Do male cats have fever? What are the symptoms of fever in cats


Do male cats have fever

Yes, the performance of cats in heat.
1. During the estrus period, the most common manifestation of estrus in male cats is the so-called "urination" behavior. The male cat will take a standing position, raise his tail and spray urine on a vertical object, while spraying urine, the tail will be accompanied by a shaking phenomenon. During estrus, the male cat's reproductive system is engorged with blood.
2. Cats will have a poor appetite during estrus and their appetite will decrease, but not every cat will have a poor appetite, it varies from cat to cat.
3. Some male cats will try to leave the house and go outside to look for a fertility partner.
4. In general, when a female cat is in heat, she will look pampered and meow all the time, the front of her body and front feet will lie flat on the ground, her buttocks will be in mid-air, her hind legs will pedal like a bicycle, and she will roll around on the ground.
3. In addition to the physical changes, the cat's personality will also change significantly. The female cat will become agitated and likes to go out frequently. A female cat in heat will also make similar woo-woo calls day and night, and her calls will be more intense at night.

Do male cats have fever? What are the symptoms of fever in cats

Cats can have fevers too did you know

It's easy to calm down a lively cat owner. All it takes is a packet of dried fish or a piece of meat, and you'll instantly be able to get your cat to sit honestly and nicely in front of you and let you pet it as you please.

However, if your cat is always active, like an ADHD cat, but suddenly one day, the cat does not eat or drink, just quietly lying on the ground, looks "dying", this time, the owner should not be mistaken for your cat is too sleepy.

If the cat is abnormally quiet or does not move, the owner should consider: the cat may be sick.

When people have a fever or cold, they often act weak, do not want to move, have no energy and just want to sleep.

For cat owners, if their cats have a fever, their reaction will also be obvious.

A. When a cat has a fever, what are the obvious symptoms?

1, when the cat has a fever, the most obvious performance is "loss of appetite"

When not sick, your cat can eat a bowl of cat food; but if the cat has a fever, you go out in the morning to pour a bowl of cat food and a bowl of water, you will find that the cat did not eat.

When a cat has a fever, the first thing that affects the cat's appetite, they will not be interested in eating, they are not feeling well, of course, they will have no appetite.

2, the cat has a fever, will become silent, quiet, do not want to move

When cats have a fever, they prefer to lie on the cold ground and use the coolness of the ground to relieve themselves of that burning feeling when they have a fever.

If you find that your cat is always sullen and unwilling to interact with you, and does not want to move, just lying on the ground, this time the pooper scooper should pay attention.

3. The cat's ears are hot, the nose is dry, and the body may be swollen

The physical symptoms of fever in cats are that the tip of the nose is not moist and becomes dry; moreover, the cat's ears will become red and swollen and hot; some cats react more strongly to the fever and have swollen lymph nodes in some parts of the body.

At this time, it is necessary for the pooper scooper to pay more attention to the dynamics of the cat himself and give the cat reasonable treatment in a timely manner.

Second, when the cat has a fever, the pooper scooper should not ignore it and should treat the cat as soon as possible

First, take the cat's temperature.

The normal body temperature of cats is generally 38 to 39 degrees Celsius, and the way to take the temperature of a cat is usually to place the thermometer at the anus of the cat for measurement.

If your cat is resistant, then it can be placed under the cat's armpit, or under the cat's neck, with the owner helping to hold it down to prevent the cat from moving around.

Then, if it is determined that your cat has a fever, first find a way to cool the cat down, and then let the cat drink some water, even if it does not eat, it should be hydrated.

Finally, take the cat to the vet to get the cat's temperature down in order to relieve the cat's pain.

After the cat has cooled down, the pooper scooper must also find a way to entice the cat to eat so that the cat has enough energy to recover slowly.

How long does a stress fever usually last in cats

Cat stress fever usually lasts one to two days! Under normal circumstances, stress in cats does not lead to fever. When a cat shows the above symptoms, the main consideration is the decrease in autoimmunity caused by stress, which in turn causes secondary bacterial infections. If the body temperature is relatively high, antipyretic medication should be used promptly, and the fever will generally subside within 4-6 hours after the cat takes the medication. Prompt anti-infection treatment is also required, and appropriate medication is generally made based on the cat's other symptoms. Prompt consultation with the vet is recommended.

Symptoms of stress in cats.

Cats are prone to stress in certain situations, such as a sudden change in their food, a new environment, the presence of strangers or animals in their home, being frightened or stimulated, etc. Cats are prone to stress reactions. Symptoms of stress in cats generally manifest as mental weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Stressed cats can also die. When a cat has a stress reaction, the owner needs to spend more time with the cat to relieve its tension. Owners can also purchase pheromone spray to keep in the house and use when necessary to effectively relieve the cat's stress.

When cats recover from stress.

Cats themselves are timid and vulnerable to stress, and in life, owners are advised to ensure that the environment in which the cat is found is quiet. If the cat is stressed, it is necessary for the owner to soothe, eliminate and reduce their psychological stress. You can distract the cat with a cat toy such as a ball or other toy. You can also soothe your cat with a tasty snack. If a stranger comes to the house, it is recommended to put the cat in a separate place.

What signs can be used to determine fever in cats

In fact, when a cat has a fever and feels unwell there will be obvious manifestations, the owner can observe and judge by the cat's mental state, ears, hair, excrement and the cat's appetite, what are the details of the manifestations can follow Dr. Paws and Claws down the page.

What are the symptoms of cat fever

1. Cool sleep

We all know that the usual habits of cats are nothing more than eating, sleeping and playing. But if your cat suddenly becomes inactive, has been sleeping, poor spirit, then the pooper scooper should pay more attention to it, perhaps its body has some problems, because this is a common manifestation of the cat's physical discomfort, so the owner should keep an eye on it at this time, timely detection of cat discomfort, timely treatment to it.

2, the cat's ears are hot

Cats in the case of fever, its ears will become very hot, so pet owners should also pay extra attention to the cat's downy ears, usually can be more hands to test the cat's ears to see if there are signs of hot, if you find that its ears are much hotter than usual, then the owner had better immediately take the kitten to the veterinary hospital for examination. Hot cat ears are a very prominent symptom of cat fever. For the sake of the cat's health, it should be sent for treatment in time to avoid more serious consequences.

3. Cat hair becomes dry

Once the cat has a fever, its entire body will be uncomfortable to show, the pet owner can determine whether the cat has a fever by checking the cat's hair and paws. Cat in the case of fever, its cat hair will look very dry, the owner usually pay more attention to the cat's diet and rest conditions, if its hair is dry, you can observe it and other symptoms of fever to determine whether the cat has a fever, even if not a fever, the cat's hair is too dry is not normal, the owner still need to take the cat to the veterinary hospital to do a check.

4銆丯o defecation for a long time

If the cat has not defecated for a long time, it is best to go to the hospital for a timely checkup so that the cat can be treated in a timely manner.

5銆丩oss of appetite

The cat's appetite also needs the owner's attention. When the cat is sick with a fever, the appetite will be reduced due to discomfort, so the owner needs to pay more attention to the cat's diet at this time. Check whether it eats the same amount as usual, whether it has an appetite for the food it likes to eat, how much it can eat, if there is anorexia, it indicates that its body has problems, then the owner needs to take the cat to the examination and timely diagnosis and treatment.
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