How to prevent cats from scratching furniture? How to stop cats from scratching doors


How to prevent cats from scratching furniture

When you have wooden furniture in your home with cats, you will inevitably be met with cats constantly scratching the furniture. But some furniture is getting worse and worse in appearance after being scratched by cats, and it can even make the decoration of your home drop dramatically and be completely unattractive. Therefore, for the pet owners of cats, such behavior is really a bit tired. So, how do cats like to scratch the furniture? In fact, you can use these 4 ways to stop it, the effect is still very good, no longer make you tired.

One: regularly give the cat nail clipping.

The reason why cats like to scratch the furniture is because their nails are long enough to bring the venting process in the process of scratching the furniture is still very good. Then, once his own nails are short, he will give up such behavior every time it hurts to scratch the furniture. Therefore, the pet owner in this regard can regularly give the cat a good nail clipping, so that he can change such a bad habit.

Two: interrupt with punitive behavior.

If the pet owner at home, see the cat scratching the furniture, must be timely to stop, after all, this time through their own angry expression and punitive action to interrupt the cat scratching the furniture behavior, the effect will be very good. Then, the next time once the idea to grab the furniture, will go to see the owner's face, after all, the pet owner in the cat's heart still has a certain status, in this regard or to grasp in good time to do.

Three: create a similar noise.

Sometimes, from the point of view of cat psychology to analyze the behavior of cats scratching furniture, in fact, it likes to listen to such noise inside. So, in this regard, if it is ready to scratch the furniture, you create a similar noise through some tools or household items, it may give up to scratch the furniture. Therefore, to come up with a corresponding method to stop, so that the effect is very good.

Four: purchase the appropriate claw grinding board.

Now the phenomenon of cats scratching furniture more and more, then in the field of pet supplies also designed a kind of claw grinding board, specifically used to let the cat to grind their claws, so as to be a little sharper. Because the design matches the cat's claws, so once the cat has tried once, it no longer chooses to scratch the furniture. Therefore, this is a great way to experience it.

If you want to improve these "bad habits" of cats in the minds of humans, the best way is to create a cat-friendly environment that will easily protect your beloved furniture. Therefore, to prevent cats from scratching the furniture, you can do the following.
1. Understand the habits of cats.
If there is already furniture in your house that has been scratched by cats, observe how these furniture are related to the cat's work and rest? Usually, cats will wake up and stretch, then sharpen their paws and reinforce the smell of the ground. Therefore all the furniture along the way may suffer.
2. Observe the cat's routine and then layout.
Observe where your cat likes to sleep most? Where does it like to go and play every time it wakes up? Which furniture does it like to scratch most? Then set up a cat scratching board next to its resting place, and also on the route it must take after getting up, as well as its favorite scratching furniture next to the cat scratching board.
3銆乄hat if you set up a scratching board, but the cat does not scratch?
If you have placed a scratching board but it does not work, please go back to step 2 and make sure that the location is in accordance with the habitat. Second, make sure the scratching board is not the material the cat likes: each cat prefers different, some cats like sisal, some cats like corrugated paper, some cats like carpet or leather, you can see from the furniture it likes to scratch.
4銆乄hat if you see a cat scratching the furniture?
The first step is of course...hold back! Do not scold, pretend not to see ~ after the cat finished scratching, find a way to cover the scratched area first, then go back to the second step above, set up a suitable scratching board next to the cat, and reward them when the cat goes to use the scratching board. When they get used to it, they can take the covered area away.

How to prevent cats from scratching furniture? How to stop cats from scratching doors

