the mating process is very short, it is also a torture for the cat, so at the end of it, the female cat will roll on the ground because of the pain and even get very angry to attack the male cat.

Reason 3: No affection

In the world of cats, two cats mating is not done because they have feelings for each other, much less have to be responsible for each other. After mating, the two cats usually go back to their own homes and find their own mothers. Because there is no affection, and the male cat has caused the female cat so much pain, plus the cat is "revengeful", so it is not surprising that the female cat will attack the male cat after mating.

Part.3 How to take care of a cat in heat?

During heat, cats are in a state of nervous excitement and their appetite is not good, so they will easily suffer from malnutrition. Then the pet owner should pay attention to give the cat nutrition and improve the cat's appetite. You can feed your cat some probiotics to improve appetite.

In addition, if you do not want your cat to have kittens, it is recommended to take your cat for de-sexing before or after the first heat.

After de-sexing, the cat's appetite will become better and it will easily grow meat, so the pet owner should pay attention to control the cat's weight to avoid excessive obesity, and it is best to choose a cat food with a fat content of about 13%-16%.

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