How to stop cats from scratching the door

Preventing cats from scratching the door at night can be done by putting items that cats hate at the door. You need to pay attention to the reasons why cats scratch the door at night and deal with them according to the corresponding reasons.
銆€銆€1. Curiosity.
銆€銆€Cat owners are curious, when the master closed the door to turn it away from sleep, it will be particularly interested in seeing the master in the door, not close the door okay, a closed door must be explored. Scratching the door to call the master, they think the master will certainly open the door.
銆€銆€2. Worried about.
銆€銆€Cat star people regard the master as the closest people, love the master as much as they love themselves that. When the master turned his master out, it will feel that suddenly can not see the master, will try to find the master, after standing beside the master to protect the master, while calling is calling the master to see if the master is safe on the other side of the door. Really worry about the pooper scooper.
銆€銆€3, territorial awareness.
銆€銆€The cat's sense of territory is very strong, it believes that the house is its territory, the owner still needs to go out to work during the day, the owner just borrowed to live in its home.
銆€銆€They can enjoy the freedom of access to this territory, if the owner locked the door, which is a "provocation" to the cat. They will let the owner open the door when they inspect the territory to see how their territory is.
銆€銆€The first is to temporarily prevent or reduce the cat's scratching, which is simple to implement, but the effect is unknown. The second set is to solve the problem of cat scratching at the root, but the implementation is more difficult and has a higher implementation cost.
銆€銆€1, on the door and in front of the door lay a piece of grapefruit peel, so it can not get close to the door, right, and when it smells the smell of grapefruit will be far away around, so as to achieve the purpose of not allowing cats to scratch the door.
銆€銆€This approach is not effective for some cats, and the selected isolation, but also according to their own cats hate content to choose.
銆€銆€2銆丳ut a basin of water in front of the door. But unless the size of the basin and the door is appropriate, otherwise, it really does not work, and the cat is anxious to scratch the door, but also will spill the water in the basin, it will not be worth the loss (do not ask how to know, continue to mop the floor ...)
銆€銆€3, stick double-sided tape in the front area of the door, you can use a cardboard, and then stick a transparent tape ring on it, so that the cat countless feet, thus completing the physical isolation.

What the cat is trying to say by scratching the door

On the matter of cats scratching doors - especially in the middle of the night - I believe that pooper scooper pals have a lot to say. It is as if the cat at home has not scratched the door, the pooper scooper is embarrassed to say that he has a cat. The understanding cat how will let the pooper scooper embarrassed to say they have a cat it, so in the matter of scratching the door, the cat but how much strength out of how much strength, absolutely no hidden treachery, in addition to scratching the door, the cat has even learned to open the door. There are many reasons for cats to scratch the door, naturally.

Cats scratching the door, there must be a curiosity component in, so the door is not closed all right, as long as it is closed it has to scratch, or do not like to be locked in a relatively small space, so it wants to open the door. However, I found when observing cats, cats do not just get shut up, they will go scratch the door. For example, when the cat is locked in the master's bedroom, it will not immediately go to scratch the door, or sometimes the master toilet, the cat desperately want to enter the bathroom, there is no way to let it in, and then close the bathroom door, the cat will instead quietly lying down or playing in the bathroom itself, rather than scratching the door to get out.

It can be seen that the door closed is not enough to immediately stimulate the curiosity of the cat, and to close the cat will not make the cat immediately "resistance" so to scratch the door. But I found a detail, in the above example, although the cat is also locked up, but are with the owner. This means that the cat scratching the door, to a large extent, actually want to be with the owner.

To confirm this suspicion, sometimes the editor will deliberately and intentionally give the cat shut up. If the cat is shut in the bedroom where people are often active, even if the person is temporarily out of the bedroom, the cat will not blow up, but will grab the person's bed; if the cat is shut outside the bedroom, or shut in another room that is not often lived in, the cat will immediately try to open the door. And usually other times as well, if the owner is in the bathroom or kitchen, but it is separated outside, it will have to try to open the door or scratch the door itself (kitchen door cats can not open), it seems that the biggest reason for cats to scratch the door, is that they want to be closer to the owner.

It seems that for cats, as long as they can always stick to the master, you close the door is not the matter of this meow. However, there is actually another reason why cats scratch the door, that is, cats really need to go out. For example, the cat is locked in the bedroom, but it wants to go to the living room to eat cat food or go to the bathroom. So if sometimes a cat is scratching desperately, it may really need it and the owner should not have the preconception that the cat is being unreasonable.

It's normal for cats to scratch when they really need it, there's nothing to say about that, and wanting to be closer to the owner can sometimes give the owner a headache, which means if the cat gets into the habit of entering the bedroom at will every day, in the future, if they are not allowed to enter the bedroom, they will definitely scratch the door (even if they are locked in the cage, they will also scream). So either let your cat have unimpeded access or don't let your cat get into the habit of entering the bedroom at will when it first arrives home. Otherwise, when the cat gets acquainted, the pooper scooper's "hard" days will come. You can find out if your cat scratches the door, and what is the solution?
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